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A big thank you to the following people and organizations, as we celebrate VE7KFM.com's 11th anniversary on the Internet.

Karol Florian Madera, Saanich British Columbia

Karol Florian Madera, of 3040 Tillicum Road, Saanich BC, V9A 2B3, is delusional, and a pathological liar. He's been described as a psychopath by several psychotherapists, a social worker, and a psychiatrist. His hours-long rants have been accurately described as schizophrenic, obscene, profane, antisemitic, misogynistic, homophobic, pedophilic, sado-masochistic, racist, supportive of Islamic radical terrorism, and Nazi inspired. A dozen supporters of this deranged fool have recently migrated away from 20 meters to play altered tape recordings on 40 and 75 meters. Although the DoJ has rejected cases against Madera's detractors, Madera continues to parrot deprecated allegations, willfully ignoring truth and reality while amply demonstrating why he was dismissed by the Victoria Real Estate Board, not allowed to practice law by the British Columbia Law Society, and why he is perennially under investigation and the utter laughingstock of Canadian, and indeed, world-wide amateur radio.

Report Karol Madera's incitement of violence, repeated luring of children, and his admission of stabbing Lindsay Buziak.

Received via email:

"Karol entertained the troops - especially the young ones - while at RRMC and also at the nearby YMCA, at 851 Broughton Street in Victoria. He was well known around Victoria as a lively and possibly too adventurous homosexual, but this was all in the days before AIDS came to Canada. Karol was considered a 'sensitive youth' (as named in our school yearbook) and he was extremely ill-suited to a career in the military. Karol botched his engineering project badly (mis-manufacturing a cannon that could have killed someone) and he became the laughing stock of his class, and the butt of frequent and hurtful 'Polak jokes' from his fellow classmates. Matter of fact, you can see Karol's yearbooks here for 1967 and 1968. Remember, it was a two year college, not accredited or able to offer a 4 year degree in those days.

Karol was so sick of the incessant Polak jokes, he began pretending he was Spanish, and he'd sometimes even introduce himself as a foreign student from Spain. Often he'd invent girlfriends in other towns, conveniently whom no one had ever met, bragging about their big hooters and his sexual escapades. His behaviour toward women proved he could never be an officer. His braggadocio was all an obvious cover-up for his real sexual preferences and nobody believed him, of course. Sometime's Karol would even dress up and go hitch-hiking, lying to the men who picked him up, telling them that he was a commissioned officer! This would have gotten him kicked out of RR instantly, but he actually seemed to enjoy lying. Reality didn't apply to life where Karol was concerned. He always made it up as he went along.

School was like a big game of dress up for Karol, although he did study more than most of the boys, because he always had a chip on his shoulder like he had something to prove. I think we all knew he was queer, but we overlooked it, except for one or two of the upperclassmen who teased him mercilessly. Ironically, Royal Roads is now a veritable haven for homosexuals, but not when Karol and I attended.

Karol was an actor at school, mostly playing women's roles known as 'breeches parts,' earning the appelation A.D.C. (amateur dramatist club). He made the yearbook committee scrub his roles from our yearbooks, saying his father "wouldn't understand." Most of us thought his father understood all too well. In fact, there was a particularly salacious rumour that Karol's father had raped Karol's first and only girlfriend, impregnating her, until she obtained an abortion. Karol never actually consummated a sexual act with a female, as far as we knew, so perhaps her relationship with Karol's father was consensual? Truth be told, Karol would come to the cast parties, still dressed in women's clothes, constantly prattling on about cocksucking and rimjobs, and at Halloween, you could be sure Karol would be the one dressed in drag.

Unfortunately, Karol became ashamed of his acting after he was outed as a homosexual while working at the Victoria Real Estate Board. He was absolutely furious at his partner for outing him, and sometime in the summer of 1989, Madera tried to sue the VREB on the basis that he was actually heterosexual and they were all picking on him somehow. He stopped going to the bath house (temporarily) and he canceled his membership at the YMCA, where he'd spend hours with a variety of men, nearly every day. Most of us were on the island for school, but Karol stayed on the island for the gay lifestyle. The southern tip of the island is known as the San Francisco of Canada. Strange place for an unmarried man approaching 70 who's never had a girlfriend but claims to love women with 'big hooters.' He lost the sexuality suit, of course. These days you might classify him as a closeted, self loathing homosexual, but back then we called him queer, artistic, sensitive, and odd, when we were feeling kind.

Karol's claims were frankly unbelievable according to all of the witnesses against him. Of course, at school, we all knew Karol was as Queer as a three dollar bill, but we never held it against him. As his anger and alcoholism progressed, Karol became known as a habitual liar with a violent temper, and as such, he lost any chance of a career in the military. He eventually obtained a license to sell real estate, but he was ousted from the real estate board due to his out-of-control behavior and threats. He studied law, but he wasn't allowed to join the law society due to the threats, dishonesty, racism, lies, his temper, growing mental illness, and a variety of other issues making him wholly unsuitable to ever hold a position as an officer of the court.

Since about 1990, Karol's stewed in an alcoholic and narcotic fueled frenzy of self-loathing and threats against others. He was in a ferry accident (ironic, I know) and he hurt his neck. I believe it was the Queen of Saanich, but I can't remember for certain. Since then, Karol's behavior has gone downhill, with increasing use of narcotics and frequent bouts of drunkeness, anger, and his incipient mental illness, he's become an unfortunate caricature of himself. Those of us who grew up with him have watched him take a very self-destructive path for years, and we're actually in awe that he's still alive given his unhealthy lifestyle, and his drug and alcohol abuse. We've pretty much given up on the hope that he'll seek help, but I thought you might like to hear about Karol from the perspective of those of us who 'knew him when.'"

~ John Jamieson, Royal Roads, 1968

For an Opposing Viewpoint - Please see Karol Madera's Webpage


Artists and Architects Call for Karol Madera's Removal

Mark writes from Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, New York City: My uncle's a ham radio operator, and I have to say, I'm appalled by some of the things I've heard from Karol Madera. I have many gay friends and I don't support gay bashing or homophobia. I don't support anti-semitism or Islamic radicalism and as a student in New York, it's frightening that Karol Madera has called for dirty bomb attacks to be staged from the Empire State Building. Anyone who would do that kind of thing is seriously mentally disturbed and I can't endorse it. Please ask Canadian authorities to remove Karol Madera from the airwaves. Thank You.

