Karol Madera (VE7KFM) Still Engaging in Stalking, Pedophilia, and Sexually Harassing Women and Children---

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Looks like VE7KFM has sent his winged monkeys to 7.2 MHz. I hear WA4D, N2FUV, N8TW, and today N4TAT is calling for AE4FB and VA3RLG. Madera's anonymous jammers, who used to jam 14.313, have all migrated to 40 meters. Unfortunately, the FCC rewarded VE7KFM and that emboldened him and Donny. When all the good guys left 20 in disgust and went to 40 meters, VE7KFM sent the winged monkeys to 40 meters to continue jamming them on 7.2 MHz. Thanks FCC, you clueless motherf**kers!

Rod from Kansas


Just a note to tell you to keep up the good work. I was reading Dan Jeswald's blog the other day, and Dan had Karol Madera figured out more than 5 years ago! I hope at least one of the bad FCC cases from 2014 goes to court, so the courts will have a record of how badly the FCC screwed up. Of course, anyone reading the front page of ve7kfm.com already knows!

Big Jim

Dallas, Tx


Hi Carol,

You had a little audio in your RF tonight and your signal sounded like a yard sale CB rig with a broken microphone.

Take John up on that welfare amplifier. You need it. VR and YJ were talking over every one of your jamming tapes and laughing at you (as usual).

Of course, if you get that welfare Alpha from John, then *everyone* and not just 99.9% of the ham population will know you for the penniless, batshit-crazy, fraud, that you are. A *genuine* retiree with the rank of Captain would have a generous pension and he could afford a new radio, mixer, amplifier, coax, a professionally installed roof, paint on the garage and porch, and a new car or two. He wouldn't be eating the dandelions growing in his unkempt lawn and he could afford a pet retard like Donny to trim his hedges.

Keep up the good work Carol, and always remember, we're laughing at you, not with you.

Bcc: BC/Yukon Legion, RCMP, SPD, IC, CSIS, RMC Commandant, others.


Dear VE7KFM.com,

Received a BCC of the following and got a chuckle out of it. Was addressed to VE7KFM.

To: Carol

Subject: Advisory from Veteran's Plates Admin

Are you a Veteran of the Canadian Forces, Regular or Reserves? If so, you might be eligible for BC/Yukon Veterans Licence Plates!


If you actually served, were honourably discharged, and have $5, you qualify. If you don't meet all three requirements, you can draw your own vets plates in crayon and pretend to be a retired officer over ham radio. ROTFLMAO!!!


BCC: QRZ, Eham, Radio Ref, Youtube, UBC, Bnai Brith, RCMP, FCC, IC, CSIS, Pearlman Lindholm, VREB, RMC/Commandant, BC/Yukon Legion, others.


Dear VE7KFM.com,

Riley Hollingsworth put the boots to Karol Madera (VE7KFM) last night in a shortwave discussion about enforcement. He mentioned that Karol would be in jail if he were to pull the same crap in the USA. Donny Anderson agrees and has called Karol a drunk many times on the air. Then you have James/Dave from the DHS who calls Karol a pedophile. Surely this ham should be taken off the air.

Signed Kent from VE3 land


Dear VE7KFM.com,

I heard from a couple of amateurs who sent QSL card requests and $2 each to Karol (VE7KFM) after one of his "quick QSO and propagation check" sessions.

It appears that Madera is using this to make a few bucks on the side. He never warns his potential victims that he does not QSL, and will only acknowledge that fact after someone calls him out on it. Then he quickly goes away.



Dear VE7KFM.com,

Todd Daugherty (N9OGL) is back online posting KP and making death threats again. I've heard through the grapevine that Taylorville Police, CTI, and the Chicago FBI have already been contacted. Todd's created a new forum with 3 registered users. The users are L1DWATCH, CDN, and Uncle Buck, and all of them are Karol Madera's aler-egos. Not really alters, they're just as insane and obsessed as Karol! Anyhow, out of 1200 comments, there are three (3) registered users! Every single time someone posted the truth about Todd or Karol, Todd would frantically shut the board down, erase all the posts, and then open it up again for "registered users only" --- all three of them! Pathetic, but somewhat amusing, I suppose... in a very sad and demented way.


