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Who is William Brendan Shine, K3TP?

William Brendan Shine, K3TP of 9953 West Potter, Peoria, AZ 85382, the former KE7LFV, was recently banned from QRZ.com, the world's most popular amateur radio forum.

In 2007, Shine was a participant in Karol Madera's Yahoo Defamation Group, along with Ed Oswald (W3DUB), Joe Goldberg (KJ4DVD/EA1AET/ Pirate), Whitney Tritch (N3ZV), Joe Italiano (N9PH) and others.

Here is a mild sample from the group, written by another fraud and liar, Whitney V. Tritch, N3ZV, who is known to have lied about his military career and entered protected computer systems without authorization (a felony violation of U.S.C 1030).

Like other friends of Karol Madera who have also been banned, Shine published malicious lies and personal attacks on the forum, which were later posted as "truth" on Madera's webpage, along with a host of other lies, made by a variety of other halfwits, frauds, and criminals.

Shine had been previously sanctioned by the forum owner, for malicious and unwarranted personal attacks, but he chose to ignore the sanction(s), and Shine's lies and libel ultimately led to his being banned from the forum, like his fraudulent mentor, Karol Madera, VE7KFM.

In February, 2009, Bill Shine made an ubstantiated complaint about broadcasting, or transmission of a bulletin on 14.275 against one of the complainants in the case against Karol Madera, VE7KFM. Shine's bogus complaint was promptly dismissed, as were several other bogus complaints sent in by Karol Madera and Company.

In July, 2011, Bill Shine appeared at yet another forum, attacking participants again, as he has for years. The following is a tip/message we received from Al Joyner of IL about Bill Shine. The message was cc'd to several others.



Do you want to know why somebody wrote about you on the net?

Here are a few possibilities for you to ponder. Just one man's opinion you understand.

People write about William Brendan Shine because he has made multiple unfair and untrue personal attacks and false accusations against other people.

This is well documented.

That's why Fred Lloyd banned Bill Shine from QRZ.com.

Perhaps Bill's been re-instated there, but Bill's making the same mistakes now at eHam.com

Bill's attacking people again. He's bringing people into disrepute in an article and the people he's attacking are not even part of the topic thread or the behavior under examination.

In his reply, Bill accuses someone of having no balls.

That's pretty uncouth Bill. Snide and rude Bill. What if a new ham read this Bill?

Where's your "HAM SPIRIT" Bill?

Why are you such an incredible hypocrite Bill?

Worse yet Bill, remember when your "polite" friend VE7KFM told 12 year old Cal (a new ham at the time) that he hoped al Qaeda cut his balls off before his 1st queer fuck?

Bill, did you encourage your friend VE7KFM to turn in his ticket?

Bill, did you write to Industry Canada expressing your outrage?

Bill, do you ask your friend VE7KFM to "stop it" every time he tells the world (at several kilowatts) that Laura probably doesn't have a stinky cunt, but that Laura's definitely been playing with her pussy?

VE7KFM is very proud of what he told 12 year old Cal. It's right there on his own page; the page authored by VE7KFM; he's proud of it Bill! And he's proud to call on al Qaeda, asking them to murder American citizens. And there you are Bill, giving him accolades.

The same Karol Madera (VE7KFM) who was not allowed to become a lawyer; who was ejected from the Victoria Real Estate Board.

Bill Shine attacked the FCC. Now he's attacking the owner of VE7KFM.com. Bill Shine made false complaints to the FCC. He's attacked several people over a number of years.

Bill Shine is like Karol Madera's attack dog. More like an attack puppy actually, because Bill Shine is inept and foolish, nipping at the big dog's heels.

Just an opinion Bill, so please don't take offense.

Bill, You've been making unreasonable requests. You want other people, non-relatives, people who live hundreds and thousands of miles away, to control the behavior of a 55 year old man, yet you ignore the behavior of your friend, who calls on al Qaeda to kill Americans? Really Bill?

Do you realize how silly you sound Bill Shine? Does any adult actually have the ability to control any other adult? The answer is: Of course not.

You're a fool if you think otherwise Bill Shine.

Shine wants the FCC to pull someone's ticket for something that's not even illegal. Something another man admits he did.

Is Bill Shine a fascist? Bill Shine acts like a fascist.

Just an opinion of course.

Is Bill Shine a neo-Nazi? Karol Madera sounds like a Nazi. His parents worked for the Nazi's, or so I've heard.

Didn't Karol Madera advocate eugenics, lobotomies, and sterilization, just like the infamous Nazi, Joseph Goebbels? Yes, in fact he did. It's recorded and the recording's hosted at VE7KFM.com.

Shine reminds me of Goebbels!

Bill Shine is parroting the words of VE7KFM, yet he claims he rarely speaks to VE7KFM... Maybe Bill Shine is just a puppet and Karol Madera's hand is up his ass, and maybe Karol is throwing his voice to make Bill act and sound like Karol! Is that the case Bill?

Bill Shine was a member of VE7KFM's attack group on YAHOO.com, along with Whitney Tritch (eHam's RadioBob?) who was also banned from QRZ.com, who is also a friend of VE7KFM. How coincidental.

Why, Bill Shine, are you STILL parroting the words of Karol Madera?

Are you Karol Madera's minister of propaganda, as Goebbels was to Hitler? It seems so to me. Just an opinion Bill.

If Bill Shine feels "harassed" he can easily contact the owner of VE7KFM.com by phone, FAX, or email.

However, it appears Bill is the one really doing the harassment. As usual. Just my opinion, of course.

Perhaps Bill could ask Whitney Tritch to contact VE7KFM.com by using the FAX machine at EOIR TECHNOLOGIES, as Tritch did recently, in order to harass Mike Guernsey, according to reports I've read.

By the way, Bill, stop lying to others, please.

The VE7KFM.com site is not cloaked, the contact info is clearly and boldly published on the net, and it's there for all to see:

Feel free Bill... call away... FAX... phone... submit a tip... come out of the closet and get in the phone booth, if you will.


Fax: +1.4259744730

PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1

C/O ve7kfm.com

Bellevue, WA 98007

Just remember Bill, "the TRUTH is an absolute defense."

In the words of William Brendan Shine, and I quote:

"This is how self policing on ham radio works. We are calling out the offender, and telling him to cut it out, or be publicly ridiculed, within the community, which he agreed to join, fully understanding that the community is self policed, and that he could be rebuked by his fellow hams."


Bill Shine (K3TP) can be reached for comment at bill.shine@mac.com ...

Or by U.S. Mail at William Brendan Shine (K3TP) 9953 West Potter, Peoria, AZ 85382