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He's Not a Lawyer... He's a Liar!

Karol Madera is not a lawyer. Not even close. Many witnesses provided full and complete particulars and furnished original statements or affidavits at Madera's Law Society Hearing where his dreams of becoming a lawyer were forever dashed. The case at the link in Canada, is styled Madera v. Law Society of British Columbia, (06/03/1993) in the Court of Appeal for British Columbia, spells out quite clearly that "numerous affidavits and statements were entered into evidence" indicating that MADERA was unfit for admission to the Law Society, and the practice of law, in general.

The comical cases where Madera represented himself, will provide readers with a wealth of information about his bizarre conspiracy theories.

Due to the numerous statements and affidavits against his admission, Madera was never admitted to the Law Society in British Columbia, or anywhere else. In June, 1993, Karol Madera's appeal to the British Columbia Law Society failed. The Law Society rejected Madera's appeal. So ended Karol Madera's dream of becoming a lawyer. He still likes to say he was "trained in the law" but his woefully inept legal analyses indicate he didn't learn much, if anything, in his bachelor's level law courses.

Karol Madera has a long history of failure and threatening behavior:

See Madera's retaliatory case against the Victoria Real Estate Board, wherein the Real Estate Board called the police about threats made by Madera. Madera was informed by letter, courtesy of VREB solicitors, that Madera was at all times to be considered persona non grata at the premises occupied by the Board.

Karol Madera responded by suing the board, alleging members of the board were "secret practioners of an alternate lifestyle" who conspired to sexually discriminate against him. Madera also claimed they made scurrilous and defamatory comments about him. The Judge apparently agreed with the Board.

The Judge dismissed Madera's suit and ordered Madera to pay board members $1,000 [each] plus expenses. One of the former board members recalled the incident recently, saying: "He is a horrible man. He sent us the most disgusting sexually graphic letters. We had to obtain police protection. After that, he tried to become a barrister, but he was never accepted into the law society."

Madera later claimed that Judge J. Keith Bracken (now a Judge of the Supreme Court of British Columbia) was "bought off, or sucked off, in chambers."

See the original claim, wherein Madera complains about the fact that he was thrown out of the real estate board because they found him to be threatening and undesirable.

The amended claim wherein Madera ineptly complains that he was tossed out because he was heterosexual (something we find hard to believe)(so did the judge).

The reply to the claim, wherein Pearlman & Lindholm (real lawyers at a real law firm) appropriately deny wrong doing on behalf of their clients and cleverly ask the court to make Madera pay for court costs, plus a 10% penalty to be paid to the defendants for their having to answer such an asinine suit in the first place (granted by the court).

For a concise summary of what happened, simply click the Request for Dismissal written by Mike Scherr from Pearlman and Lindholm. Mike went to school with Karol, but unlike Karol, Mike Scherr actually became a respected lawyer; bought a beautiful home in a very nice section of town, raised a lovely family, earns $275 an hour, and is in all respects an upstanding citizen of Victoria.

Here are a few more failed lawsuits brought by non-lawyer, Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM.


The lawsuit repository will grow as time and interest allow. Some of these .pdf files are quite large. You'll need Adobe Acrobat or the excellent Foxit Reader to open them. One or two of them may take a few moments to download, when using slower internet connections.