Dear VE7KFM.com,

This afternoon, Karol Madera (VE7KFM) was attempting to slander K3VR by lying about one of the colleges K3VR attended as an undergraduate student. Read the entire email here. (Minus personally identifiable information of the sender, due to fear of retaliation by the documented stalker, Karol Madera).


Dear VE7KFM.com

CPA and VR were talking yesterday. The topic of their critics came up. VR asks CPA who their three biggest critics are. CPA says David Tolassi, Karol Madera, and Donny Anderson.

VR says, ok, take Donny. He's a self-confessed child rapist. He was thrown out of Viet Nam and busted in rank because of Heroin addiction. Then he was convicted of dealing drugs to kids. Then his wife left him. Ever since then, he's been a part time lawn-mower man who occasionally begs for Dollar Meals in front of his local McDonalds franchise.

CPA laughs, says, "It's all true!"

VR says, Ok, look at Tolassi. He was thrown off ham radio for three years. He admits he sent fake anthrax to Madera. He was fired for spending too much time reading VE7KFM.com and lusting after the President of the company's Jamaican secretary. He's an alcoholic, drug addicted, jobless, delusional, wife-beater.

CPA laughs again, says, "It's all true!"

VR says, Ok, now look at Karol. Military imposter. Thrown out of the VREB for making threats. Never allowed to practice law. Affiliates with al Qaeda. Pedophile. Racist. Anti-Semite. Penniless junk collector. Hasn't had a job since 1989. Having losers like this speaking against you is a badge of honor.

CPA laughs again, says, "It's all true!"

I had to laugh along with CPA and VR. They're absolutely right. Penniless, jobless, woman-beating, drug addicted, pedophile, losers. And don't even get me started on Mike Adams, Todd Daugherty, Mark Morgan, and the rest of Karol's Retarded Klown Posse!

de MI

cc: Karol Madera


Dear VE7KFM.com,

I heard Karol Madera and Donny Anderson lying again on 14,313 KHz. Karol said there were no part time classes or night classes and that you needed a Master's degree before entering law school in Canada. Total bullshit!" Karol attended law school but he never became a lawyer.


"If you are requesting to apply to study on a part-time basis, you must do so in writing addressed to the Admissions office. Some of our classes are held in the evening."


"No, you must present proof of having completed the first three years of a program leading to a 4 year degree; take the LSAT test, and submit a personal statement."

Requirements were even lower 25 years ago, when applicants could attend with only 2 years of study from a 4 year college. Karol Madera's class received a grade of C minus in their first year. Madera was barred entry to the law society anyway. He was never admitted or allowed to practice law because of all the people who showed up with affidavits calling him a psychotic stalker. What a putz!

Here's the proof: here and here and here

John from Colorado


Dear VE7KFM.com,

I'm translating all of Karol Madera's webpages for posterity and redistributing the pages all over the world wide web. Here's a small sample. Hope you enjoy it! - Ron

(a sample of Ron's hard work)


Here's a touching Easter story, sent via email:

Dear VE7KFM.com

"There have been several posts since last July, on eHam mostly but also on QRZ about forfeiture orders and notices of apparent liability. On QRZ, Mike Adams is AE4FB. However, on eHam, Mike is PITSWL and ALASWL where he's always going on about the "bully gang" and "fraud" and all the usual swill from Karol Madera. The funny part is this, Mike was posting as ALASWL (Alabama Shortwave Listener) and "her" name is Michelle Lively in her eHam profile! Adams is so fucked up, he forgot he used the name Michael Lively (not Michelle) elsewhere on the net. Mike was also "talking to himself" first as ALASWL and then as PITSWL and then as SWMAN. When he was busted on eHam, AE4FB started to freak out. He was all breathless and agitated on 3.833 until about 6 AM. Of course, we all knew Mike was psychotic, but now we know he's also "gender uncertain" too. Lol... Somebody call Mikey's shrink! Just how many personalities does this 400 pound tub o' shit have???"