Laura writes from Peterborough, Ontario: My uncle is an amateur operator. I lived in western Canada for years and it's a wonderful place to paint and make art. I don't know much about the ham radio hobby. As far as I can tell, it's supposed to be about experimenting and creating goodwill. Anyone who calls on al Qaeda to kill Americans is a sick puppy. That includes Karol Madera. The constant talk of cock-sucking, and attacking people's families, and lying about them, really needs to stop. I've seen 5 year olds with more maturity. My partner and I have a young toddler. I don't want to live in a world where sick stalkers like Karol can make a webpage attacking families and children. The thought of him discussing an 11 year old's "tits" is nauseating. Ditto for wanting al Qaeda to anally rape a 10 yr old boy. I hope Karol can get good psychiatric treatment and medication before he's arrested for making terrorist threats. Karol Madera ought to be taken off the air as soon as possible. I just wanted to share my thoughts. Thanks!

Madera Arrested/Jailed for Rape of 10 Year Old Child

Regarding the ongoing saga of Karol Florian Madera -- Schizophrenic Canadian amateur radio operator who bills himself as "Radio Canada." He operates a station on the high frequency radio bands and makes it his aim to slander U.S. citizens nearly every day over the airwaves. He has threatened the U.S. ambassador to Canada and a 13 year old boy from Minnesota, and expressed hopes that someone would deploy roadside bombs against Americans, and stated he would give Al-Qaeda aid and comfort. Mr. Madera also has a website that slanders those he identifies as his enemies, most of whom are American amateur radio operators.

Another pedophile in Klan Madera, has been charged with 1st degree felony rape of a 10 year old child. There's a long history of pedophilia in the Madera family. A Toronto amateur operator who has known the Madera family for years, previously stated that Maciej Madera, father of Karol Florian Madera, was a raging alcoholic who took 'certain liberties' with his son Karol.

As a result, VE7KFM gravitated away from traditionally masculine roles, toward 'other' activities including the amateur dramatist club and memorizing English idioms of the Victorian era. Karol Madera has been described as being "a pedophile" and "a latent homosexual" and "gender uncertain" for years. In the words of WW4D, a Mason, Shriner, and member of the Knights Templar, "All he wants to do is talk about sucking a cock!"

Pathological Liar - Karol Florian Madera

Karol Madera is widely known as the number one 'Fruitcake' in Canada - a term coined by the Special Counsel for amateur radio, Riley Hollingsworth, Esquire. Madera, like Charles Manson and Rev. Jim Jones, has always had an uncanny ability to charm his fellow mentally-ill and drug-addicted/alcoholic friends. Madera admits he's an alcoholic and while intoxicated, he engages in angry, alcoholic rants, calling the RCMP "the Royal Canadian Mounted Pussies" and the FBI "the Faggot Bureau of Investigation."

One of our contributors was contacted by a person who has known Karol Madera since his days at a Junior college, formerly known as Royal Roads, on Vancouver Island. According to that correspondent, Karol had quite a time at school. You can read excerpts of that account here.

Madera is a prodigious liar:

"George, I was offered a Colonel's rank in the KGB. All I had to do was bring over the nuclear codes, which I had access to, as part of my job in the Canadian Navy, George. I could have had it all George. In retrospect, I regret not taking the money George."

Quotation above by Karol Madera at 14.313 MHz on Feb. 11, 2017 at 2:04 PM Pacific Time.

Madera has often discussed his nonexistent career choices as well as personal therapy and family issues over the air, and he also maintains the delusional fiction that he once chased away CSIS (the Canadian Security Intelligence Service) with a stiff index finger. Privately, and publicly, responsible organizations refer to Madera's serious mental illness. Officially, every ethical and competent organization has ignored Karol Madera's calls for 'action' against his private enemies list.

Karol Madera Calls for Jihad Against Donald Trump and the U.S.A.

On January 9, 10, and 11, 2017, Karol Madera repeated fake news about US President Elect Donald Trump, which originated from various alt-radical-left gossip outlets in the United States. Yet, Karol Madera, an ideological jellyfish, floats around aimlessly, desperately latching on to whatever disinformation barge randomly passes by. Madera still practices the Soviet Kompromat he learned as a child in Poland, the former Soviet Union's sordid, seedy, satellite. Consequently, Madera repeated the bald-faced lies, ad nauseam, while also repeatedly calling on al Qaida for jihad against Donald Trump. Madera has also called for jihad against American diplomatic personnel, and government agents, and various U.S. citizens, even gloating about the 9/11 attacks, for the past 15 years.

Listen as Karol Madera, VE7KFM, calls himself Commander al Qaida Northern Command in these excerpts from January 9, 2017. Madera shouted "Allah Akbar" while interfering with US communications and calling for jihad against the United States. Madera continually encourages the murder of Americans, and he is now obsessed with jihad against Donald Trump, whom he called the "Kremlin Candidate." Idiots at Back Obama's FCC squandered taxpayer dollars in 2014, in a failed attempt to protect this lunatic's freedom to spew threats and obscenities from Canada - even as he was affiliating with al Qaida, luring children with indecent proposals, encouraging cop-killers, and attacking Americans with a series of putrid lies. Is it any wonder President Trump purportedly planned to dismantle the FCC?

The day after President Trump's inauguration, US Border Agents denied several Canadian's entry to the USA. Thankfully, Karol Madera is also persona non grata in the United States, thanks to US Diplomatic Protection Services who investigated him for making threats against the US Amabassador to Canada, and thanks to the FBI legal attache' to Canada, who had a long and productive talk with the FBI's counterparts in Canada.

Karol Madera has conspired or otherwise cooperated with several others who have lodged hoaxes and/or false complaints related to the "mailing of fake anthrax" and "child sex slavery" and an "assassination attempt" with a high powered rifle, and "bullying by police," and "visits from RCMP and CSIS," and "discrimination" and "persecution" among many other falsities and bizarre pronouncements, stemming from his own profound mental illness. Coincidentally, there have been a rash of fake news stories recently, related to other deranged hoaxes created by violent, hateful, delusional, socialist-regressives, like Karol Madera. Worse than his female relatives, who collaborated with Nazis as willing prostitutes during WWII, Madera is constantly on the look-out for the useful fool, some naif, governmental or civilian, easily manipulated, secretly held in contempt, but whose blind support is happily accepted and exploited.

Happily, following correspondence from a legal entity representing over 100 complainants, a Canadian ISP has decided to close its personal webpages. SHAW, in Canada, announced, "As of December 5, 2016, new customers can no longer sign up for Shaw Webspace, and members.shaw.ca. will be closed, permanently." Naturally, this announcement means that Karol Madera's libellous pages will no longer be available, and old links spammed by Madera throughout the Internet, will soon result in "Not Found" errors. If the same material appears on the Internet again, complainants have promised that litigation will ensue.

