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Welcome to the Mike Adams Sound Board -- Click the sound titles to hear Mikey speak!

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What do we know about the man affectionately known as Fat Bastard? Well, we know he says he was a "hippy pot pilot" who flew CIA missions in central America as an "off the reservation spook." He also said he worked on the Phoenix Project in Viet Nam on behalf of the RAND corporation after he graduated college in 1970. Sound like complete bullshit? Yup, we thought so too.

We have another page listing Fat Bastard (AE4FB) as part of Madera's support group. One of these days we'll combine the pages -- if he lives that long. With his nightly infusion of Beer, Prozac, and Hydrocodone, combined with his advanced age, morbid obesity, and severe sleep apnea, he won't be with us much longer. Frankly, the only reason FB has a spot on this site is because we've promised to shine a light on any American cockroach stupid enough to cooperate with the Canadian pedophile from Saanich, BC. Karol Madera, that nauseating and fraudulent leech on society, has been harassing, stalking, and threatening Americans (especially women and children) since at least 1988.

Check out a few of the public records we've collected in our FB briefcase below. Suffice to say, there are many more files where these came from, and there are plenty more coming in every day. Keep reading and keep listening!

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We know FB's taking Prozac and Oxycontin and that he likes to booze it up from midnight until about 5 AM, and we know he talks on ham radio as head of the Possum Net, with a group of three or four others, engaging in what he calls "heavy political conversation" which usually involves lying about his past and slandering others.

We know he's enamoured of conspiracy theories, that he's extremely paranoid, and that he's extremely friendly with a Canadian moron who calls on Al Qaida to kill Americans (see page one). He's also friendly with another tub-o-lard who's opposed to the Catholic church, the Masons, the FCC, and the FBI, and this "Pope-Buster" jackass happens to be a known supporter of a "religious figure" named Tony Alamo aka Bernie Hoffman, who was convicted of pedophilia, and who is currently serving 175 years in jail for his conviction on all 10 counts related to diddling youngsters and other heinous crimes like rape and sexual assault.

FB says he had a music studio for 30 years, but all we've managed to find is what looks like a converted garage he purchased in Chamblee, Georgia in 2000. In 2001, there was a fire next door, apparently, and by August, 2009, our corpulent booze-hound had already changed the name of the company to "Biscuit Hair." At that time, he paid $274 to file for bankruptcy, which he motioned to dismiss later in the same month, because, as he wrote the judge, it was "filed in ignorance and in error." That part we can well believe.

We know FB's a liar because he talked for weeks about an attempted assassination in Canada that never happened. He was trying to provoke false complaints about a man who had made real complaints to Canadian authorities regarding the very real sexual assault threats FB's buddy in Canada made against Laura Smith at the FCC, whom Fat Bastard also threatened for several months. Is there anything more pathetic than a lazy fat man who befriends a scumbag who threatens to sexually assault a defenseless woman who's just trying to do her job?

According to FB, he lives in Alabama in single-wide trailer which he doesn't own, on a monthly SS check in the amount of $800, despite selling studio equipment on eBay under the name Exocet Studios. Although FB's Canadian buddy Karol Madera sexually stalks Laura Smith, a married mother half his age, calling her endearments like "cunt" and "douchebag," FB still calls the moron his favorite Canadian. And FB has the hypocrisy to whine about bullies and stalkers? Cecil Lipski, FB's mom, God rest her soul, would be so proud and happy to see what a great success her son has become, not to mention her pride at reading about his wonderful, woman-hating, child-loving friends. Way to go Mikey!

Thanks to Detective T. Whatley for the information on this page.

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