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Who is Dr. Joe Goldberg, KJ4DVD aka the Pirate of the Caribbean, EA1AET.

You may have wondered, whatever happened to the Pirate of the Caribbean, a man named Joe, who illegally used the callsign EA1AET for many years?

Well, he's dead, of the "flu," for one thing -- but several years ago, he was known as the Pirate of the Caribbean.

Here's the story:

Dr. Joe Goldberg, formerly of Tavernier, FL and formerly of 14719, 34th avenue, apartment # 3, Flushing, NY 11354, was granted the callsign, KJ4DVD in the Spring of 2008. Goldberg, who will turn 70 soon (DOB 6/23/1946) was a licensed physcian who admitted he jammed communications in concert with Karol Madera for over a year, while illegally using a Spanish woman's callsign (EA1AET).

Since his admission, the FCC has received further recordings of alleged threats, and interference said to have been transmitted by Joe Goldberg, on 14.272, a frequency on which Goldberg is prohibited from transmitting, as part of the conditional license grant for KJ4DVD.

Goldberg was Warned by the FCC on January 29, 2008. In a phone call to Special Counsel Riley Hollingsworth, Goldberg admitted that he was the pirate known as EA1AET, who frequently spoke with Karol Madera and Joe Italiano on 14.275 mHz, in blatant violation of part 97. The FCC issued a memo and this Warning to Joe Goldberg:

Case #EB-2007-402

Dear Dr. Goldberg:

Pursuant to our recent telephone conversation concerning radio transmissions you made on the 20 Meter Amateur band, this is a Warning Notice that operation of such radio transmitting equipment without a license is a violation of Section 301 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, 47 U.S.C. Section 301, and carries criminal penalties including monetary forfeiture (fine) and imprisonment. Monetary forfeitures normally range from $7,500 to $10,000. This is the last warning you will receive regarding such operation.

Following his Warning from the FCC, Goldberg attained the callsign KJ4DVD. This is a temporary license grant, and Goldberg is not allowed to transmit on 14.275 mHz. In fact, he is restricted from operating between 14.272~14.278 mHz for the duration of this temporary grant. Despite the prohibition, the FCC has been contacted on numerous occasions, with reports that Goldberg is violating the conditions of his license grant.

We have many recordings of Joe Goldberg in our collection. Including this recording, of someone who claims he has been drinking, making threats, who sounds suspiciously like Joe Goldberg. We also have many recordings of the Pirate station, EA1AET in conversations with Karol Madera and Joe Italiano. Goldberg's license expires in April, 2010.

Goldberg has been reported to Tavernier police, the FBI, and the FCC for alleged threats, jamming, and habitually disrupting communications while violating the conditional limits of his newly granted callsign. Goldberg acted as Karol Madera's sounding board, jamming legitimate communications, calling himself the 'Pirate of the Caribbean' throughout 2007.

Goldberg says he's "been doing ham radio for more than 35 years." One writer contacted us, with this comment: "I don't see any legitimate callsign granted for Goldberg before 2008. Does this mean Goldberg's been bootlegging a Spanish woman's callsign for over a quarter-century?"

We don't know the answer, but we do know that supporters of Karol Madera have routinely engaged in jamming, making false reports of child abuse, peddling animated images of children being raped by adults and animals, hijacking callsigns, threatening to murder federal officials, and mailing white powder marked 'anthrax' to Canada, all of the above, presumably, in order to help make Madera play the role of victim, albeit, unconvincingly.

You can reach Dr. Joe Goldberg for comment at: pocaribe@aol.com; or at the following addresses:

Work: Joseph F. Goldberg, MD, 91555 Overseas Hwy, Suite #3, Tavernier, FL 33070

Home: Joseph F. Goldberg, 153 Ocean Drive, Tavernier, FL, 33070

Phone: (305) 522-9515