Madera's Submissions Rejected

Madera's delusional rants have been banned and/or removed from most responsible web platforms, including SHAW in a matter of months, but also by Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, QRZ, eHam, Radio Reference, Trucker's Report, the SkyWarn Forum, and in the case of more than one false complaint, by the Department of Justice. At this point, most of Madera's co-conspirators are dead, locked up, or the recipients of very recent FCC enforcement actions.

Remaining Madera acolytes are Joseph Italiano, Whitney Tritch, and Gary Davis. All but Tritch are recipients of FCC enforcement letters, although, arguably much worse -- Tritch was outed as a military impostor, a liar, and he was arrested for fraud by false pretenses (his specialty) at the PNC Bank in Virginia.

The Whitney Tritch arrest permalink is here: "On 12/13/2012 Deputy Friedman arrested Whitney Tritch, 49, W/M of Unionville for Fraud by False Pretenses at PNC Bank at Hilltop."

As for Karol Madera, his local Saanich police (and extended family) simply consider him a madman, referring to him as "crazy" when they receive calls about him. The last Madera acolyte, arguably the most disgusting racist in amateur radio history, is Mike Mgrdichian, N2FUV (formerly WA2VMX). Of the entire group, Mgrdichian is most like Karol Madera. He is a racist, pretends to be a real estate professional, pretends to be a lawyer, lies constantly, and he pretends he has a background in a uniformed service. He's also a recipient of enforcement letters and an impecunious bankrupt. Mgrdichian had a few reprehensible remarks about African Americans on the morning of Christmas Eve, 2016, which can be heard here. And speaking of rejects; the funniest webmaster rejection of Madera's delusions, in recent memory, can be seen below.

Nobody Likes Fruitcake

DoJ Rejects KZ8O Forfeiture Case

On August 8, 2016, the Department of Justice refused to attempt to prove the FCC's false allegations in the KZ8O case. The DoJ confirmed this fact in a letter to Michael Guernsey on August 19, 2016, stating they had rejected the case. An assistant US attorney at the DoJ may act as the FCC's attorney in FCC forfeiture cases -- except in cases where pursuing the case would not be in the interest of justice, and/or where the FCC has failed to consider factors required by the US code, the code of federal regulations, the Privacy Act, the Administrative Procedures Act, and other relevant laws and precedents. At this point, the FCC cannot prove their allegations in a court of law, which is an absolute requirement for the collection of any monetary penalty. The order is now completely bereft of effect or force of law.

FCC Failed to Consider Requirements of Justice?

Mr. Guernsey denied that he was responsible for causing the interference and failing to identify, arguing that since the agents did not inspect his station they could have confused his signal for the signal of nearby amateur operators. Mr. Guernsey also requested forfeiture cancellation or reduction based on his current financial status. Mr. Guernsey also contended that the source(s) of the interference could have been any number of amateur operators who live with a quarter mile of his location. Guernsey reportedly offered to settle with the FCC before the Forfeiture Order was issued, but the FCC refused to negotiate. According to Guernsey, he also told his Congressman, Fred Upton, "The FCC said, We're the government, we can do what we want.... Well, I don't think so." This case and others like it with huge fines for minor infractions over what is essentially licensed CB radio, are reminiscent of an article by Katie Mcauliffe in 'The Hill' where Katie wrote; "Throughout this administration, the Commission shows every sign of stumbling toward a world of Soviet-style government-run networks where private entities are stuck in a maze with an FCC-mandated toll booth around every corner." Guernsey's case is also unusual in that a mentally ill Canadian citizen calling himself 'al Qaida Northern Command' took direct responsibility for manipulating the FCC into issuing the forfeiture order, freely admitting he had gamed the system, and had used others to achieve his nefarious ends. Approximately 6 months after the Department of Justice rejected the FCC's case against him, Guensey passed away, peacefully, in his sleep. Mr. Guernsey's friends supported him throughout the false allegations against him, and after the DOJ rejected the case against him.

FLASHBACK: Madera calls on Blacks to Join al Qaida, Murder Police, Federal Agents

In the wake of increasing anti-police rhetoric that has turned deadly, our readers may recall that Canadian immigrant, Karol Madera, has repeatedly called for unity among anarchists as well as calling for the murder of police officers and the formation of a race based killing squad, affiliated with al Qaida. In 2005, Madera came to the attention of the Joint Terrorism Task Force and Diplomatic Security Agents, when he advocated using a sniper rifle against federal agents and/or an improvised nuclear IED. Madera told his long-time sounding board George J. Zardecki of Chicago, that the Christian and Jewish God is dead, but that 'allah is in the ascendency'. Speaking of George Zardecki, Madera once asked Zardecki to ship him a sniper rifle, marked as a musical instrument, with no commercial value, so as to avoid inspection at the US/Canadian border. Madera also advocated killing RCMP officers. When four RCMP officers were killed by a marijuana grower, Madera described the murder of the officers, telling his friend George Zardecki, "Once in a while that has to happen." Seventy-eight (78) RCMP officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty, while an average of sixty-four (64) U.S. officers each year, were feloniously murdered, between 1980 and 2014. In 2015, 54 police officers were murdered. In 2016, there were 79 officers murdered. The FBI maintains these murders are caused by demagogues (like Karol Madera) who repeatedly call for the murder of police using social media and other means.

A Growing Tribe of Troubled Minds

Mental health professionals say the narrative has taken hold among a group of people experiencing psychotic symptoms that have troubled the human mind since time immemorial. The community, conservatively estimated to exceed 10,000 members, has proliferated since 9/11, cradled by the internet and fed by genuine concerns over government surveillance. A large number appear to have delusional disorder or schizophrenia, psychiatrists say.

Karol Madera of Saanich, British Columbia, is the leader of one the most troublesome groups who inhabit amateur radio. Madera claims he is being stalked and harassed, but in reality he has stalked and harassed victims as young as 8 years old, and he has invented or participated in an anthrax hoax, an assassination hoax, a child sex slavery hoax, and has claimed responsibility for a hoax involving lacklustre FCC investigations, where the lack of substantiated evidence has prevented the collection of forfeiture(s). In reality, the Department of Justice, the FBI, and other law enforcement agencies, including the State Department, have known about Madera since 2005, when he made physical threats against the United States Ambassador to Canada. Karol Madera is on the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) list and the U.S. "no-fly list" and as such, he cannot fly into, or over U.S. territory.

