As a president of Polish Canadian Amateur Radio Club (VE3LPL) in London, Ontario, I can assure you that Karol Madera's words can not be associated with the Polish ham community in Canada. If Karol (VE7KFM) in fact used the phrases quoted, he speaks for himself and he doesn't represent our (Polish hams) beliefs. Any one, who speaks that way on the air is a disgrace to the amateur radio spirit.

Jerry Zenkier VE3IKJ

Cc. Andrew, Polish ham radio group VE3XPL in Toronto & Members of VE3LPL in London

VE3XPL - Andrzej; W4EEH - Bogdan; VE3ZOC - Tadeusz; VE3YOU - Wojtek; VE3PKS - Zbyszek; VE3PAP - Andrzej; VE3MPL - Jurek

VE3LPL - Club; VE3KTA - Tomek; VE3IKJ - Jurek; VE3HBZ - Grzesie; VE3DXP - Waldek; VE/SP3XBN - Pawel Pralat; VA3STZ - Stefanek; VA3LAP - Arek; VA3IKA - Ika; VA3EPA - Jarek; VA3APZ - Adam; SP9EZE - Marek; PA3ADJ - Stefan; VE3AQR - Richard


Karol Madera (VE7KFM) does not represent me as a Ham Radio Operator, nor as a Polish person, nor as a Canadian, nor as a human being. Ham radio bands shouldn't be used for any type of war. Ham Radio is supposed to be a friendly place. Amateur Radio is about friendship and helping each other. Amateur Radio breaks borders and lack of trust. That's why I became interested in it over 35 years ago. I think people like Karol and others will not take this away from us. Sorry for any mistakes in grammar and spelling. English is my second language. I still struggle with it.

Walter (Waldemar Pirog) VE3DXP


I am glad that in radio community there are persons who emerged effectively to fight against VE7KFM. 4 years ago I started disagree with this individual on his methods and practices on ham radio. I am travelling as an 18 wheeler truck driver, which gives me plenty of opportunites to listen and talk to other ham radio operators, so every timeI have a different angle to observe and contemplate on the base of propagation what is going on. To make a long story short based on Polish stories in the Polish language I learned his huge anger towards the U.S. and other people. He does not represent Polish people or Canadians. He is a disgrace.

Robert Flor, VE3ZZK


It is hard to believe that someone could state that he wishes 'road side bombs' for Americans, or for another human being. Karol Madera speaks for himself, and I am against the statements made by Karol Madera. No Polish national supports the kinds of statements made by Karol Madera. Poland is not a discriminatory or a terroristic nation; Poland is one of the few nations supporting U.S. troops in Iraq, and Poles recently pledged troops for Afghanistan.

Bogdan Klibisz, SP5EEH/VE3 & W4EEH


Karol Madera has retaliated against some of the persons making these statements. In typically obscene fashion, Madera wrote a scathing email to them, calling them, among other things, "Polish traitors, banished penises and pussies."

Some of the comments here are excerpts from longer statements which have been edited for spelling, punctuation, and brevity.