See the screenshots:

1) In his real persona as AE4FB but calling himself "dances with ducks" etc.

2) As the woman Michelle Lively - ALASWL- on eHam

3) As Michael Lively elsewhere on the net.

4) As PITSWL and SWMAN also on eHam.

Thanks, we verified the ip addresses with our friends at the websites in question, and Adams tried to use a proxy to disguise his internet protocol address, but he failed (as usual) and used a transparent proxy that didn't shield his real address. This is another verified case of fraud by Adams and crew. See the screenshots at Adam's webpage and thanks again. ~Editor


Dear VE7KFM.com,

I made a QSL card for David. I don't think QRZ lists pedophiles, which is why Karol's not there. I don't know about wife beaters, but if David can convince Fred to list him, David can feel free to use this on his QRZ page. Get well soon David!

David's QSL card


Dear VE7KFM.com,

BHV's crime happened on the 18th [of February].

Note that David and Karol were discussing the NYC dirty bomb terrorism scenario on February 21, 2015...

just THREE DAYS after David's [assault/battery/criminal trespass] arrest!

You just can't fix stupid. ~Editor


Dear VE7KFM,

David Tolassi was arrested and jailed on March 18th. Allegedly, he was slapping his wife around and she threw him out and called the Sheriff. After that, he tried to get back into the house and she had him arrested for trespassing. Because she was still sporting the bruises from when he decked her, the Sheriff added assault and battery charges to the trespassing charge. Anyway, this is what I'm hearing through the grapevine, I'll verify the info when I get the full police report and I'll let you know. Keep up the good work!

(see the links on our front page)


Check out (the petition to redress grievances) at the K1MAN page.

Note: Glenn Baxter sent 2 petitions to the FCC which preclude the FCC from illegally dismissing his ham license, according to Baxter. In the petition, with authority drawn from a citizen's right to petition the government for a redress of grievances, Baxter says he is on the air now and he will be on the air, until the FCC takes FINAL action on his petitions. See the petition at the top of Baxter's page.


Another reader's submission.... VE7KFM was reported to the FBI again. Wait until you hear why!

See the report here


Hello, did y'all see the crazy posts by Fat Bastard at qrz.com at the enforcement reduction thread? The posts made it clear he was on drugs. He didn't make sense and he couldn't spell and he couldn't even organize his thoughts. He ranted about Smith and Hollingsworth being involved in some kind of kooky conspiracy. One ham said he needed to check his tin foil hat after reading the fatboy's posts. Oh, and that tubby fuck can't even read! Someone posted a 29 page report by the OIG that proved an FCC HFDF employee was downloading child porn, and the employee was arrested and charged and convicted, but fatty said it was ony 3 pages long and it was a contractor not an employee. Wrong! He's so batshit crazy and threatening they had to lock the thread. FB needs to get back on his crazy pills and cut out the booze and the narcotics!



The OIG just opened a full blown investigation into the FCC's internet takeover. Republicans think Tom Wheeler is lying to them and that Wheeler allowed Obama to pimp out the FCC for more money for Obamacare and Obamigration. The House is grilling Tom Wheeler on C-Span about his nine visits to the White House, and if Mr. Zients, the White House top economic adviser went to Tom Wheeler and told him to button down the internet under Title II. This is a brand new major scandal, right on the heels of the IRS scandal, the Secret Service scandal, the ICE scandal, the Benghazi scandal, the State Department email scandal, and Eric Holder's Fast and Furious scandal. Looks like Obama's legacy will be known as Scandal-Gate.


Dear KFM.com

Here's the scoop in case you're wondering why the enfarcement burro's been handing out ridiculous fines that aren't backed up by good evidence. Basically, Da Prez needs mucho mas dinero to fund socialized insurance and the new dumbocrat immigration plan, but Congress cut IRS funding to the bone. So, Da Prez pulled some strings and suddenly every field agent got a major kick in the ass and was told to go out and make money. Congress caught wind of this backdoor tax scheme at the Fece and because of huge numbers of complaints, Congress put their foot up the burro's ass and told them to cut their staff in half and if they try dat shit again they're going to completely de-fund the agency.