Madera is part of a growing body of mentally ill individuals who are convinced they are being stalked and harassed, and when there is no evidence to that effect, they actually create hoaxes and invent conflicts with individuals, so as to make their complaints appear plausible to those who are not adept at critical analyis. The New York Times has more on this interesting phenomena.

While Intelligence Agencies Sought to Disrupt Terror Cells - FCC was Inept & Counterproductive

The U.S. has made progress in countering groups like Islamic State overseas, however, technology allows their radical ideology to reach across borders and lure true believers, the socially disaffected, and the mentally unstable. Even when a potential terrorism suspect comes to the attention of U.S. law enforcement -- coordination, communication, and untrained resources often hinder investigations.

Take the case of Karol Florian Madera, a Canadian citizen of Hungarian extraction (Madera is a Czech cognate which literally means 'the Hungarian'). Although there is a wealth of evidence that Madera affiliates with al Qaida and ISIS -- even calling himself 'Al Qaida Northern Command' and although Madera has regularly called for the deaths of numerous Americans, since 2005, there is no evidence the FCC ever formally asked Industry Canada to revoke Madera's radio license in Canada.

Madera has much in common with Omar Mateen, the self-hating Muslim homosexual who perpetrated the worst mass shooting in American history. Like Mateen, Madera has affiliated himself with Islamic extremists. Like Mateen, he is the child of immigrants, besieged by a crisis of identity. Like Mateen he has been shunned for his hateful and radical views. Like Mateen he has been investigated by antiterror organizations in at least two countries. Like Mateen he is obsessed with homosexuality, while calling for the death of those he calls faggots and cocksuckers. While Mateen had a wife and a child, Madera's a loner, like Ted Kaczynski, another misfit and one of the most notorious lone-wolf terrorists. Although Madera's chronically unemployed (since his ouster from the Victoria Real Estate Board in 1989) and he's certainly no professor, like Ted Kaczynski, Madera has stated repeatedly that he is "an Army of One" which is consistent with many recent lone wolf terrorism suspects. Granted, no one develops deep hatred in a vacuum. Unfortunately, it's obvious that Madera's incitement to murder and harass has been taken seriously by his mentally ill followers.

The JTTF and the legal attache' for one major anti-terror organization has investigated Madera and his associates for ties to terror. Saanich police, RCMP, and CSIS, have also investigated Karol Madera, on more than one occasion. The former Director for Legal Affairs at B'nai Brith has registered disappointment that nothing has been done about Karol Madera's high powered hatred. The U.S. State Department has also investigated Madera, with diplomatic security agents stating unreservedly that Karol Madera would be arrested, were he to visit the United States. Like Thomas Mair: the man arrested in connection with the Jo Cox attack, Madera is a 'loner' with a 'history of mental health problems'

Karol Madera has repeatedly claimed that the FCC has protected his 'freedom of speech' and his 'right' to ask ISIS and al Qaida to murder Americans. Madera has even been recorded saying that he will fund the defense of anyone arrested for the murder of his many American targets. Madera infamously gave instructions on how to construct and deploy a dirty bomb in New York City, late in 2015. Madera stated that he was 'chiefly responsible' for hoaxes to which the FCC responded between 2009 and 2014 - actions which the DoJ subsequently rejected, as they were considered to be 'fruit of the poisonous tree.'

Speaking of Madera's radio hoaxes, it's not the first time hoaxers have caused a TV or radio station to make unauthorized broadcasts. In 2013, TV stations in California, Michigan, Montana, New Mexico, and Tennessee interrupted scheduled broadcasts to warn of an imminent zombie invasion, supposedly brought on when "bodies of the dead [were] rising from the grave and attacking the living." Again, in the fall of 2015, an Illinois amateur radio repeater was 'apparently' violating FCC rules by transmitting intermittent noise over a period of 3 days, and interfering with user's conversations. The FCC didn't locate the unauthorized jamming device, which was cleverly hidden in a nearby tree. Instead, it was found by more diligent and capable amateur investigators in the McHenry, Illinois area. One of them sent a picture of the device. He writes: "This was on the air keying up the 145.41 repeater about once a min with a BRAAAAAAP sound for 3 days until the repeater group found it in a tree near the tower site."

It Takes an Investigator to Investigate - Pencil Pushers Need Not Apply'

Like the recent hoaxes in Colorado, Texas, Illinois, and elsewhere, featuring the the remote takeover of radio stations, Madera's facile but too clever admission was brought to the attention of the FBI, and subsequently to the DoJ, who acts as the FCC's attorney in forfeiture actions. Ironically, Madera stated he has 'a Polish cousin' in the FCC, whom he induced (unsuccessfully) to discipline Madera's detractors, despite the well-documented fact that Madera incites the death of Americans, molests children on the air, sexually harasses male and female FCC staffers, and despite the fact that since 2005, Madera has affiliated with Islamic Terrorists while spewing incitement to violence, as well as anti-semitic, racist, misogynistic, and homophobic slurs.

Unfortunately, FCC enforcement bureau agents are not trained law enforcement investigators; they are bureaucrats for the most part. They don't carry guns and they don't have a sophisticated understanding of even rudimentary investigative techniques. During an "investigation" they can usually be found sitting inside their SUV direction finding vehicles, instead of outside their vehicles, using handheld Yagi antennas, which can precisely detect the origin of signals.

Agents have little-to-no solid training in evidence collection or preservation, and they're generally immune to any and all facts not immediately placed directly under their noses. In other words, real and rigorous evidence collection is not a priority, or even a possibility for staff at the FCC's Enforcement Bureau.

See the following pages for evidence of the preceding, link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4.

Sadly, the latest incident related to Karol Madera's incitement of the mentally ill, involves a warrant for criminal stalking, allegedly perpetrated by Karol Madera's friend and frequent correspondent, Michael J. Mgrdichian of Kodak, Tennessee (ex-N2FUV, WA2VMX).

The warrant for Mr. Mgrdichian's arrest was signed by a Magistrate in Paulding County, Georgia. The warrant was notarized by a clerk of the court on June 21, 2016. Here are excerpts of a recording, with the names of the victims redacted, allegedly containing the words of Michael J. Mgrdichian, WA2VMX, recorded via amateur radio.

A description of the charge, O.C.G.A. 16-5-90, as listed on the arrest warrant, follows: Stalking; psychological evaluation: "A person commits the offense of stalking when he or she follows, places under surveillance, or contacts another person at or about a place or places without the consent of the other person for the purpose of harassing and intimidating the other person. Before sentencing, a defendant for any conviction of stalking under this Code section, the sentencing judge may require psychological evaluation and treatment of the offender as a condition for suspension or stay of sentence, or for probation, and is authorized to issue a permanent restraining order to protect the person stalked and the members of such person's immediate family."

