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Who is Edward D. Oswald Jr., W3DUB, ex KB3JGU?

One of our contributors sent an article about a 3 AM riot at a college campus several years ago. The article was titled POLICE PUT QUICK END TO RIOT and interestingly, the article mentions Edward D. Oswald (D.O.B. February 9, 1979) as one of the arrestees:

"The following were arrested for failure to disperse and resisting arrest... Edward D. Oswald Jr. of Philadelphia."

Ironically, humorously even, Oswald ran for city council in Sinking Spring, PA as a "law and order" candidate. This statement was found on Ed's campaign blog.

"Ed feels that public safety should be the #1 priority of council, and stands ready to assist Police Chief Oxenreider in anything he feels is necessary to keep our residents safe."

If that isn't ironic enough, Ed Oswald Jr's website was one of two featured links on Todd Daugherty's webpage (removed after Daugherty's arrest and conviction for criminal harassment). Daugherty was investigated by the FBI for threats involving murder-for-hire; murder of federal and local officials; and murdering children, among other threats resulting in conviction.

On December 8, 2009, Daugherty published an article, written by Ed Oswald, which is no coincidence because both Oswald and Daugherty were in communication with Karol Madera, a major subject of this site. For his part, Oswald is very critical of this website. Possibly because this page is factual and documented, a politician's worst nightmare.

Ed Oswald Jr. and Todd Daugherty are just two of the known associates of a Canadian man who calls himself "al Qaida Northern Command." The other link on Daugherty's page was directed toward Madera's website, where he discusses sexual atrocities he hopes will be performed on children by al Qaida.

In April, 2012, Oswald discussed Google Glasses on al Jazeera, a prime outlet for discussion of terror in the Middle East. Ed was not wearing glasses, but he was sporting a really sweet pair of earrings.

In October, 2011, Oswald demonstrated how to break into a passcode protected iPad2. This backdoor exploit can enable a thief to use a protected iPad2. Ed was wearing glasses (but not Google Glasses) and sporting really sweet facial hair in this video. If you happen to notice Ed fingering his iPad in a coffee shop, we highly recommend you watch your back door.

Oswald's good friend, the Canadian pervert, has often advocated the murder of American civilians, via roadside bombs, and other means, in the name of al Qaida. Edward Oswald ran interference for the Canadian and Oswald was often the Canadian's chief apologist, in more than one discussion forum, throughout 2007 and 2008, just prior to his bid for city council in Sinking Spring, PA.

Interesting Facts About Edward D. Oswald Jr.

Edward D. Oswald Jr. was fired by BetaNews in 2008. Not long ago, "Junior" as he's known in some circles, was a single, part-time/freelance blogger, and sometime newbie snowboarder, living with his grandmother while collecting unemployment compensation, in Sinking Spring, PA.

After being fired by BetaNews, Ed had difficulty finding full time work in the field of journalism. Judging strictly by his unprofessional appearance, we are not surprised.

Next, Junior Oswald decided to take up a career in politics where even the completely incompetent can earn a decent living. Naturally, Oswald was fired from his job as a "journalist" for good reason. We expect Oswald will be equally successful in his political career.

Here's Why:

In a campaign piece, Ed Oswald Jr. writes "We've just seen our sewer rates be increased by 114 percent (no thats [SIC] not a typo), which I plan to campaign hard against, especially in light of the fact the federal stimulus money could be applied here which would negate the need for such a horrific increase.

Right now, borough residents pay $28 every 4 months for sewer service, or $112 per year. With the new increase, it will now be $20 per month, or $240 annually. Doesn't seem like a lot - but heck in this economy any kind of increase in bills is a bad thing."

Ed thinks Federal stimulus monies should be applied to sewer fees in Sinking Spring, PA. However, one of our regular readers had this to say about Ed Oswald Jr's statement...

"Maybe if certain residents would pay their taxes/fees (instead of avoid/waiver out), like the trash fees, they wouldn't have to increase the sewer tax..."

We're not sure if our reader is referring to Ed Oswald Jr., who obtained a waiver for the trash fees and per capita tax in 1997, 1998, and 1999, or to his father, Ed Oswald Sr., who, according to Borough records, was also delinquent in paying the fees.