That's all from Washingtoon - and keep hammering the bass turds!


Dear VE7KFM.com

I believe our task force has identified a Canadian jammer on 14.313 and 7.200 during the day and 3.843 at night. If you follow (the link) you'll find James Simmerson, who is a Canadian amateur.

VA3SIM Simmerson, James Andrew 2990 GUIDEBOARD RD RR1, PORT HOPE, ON, L1A3V5

He's been heard on 14.313 talking to VA3RLG and James Simmerson seems to be exactly the kind of child molesting creep we've seen working for Karol Madera.

The police report says,

James Simmerson, 48, of Toronto, has been charged with:

1. Three counts of Sexual Assault

2. Two counts of Sexual Exploitation

3. Two counts of Invitation to Sexual Touching

4. Possession of Child Pornography

5. Two counts of Access Child Pornography

Investigators believe there may be other victims.

James Simmerson lived in the Port Hope area between 2005 and 2012, before moving to Toronto. He was also employed as a long-haul truck driver, travelling within Ontario and between Toronto and the United States, as far as Arizona. Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 416-808-4300, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), online at www.222tips.com, text TOR and your message to CRIMES (274637), or Leave A Tip on Facebook. Download the free Crime Stoppers Mobile App on iTunes, Google Play or Blackberry App World.


Karol said…

"Donny, I was in the military for 10 years and it was difficult adjusting to civilian life for about 2 yrs after."

Karol supposedly graduated from RMC in 1970.

Karol was supposedly in the service from 1970-1980 (10 years).

Never mind the fact that it takes 15 years (minimum) to become a Captain in Canada's Navy.

Anyway, how come Karol was listed as a REAL ESTATE SALESEPERSON in June, 1979

when he bought his house on Til-i-Cum Road, in Shit Sandwich, British Columbia??

See the proof here.

Yep, you'll see him listed here any day now.


Dan Gordy writes:

"At 1730 UTC this afternoon, the German's were holding their Maritime Traffic Net. You know, the net that N4TAT and VE7KFM so vehemently defend in the limp mast incident?

Well obviously, like the two little socialists that they are, VE7KFM and N4TAT feel the laws do not apply to them. On Sunday March 8th, 2015, for ten solid minutes, from 1730 to 1740 UTC, Donald Anderson (N4TAT) and friends QRM'ed the German Maritime Mobile Net, DESPITE numerous warnings that the frequency was being used by the Germans.

Another case of Donnie & Company believing that Part 97 does not apply to them."

73, Dan Gordy



"We need to thank the FCC and especially David Dombrowski and Mike Moffitt for making 14.313 safe for child rapists, racists, drug felons, and all the other scumbags that have shown up since Dombrowski stepped on his crank last March. With "service" like this, can you imagine what the internet will look like when the FCC takes over? If they follow in Dombrowski and Moffitt's footsteps, then drug-dealing, child porn, racism, sexism, threats, slander, sexual abuse, incitement to murder, and child rape will all enjoy the same robust government protection afforded to VE7KFM and N4TAT & scumbags. Way to go FCC!"


"This [dismasted schooner] story has gone from a limp mast, to a broken mast, to a mast that has ripped a hole in the hull, to a ship meandering in the Atlantic, to a direct SOS call. It is embellished each time I hear it. I was listening that day. It was Karol... AND ESPECIALLY DONNIE... who were continuously QRM'ing.... I never dreamed that these idiots would make some kind of case out of this. I can sign an affidavit to the facts... if need be."


"Check it out. Adams and Madera made Dombrowski their errand bitch with the sstv hoax last March. Now that fucking psycho Adams wants to apologize for going after Laura Smith and Mike Moffitt's jobs with his congress critters. Did ya'll see the love poem Pill-Billy Adams wrote to Laura Smith? Is the FCC really this stupid??"

We saw it. Fans of bad poetry written by psychotic drug addicts can read it here.


"Can you supply a list of the nicknames for Karol Madera?"

Sure thing.


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