As regular readers know, this kind of behavior is standard procedure for Karol Madera and many of his admirers. When they aren't beating their wives, concocting false complaints and hoaxes, spewing profane racism, lying about service in the armed forces, or shooting at police officers, they're harassing people using amateur radio. Here are excerpts of a recording containing two people identifying as WA2VMX and VE7KFM on 14313 khz, where Madera discusses his philosophical mentor, Laura Knight Jadczyk -- who truly believes beings from Cassiopaea have given her in-depth information on Secret Government projects, the New Age Counter Intelligence Program, Mind Control Research via the FBI, CIA, and NSA, and most important of all: the problem of psychopaths in our society, a subject near and dear to the heart of Karol Madera.

In fact, much of Madera's schizophrenic word-salad webpage is written in boilerplate 'Cassiopaean.' It probably goes without saying that most of Karol Madera's followers suffer from serious mental illness, and as a group they tend to reinforce each others delusions in a kind of unique, but truly psychotic, Internet and radio facilitated echo chamber.

Karol Madera and Michael DeWitt Adams are the deranged would-be leaders of the ham radio contingent of this group. Perhaps the true believer's biggest victory came last year, when members in Richmond, Calif., persuaded the City Council to pass a resolution banning space-based weapons that they believe could be used for mind control. A similar lobbying effort is underway in Tucson.

Mr. Mgrdichian, who has stated that he is an attorney, a former FBI agent, and the owner of the trailer park where he resides, will be 72 years old on September 25, 2016. He is presumed innocent of all allegations against him, until proven guilty in a court of law.

Turning now to the problem of radicalization, which is investigated by the FBI, a component of the Department of Justice: Mass murderers respond to hateful rhetoric. Karol Madera has been spewing hateful, racist, and homophobic rhetoric since 2005. To date, some of his followers have been arrested and charged for crimes of violence and threats of violence.

Todd E. Daugherty of Illinois was investigated by the FBI and twice arrested on felony charges: once for threatening to blow up Consolidated Communications and once for placing a picture of his police chief in crosshairs, on his blog. Daugherty also made threats to shoot children in the head as they played soccer.

Brandon M. Duke, another follower of Karol Madera, was investigated by the FBI. Duke fired his pistol at an officer in Colorado, after attempting to take the pistol of another officer in South Carolina. Duke was jailed for 55 years for attempted murder.

David J. Tolassi was investigated by the FBI for threatening to blow up the Dayton hamvention with a fertilizer bomb. He was later charged with beating his wife while under the affects of Klonopin and alchohol, according to his wife, Jane. Tolassi also threatened to murder two men, by shooting them in the head, according to an affidavit by a federal agent.

Mark C. Morgan, of Michigan, made false complaints of child sex slavery, at Madera's insistence. Morgan was investigated by local and state police and later placed in a protected and locked psychiatric ward in association with these delusions.

George J. Zardecki, of Chicago, reported that he was visited by the FBI, presumably for supporting Karol Madera's incitement to murder U.S. citizens, as well as police officers.

Whitney V. Tritch, a well known military impostor who claims to be 'combat disabled' was investigated by the U.S. Attorney's office in Virginia. He was locked out of the FCC building in Gettysburg after he claimed he was "shot in the head on a submarine" while in a place he wasn't supposed to be. Tritch was in the Army reserve, never saw combat, and was never stationed on a submarine. He was later arrested for fraud at the PNC Bank in Virginia.

In addition to interference hoaxes, Karol Madera also fabricated an anthrax hoax and an assassination hoax, which wasted the time of federal agents in Canada and the United States.

Madera frequently engages in hateful rants about what he calls, "faggots and cocksuckers" in the United States, and we're surprised there haven't been more arrests for actions taken by Madera's delusional followers, one of whom, Michael D. Adams, is a racist homophobe with a long history of addiction and mental health issues, who threatened to light himself on fire, if FCC staffers failed to accede to his extortionate demands.

All of them believe they're being harassed because their targets have made reports to police about them. The community, conservatively estimated to exceed 10,000 members, has proliferated since 9/11, cradled by the Internet and fed by genuine concerns over government surveillance. A large number appear to have delusional disorder or schizophrenia, psychiatrists say.

Yet, the phenomenon remains virtually unresearched.

For the few specialists who have looked closely, these individuals represent an alarming development in the history of mental illness: thousands of sick people, banded together and demanding recognition on the basis of shared paranoias.

The FCC is ill equipped to handle these individuals, and most of the time the bureaucrats there turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the problem. The agency is currently under scrutiny by Congress for a lack of competence, integrity, transparency, failure to observe the U.S. Constitution, and bureaucratic overreach. All of these allegations are documented on these pages. The Department of Justice has recently rejected FCC findings, while the bungling of FCC staffers has become a political football, resulting in a loss of jobs, funding, and a reshuffling unseen in the history of the agency. Unfortunately, some at the FCC, remain blissfully at odds with reality.

Madera Sends Jammers to 7200 and 3843 to Cause Hate and Discontent

Not everyone has patience for mentally ill ham operators. "Over the past year," Jim writes in 2014, "Karol Madera has sent his unlicensed and mentally ill followers to jam 40 meters in the daytime and 75 meters at night. Madera's mental cases have been heard jamming communications on 1900, 3840, 3843, 7188, and 7200. In 2014, when (now fired) former FCC agents, focused on 14.313 MHz, many good operators migrated to 40 and 75 meters. According to a different radio operator, "It doesn't take a Mensa member to figure it out. Madera lost his audience. He's angry about it, so he's sent his mentally ill friends to jam elsewhere. Fortunately, Madera can't be heard on the east coast on 75 and 40, so we don't have to listen to that retard down here."

Even the FCC has weighed in on Karol Madera's mental issues

Prior to his retirement in 2008, the FCC's Special Counsel for Amateur Radio discussed the problem with Madera before a large audience. "There's a very poor operator in Canada. Canada considers him a fruitcake... I get complaints every day... form operators who get abused... and it's an international problem... We're working with Canada and they consider this fellow to be several french fries short of a happy meal... but the world is ugly enough; don't add to it; we can't regulate stupid."

Listen to Riley Hollingsworth discuss Karol Madera.