Others wrote in to question whether the Junior Oswald, as a non-home-owner, living with his grandmother, while collecting unemployment at 108 Thomas Place in Sinking Spring, PA, 19608, had ever been responsible for a sewer bill. Responsibility, or the lack thereof, seems to be a recurring theme where the young Mr. Oswald's concerned.

Celebrated Tech Writer, Ed Bott intimated Ed Oswald Jr. lacks credibility because he is sloppy, and unethical in his presentation. Ed Bott also felt compelled to slam Junior Oswald for publishing false statements.

We have the same problem with Oswald. So do many others. In fact, Oswald is notorious for his lack of credibility, and his apparent inability to use logic and reason to come to reasonable and sane conclusions.

Ed Bott concluded his review of Ed Oswald Jr.'s work with the following statement:

Remind me not to take BetaNews too seriously from now on, if this is the quality of their "reporters."

Ouch, no wonder Ed was fired by Beta News!

Tom Reestman, a skilled technologist who was recently published in Salon, who is also a resident Apple expert at The Apple Blog, referred to Oswald's conclusions as false, disingenuous, and silly. Why did Reestman sum up Oswald's conclusions in this fashion?

Oswald blamed Apple for deleting his data, after Oswald closed his Apple 'MobileMe' account. Instead of backing up his data locally before killing the account, Oswald chose to blame Apple because they didn't save his data for him.

Reestman perfectly captured Oswald's helpless mindset. "Translation: I noticed there was a problem, but did nothing to analyze it or connect the dots." Referring to Oswald's apparent helplessness, Reestman concluded, "We're not talking about a lot of work here, folks. More importantly, it's the prudent thing to do because, well, I own this data; who else should I expect to do it?"

One commentor in the thread observed, "So basically Ed Oswald has a PEBKAC (problem exists between keyboard and chair) issue. Case closed."

We are in accord with tech author, Tom Reestman's opinion(s), as well as noted technologist, prolific book author, and former PC World Editor, Ed Bott's opinion(s) about Oswald.

Here are portions of another opinion, written by a noted expert in the field of consulting psychology.

The author has maintained a private practice in Counseling and Consulting Psychology for some 20 years. He has worked throughout the world, lecturing at schools, hospitals, and private clinics, and he has taught Graduate students at the University level.


You entered this thread in attack mode. You have a history of this behavior. When people rebut your (often) hostile, inaccurate, and/or distorted observations, you (often) get defensive, and you start whining...

When challenged, and asked to remove your comments, you've referred to their challenges as "threats" and have even made comments about "getting the police involved," which is not only naive, it's kind of silly, isn't it? ...These comments are all archived on the internet, yet, you portray yourself as a victim.

You associated yourself with a well known Canadian apologist for al Qaida by engaging him on the air, and by joining his Yahoo group, the purpose of which, was solely to defame others. The group violated Yahoo terms of service, it was hateful, mean-spirited, and it was taken down by Yahoo. Yet, to this day, I've never seen you take responsibility for your actions. I've never seen any indication from you that your actions may have been ill-advised.

You've characterized people who've merely commented on information you've discussed publicly as having 'attacked' you somehow. Comments about things you have introduced into public debate, like spending too much time in your grandmother's basement, are not attacks, they're simply observations based in fact.

You even admitted you broke the law by tuning up on top of another amateur, simply because he is outspoken in his dislike of your anti-American, child molesting, pedophile friend, Karol Madera in Canada.

You admitted you "sympathize" with a Canadian who wishes American's roadside bombs, at the hands of al Qaeda, who said the Virginia Tech Massacre was "a good start."

"The fact is, Ed, your association with this person or persons creates an appearance of impropriety. I believe a wise man, one engaged in a career in politics, would attend to this immediately."

Ed Oswald Junior was elected to Council in Sinking Spring, PA.

When not blogging, snowboarding, engaging in back door exploits, trying on really sweet earrings, or playing with his ham radio in his grandmother's basement, Ed Oswald Jr. can be reached for comment at:

Ed Oswald Jr. c/o 108 Thomas Place, Sinking Spring, PA, 19608, phone: 610-241-9067 or via his Sinking Spring blog.