Notice of Apparent Liability in California

In December, 2015, Madera's good friend Bill Crowell, of California was notified of his apparent liability for $25,000. Enforcement actions were initiated years ago by Riley Hollingsworth, Esq., who is chiefly responsible for targeting Crowell, resulting in the LARGEST NAL in AMATEUR RADIO HISTORY. Like everyone else involved with FCC enforcement actions, Crowell is not responsible and is not required to pay anything at all until a judge in federal district court orders payment, following an action to determine the merit of the FCC's allegations, if any. An amateur radio forfeiture is like an obscenely inflated traffic ticket which can take years to resolve. Amateur Radio fines have ballooned to ridiculous proportions in an attempt to capture the interest of the DoJ, who have more serious crimes to pursue. All licensees are entitled to a trial de novo, and appeal(s) before an impartial federal judge or jury.

As previously mentioned, other friends and supporters of Madera have also been BUSTED for far more serious violations: Donald E. Anderson (ex-N4TAT, now KI1QZX and calling himself "Joe") was criminally convicted of possession of a nine pounds of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. Anderson also revealed he raped a 14 year old child in Vietnam. Anderson has changed his name and callsign and now refers to himself as "Joe."

Madera's friend Brandon M. Duke (ex-KC0UWS) received 55 years in prison for attempted murder of a policeman after Madera repeatedly ordered the troubled young man to "Just shoot them Brandon!"

Madera's friend David J. Tolassi (W4BHV) was arrested for beating his wife while abusing Klonopin and Alcohol. He was cited for FCC infractions in the same one year period. Tolassi had previously threatened to shoot Riley Hollingsworth and another man in the head at the Dayton hamvention. Following the assault on his wife, Tolassi moved to Myrtle Beach, where he has been playing with his toy helicopter, and he has not been heard on the air.

Madera's friend Joseph F. Goldberg (ex-KJ4DVD) was cited for radio piracy. He is now deceased.

Madera's friend Michael DeWitt Adams (AE4FB), a self admitted drug smuggler and criminal who has been under the care of a psychiatrists for years, while abusing drugs and alcohol, was previously under suspicion for arson and drug dealing, when his 'studio' burned down under suspicious circumstances in a suburb of Atlanta. Today, he is being evicted from his cousin Angie's borrowed single-wide trailer in Alabama, reportedly because Angie was informed of Adam's terroristic threats, including threats to 'self immolate' on the steps of the FCC building if the FCC didn't capitulate to his delusional demands. Adams encouraged the jammer 'Jesse James' for years, and admits he had control over where and when the jammer operated. Adams offered to send him guitar strings and a tuner, in exchange for targeting Adams' victims.

Whitney Veon Tritch (N3ZV) another friend of Madera, was barred from entering the FCC after he made false complaints, stole the callsign of an elderly and ill ham, falsified his military record, and lied to a federal agent. Tritch claims to be "combat injured vet" although, in his short careeer as a wire installer for the Army Reserve, he never saw action outside the United States.

Todd Daugherty (N9OGL) is a friend of Karol Madera who has been twice arrested on felony charges for terroristic threats. He was fired from his job as a Walmart cart pusher, and now spends his days playing computer games from his room in his parent's home, in Taylorville, Illinois. Daugherty threatened to blow up Consolidated Communications with a pipe bomb, and threatened to shoot two children in the head while they were playing soccer. The Department of Justice assigned a victim witness advocate to the family of the intended victims.

Joseph J. Italiano (ex-N0WOP, now AC9MV) is another friend of Madera, who was cited by the FCC for playing altered tapes of another amateur operator and causing deliberate interference. Mark Morgan (KB9RQZ) was investigated by Michigan State Police and the FCC and involuntarily committed for psychiatric treatment after falsely reporting several operators for child sex crimes. Luke Waltenbaugh (K3AQ) has also been regularly chided for jamming and engaging in drunken monologues on 20, 40, and 80 meters. These and a few others have a long history of negative interactions with law enforcement and/or the FCC. As noted, some of these individuals are convicted criminals and/or mentally ill, and/or drug addicts and alcoholics, who have aided and abetted Madera's stalking and defamation for years. Some are just witless tools who continually act without thinking.

Karol Madera - With No Audience - Resorts to Email - Finds Himself Blocked

March, 2016 (via email) "Fewer and fewer individuals are listening to 14.313 MHz since all of the sane amateur operators abandoned the frequency. To compensate for a lack of listeners, Madera dispatched his merry band of CB operators to jam 40 and 75 meters. Madera's friends have abandoned him on 14.313 and have been heard jamming 1900, 3840, 3843, 3850, and 7200 KHz. Because those jammers have weak signals and defective equipment, they don't do much damage. When Madera's jammers attempts to ruin watering holes on 40 and 75 meters failed, Madera began to participate in an email chain with other imbeciles like David Tolassi; Todd Daugherty; Joe Italiano; Mike Adams; Luke Waltenbaugh; Whitney Tritch, and an anonymous racist and comedian, known only as Ben Dover.

Thankfully, blocking instructions were immediately sent out to a large group of disinterested readers, and Madera and company were blocked. The FCC used the same technique to good effect when Madera and company began harassing FCC employees. Fred writes, "It seems obvious that as Madera has aged, now approaching 70, and his alcoholism and drug addiction have progressed, his stamina has decreased, and his on-air time is now a fraction of what it was a decade ago, and the radio community is much better off for the decrease in child predation, racism, antisemitism, ad hominem attacks, and (il)logical fallacies."

Karol Madera, VE7KFM - Vulgar and Terroristic Behavior

VE7KFM - February 4, 2016 (via email) "FOR HOURS today, "Joe" KI1QZX, went after the "terrorist" who says he's with Al Qaeda. Says there's something wrong with most Canadian hams. WOW! And how Karol would have been busted by the FCC a long time ago (if he were American) because of his extremely vulgar and terroristic behavior. But that Canada "is in a different mindset" (he borrowed FCC Special Counsel, Riley Hollingsworth's words!)"

"I Should have Known Better, but I Followed Karol Madera's Wiring Instructions and..."

"I should have known better, but I followed Karol Madera's wiring instructions to the T, and I almost burned the house down by following his advice." One of our readers discussed the near catastrophe caused by following Madera's instructions about electrical wiring. "Madera was telling someone how to make a 220 volt extension cord using two 110 volt outlets. It sounded logical, but it was a bad idea.... I should have listened to Donny!"

'Cap'n Crunch' Interferes With High Seas Rescue - Takes Credit After the Fact

Karol Madera can't seem to get it through his head. Despite a score of amateurs claiming Madera was not a significant part of any high seas rescue and despite the Mexican news report which belies Madera's claims and completely fails to mention Karol Madera, the notorious drunk in Saanich, BC continues to behave as if he simultaneously prevented the sinking of the Titanic, the Andrea Doria, and the Edmund Fitzgerald. As FCC Special Counsel, Riley Hollingsworth so famously stated [about Karol Madera] "You can't fix stupid!"

Via email - "K6RPT in San Jose assisted the boat's captain, K6RTD and the US Coast Guard notified Mexican authorities of the malfunction with the sailing vessel Second Wind, according to official reports. VE7KFM claimed he used his position in the Canadian Navy to prompt the Mexican Navy to get off their butts and go to the rescue. Yeah, riiiiight...."

The Mexican Navy in BCS, announced that they helped a sailing vessel named Second Wind, which was adrift with 2 crew of American nationality on board. According to the Control Center and the Secretary of the Navy, an emergency call was received from the Onceavo District of the United States Coast Guard, who reported that the boat was adrift 96 nautical miles (177,7 kilometers) to the south-east of Cabo San Lucas, with mechanical faults in the propulsion system. Mexico dispatched an ocean patrol boat of the Fourth Naval Zone and a Defender class boat of the Naval base Search-and-Rescue and Marine-Monitoring Station of the Cabos. The crew had a medical evaluation by Naval Health personnel; reported themselves in stable health; the boat was towed to the port of Cabo San Lucas.


Babbling Moron Nearly Sinks Stalled Ship

"VE7KFM was a real douchebag who impeded progress at several junctures when things were already being handled by RTD and RPT." And from a different vantage point. "When the event was clearly over, VE7KFM prevented others from using the frequency," and days later, "VE7KFM played recordings of the event, leading to confusion among those who had not been present originally, leading to concern and speculation about whether there was an actual emergency event." Finally, our original roving reporter writes, "Best regards and please and keep telling the truth about the moron who supports Islamic radical terrorists using ham radio!"

Canadian Lies and Whines with Equal Alacrity

Humourously, as 2015 wound to a close, Madera (VE7KFM) could be heard nightly, incessantly whining and energetically lying, on 14.313 MHz. He and his acquaintance, George Zardecki (AC9KU) and Madera's former friend, Donald Anderson (N4TAT) are currently the only regular users of the frequency. All of the 'normal' users have abandoned 'Madera's Misfits' leaving them to their own misery. Other infrequent users became disenchanted with Industry Canada's refusal to sanction Madera for death threats, incitement to murder, and blatant pedophilia, among other perversions. The FCC proved worse than useless, as Industry Canada ignored the FCC's multiple requests, and with the exception of David Tolassi (W4BHV), the FCC failed to apprehend numerous stations who were actually jamming the frequency. Insipid and platitudinous, Madera broadcasts his homosexually oriented sophistry to a steadily decreasing audience. Other than Zardecki and Anderson, most users on 14.313 appear sporadically, merely to practice catcalls and pointed insults aimed at Madera and Zardecki, who seem to be there solely to slander others, who long ago stopped listening.

Madera claims he was a Captain in the Canadian Navy, but the Saanich Legion, charged with issuance of veteran's license plates, refused Madera's application. As clearly shown at the bottom of page 228, from the RMC club roster, Karol F Madera is listed without rank and without decoration. As everyone knows, all members of the Canadian Forces are assigned a rank and a military occupation specialty.

Madera has provided no evidence that he was a Captain in the Canadian Navy: No pictures, no documents, no news reports, and no comrades-in-arms have stepped forth to verify his claims. Military Police stationed near RMC investigated Madera's claims and flatly state he never served. Yet Madera claims he reached the rank of naval captain (15 years, minimum) on a helicopter destroyer -- when he was actually listed as a "real estate salesperson" in 1979 -- only 9 years after his alleged 1970 graduation from RMC. The officially recorded deed to his shack on Tillicum Road, in seedy Saanich, British Columbia lists him as living in a small apartment on Wordsley street, working as a real estate salesperson. Indeed, by 1990 Madera had been forced out of the Victoria Real Estate Board for making threats. This matter is well documented in the Canadian courts. There's no question that Madera attended Royal Roads, a 2 year junior college on Vancouver Island, which finally earned the right to grant 4 year degrees in 1975, and which eventually became a public institution of higher education in 1995. There's no shame in earning a diploma from a 2 year junior college, but it's a far cry from achieving the rank of Captain in the Canadian Navy, isn't it Karol?

Karol Madera is not in the United States and he can't be cited by the FCC. Madera is unquestionably a pathological liar and a fruitcake,but why should anyone care about a lying bully and serial defamer who is chiefly responsible for a dozen hoaxes and thousands of false accusations? The answer is, you may not care, but Madera's growing list of victims take comfort this site exists as a foil to Madera's lies, slander, Internet defamation, altered recordings, and false reports to numerous authorities. Here, interested parties can read the truth, sprinkled with anecdotal humor, parody, and satire, while listening to recordings of Madera in his own psychotic words.

In November, 2015, Madera posted inflammatory comments on a little-known tech blog, styling himself as "Ham Radio Operator" and "Uncle Buck." Madera has used all sorts of bizarre monikers all over the Internet, but his archaic ~19th century writing style and schizophrenic attempts at 'reasoning' give him away. One comment rebutted Madera's idiotic submission: 'Indeed; the FCC Field Engineer, who allowed himself to be manipulated by a Canadian ham who names himself al-qaeda Northern Command, who calls for the deaths of our service women and men, has been dismissed, and the office that issued the fraudulent action, closed.' A different commenter agreed with two others, also in disagreement with Madera, aka 'the quarter inch Admiral.' "I have to agree with Jan and Dan. This is all about a nut job in British Columbia, who, in the case of Belgium or France, would be under arrest and in jail right now!"

In November, 2015, Karol Madera VE7KFM was again 'BUSTED' for using a duplicate account on the Radio Reference website. Madera's VE7KFM callsign was already banned, as it is on eHam.net and QRZ. com, so he tried to 'slip it in' as Karol used to say as an altar boy at St. Casimir's in the slum of Roncesvalles village from whence he came.

As Professor Henry Higgins said: "You can take the boy out of the slum, but you can't take the slum out of the boy." Due to his complete lack of class and culture and the ignorant use of every racial and gender slur imaginable, Madera was banned by QRZ.com, eHam.com, HamIsland.com, The Truckers Forum, Glenn Hauser's forums, Gay Pride Victoria, DX Worldwide, Yahoo groups, the FCC server, and every other other polite forum we can think of. After Madera was outed, immediately another moniker appeared 'Narcotics Anonymous Tour Guide' which is a fitting tag for many of Madera's friends, as well as Madera. Finally, the Admin at Radio Reference decided enough was enough. The last comment from a regular contributor was... "Zzzzzzz." We agree. Thanks to Mike Mgrdichian, aka Ben Dover, for the tip.

Madera's philosophical mentors are Laura Knight Jadczyk who is described as "a batshit insane blogger and crank, who calls herself a scientific mystic and PaleoChristian Shaman," and Joseph Goebbels, who was once described as having, "a high intellectual varnish covering the emotional world of an adolescent." Madera wholly adopts their teachings, then adds a few of his own, primarily that anyone who disagrees with him is a homosexual psychopath, and that he has a right to lie, defame, and concoct outrageous tales about himself and others, because he attended law school 25 years ago, without ever having been admitted to practice law, following his ouster from the Victoria Real Estate Board, where he was ejected for making threats.

July 2015 -- FCC Agent/Attorney Riley Hollingsworth Confirms: Canada Has a Big Problem in VE7KFM

Discussing FCC attempts to work with Industry Canada about the notorious Fruitcake in Canada who befriends unidentified stations who maliciously interfere with others, and convicted drug felon, Donald Anderson (N4TAT), and the latest NAL recipient David Tolassi (W4BHV), Hollingsworth said: "To put it bluntly, it seems that Canada just doesn't care.... They have a person [VE7KFM] up in Canada that's been a big problem for this country and for the Canadians for years and years and years and they've done nothing about it. They just don't care. The things that that person [VE7KFM] says over the air would end up getting somebody in jail down here. The threats. He's threatened to kill half the Canadian government and they still don't care. We do work with Industry Canada. I was never able to successfully work with them in the amateur area because they just hide behind free speech and they just don't seem to care. Now maybe the situation's changed in the last few years; I don't know... We just can't regulate stupid."

Fruitcake in Canada Responds to FCC Special Counsel Emeritus

On August 1st, 2015 Madera responded to the FCC's former special counsel for amatauer radio. In response to ex FCC Agent Riley Hollingsworth's opinions about Madera, Karol Madera (VE7KFM) called Riley Hollingsworth: a cocksucking asshole and a bipolar who has shit for brains; a mimic; a mental defective, and in regard to Hollingsworth's statements about Madera's well documented threats, Madera said; "Fuck you Riley and you're next!"

Listen as the Fruitcake Attacks!

Madera said he would not stop at killing half the Canadian government, but would snuff all of them. Madera ranted incoherently, as usual, all the while chanting 'Allah Akbar' and referring to himself as 'al Qaida Northern Command' in his conversation with George Zardecki (AC9KU, formerly N9VTB) of Chicago. As always, Madera is internally and externally inconsistent. After railing against the FCC, Madera calls the FCC "subject matter experts" which by definition, must mean that Riley was right about him all along. Of particular interest to anti-terrorism officials are Madera's statements about killing members of the Canadian government. Of interest to the United States Secret Service are Madera's statements about 'remodeling' the White House.

Madera's Friend and Protege' Brandon Duke: Insanity Plea in 1st Degree Attempted Murder

Brandon Duke (KJ4SGZ) 22, was charged with first-degree attempted murder, first degree assault, felony menacing, possession of a weapon by a previous offender (all serious felonies) plus misdemeanor charges of carrying a concealed weapon, resisting arrest, obstructing a police officer, and reckless endangerment. After he was arrested, Duke told officers he believed Longmont Officer David Blake was a Zombie and that his actions were caused by mental illness.

Dedicated readers will recall Karol Madera's general plan to incite the mentally ill to violence, and his specific advice to David Tolassi, Todd Daugherty, Brandon Duke, and others. On several occasions, Madera has said "Just Shoot Them" (referring to witnesses against him and his criminal cohort). After Brandon Duke fired at a Longmont officer, Madera said that Brandon should have "closed the range" Read more about the Duke case here.

Recent FCC Special Counsel's Comments About Madera Are Accurate

Hollingsworth is correct. Here are several examples of Madera & co's disgusting diatribes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Canadian officials at Industry Canada have ignored Madera, considering him a fruitcake, although he and his supporters have made several terrorist threats against American officials, citizens, and infrastructure. On a nationally syndicated news program with approximately 4 million unique monthly visitors, Tom Whatley, one of the principals in the Digital Forensics Group in Florida, confirmed Hollingsworth's assessment and referred obliquely to the "Fruitcake's" status on the 'no-fly list' which is due to his numerous threats against Americans and American infrastructure, not to mention his staging of several hoaxes which were investigated by federal agents in Canada and the United States. Whatley also referred to Brian Crow, an expert on Madera specifically, and a counter-terrorism expert in the Digital Forensics Group, who has been a victim of Madera's hoaxes and who has been critical of Madera's threats for the past decade.

On the afternoon of June 9, 2015, Madera reported that he was asked to speak to a group of Muslims due to his anti American views regarding the U.S. military presence in lands traditionally inhabited by Muslims. Madera said the group offered free lunch and carfare. According to news reports in Canada, the group is funded by known terrorists, including Michael Zihaf-Bibeau, who attended services at the venue mentioned by Madera. The BC Muslim Association, who allegedly invited Madera to speak, has been long associated with Wahhabi lone-wolf terrorists. Our recorder writes: "Apologies for the poor quality of the audio. Madera's signal is typically very weak until after 7 PM Central time." Listen as Madera discusses his invitation to speak about American militarism at a BC Muslim Association Mosque. Madera is speaking with convicted drug felon, heroin addict, and child rapist, Donald Anderson, N4TAT.

For example, Madera's good friend Brandon Duke received a 55 year jail sentence for attempted murder of a police officer, as counseled by Madera.

Madera's friend and confidant, Todd Daugherty, received a much shorter sentence for threatening to blow up Consolidated Communications in Illinois. Daugherty was also charged with a 3rd degree felony for aggravated assault, regarding threats against his police chief, as counseled by Madera.

David Tolassi was arrested for criminal trespass, assault, and battery, in a case of domestic abuse, after his wife reported that he struck her 20-30 times in the back with a closed fist while in an Alcohol and Klonopin induced stupor. It had been recently rumored that Tolassi was monitored by the FCC while jamming and making death threats against two other men. This rumor was confirmed when Tolassi received a $1,000 notice of apparent liability for failing to identify his transmissions. The FCC said they could have assessed an NAL against him for $16,000 per day for the continuing civil infractions. Tolassi's recent actions are in addition to threatening to shoot two men in the head and a separate threat to set off a fertilizer bomb at the Dayton Hamvention. The FCC planned to take action against Tolassi regarding those threats, but they "lost the evidence" somewhere between Gettysburg and Washington D.C..

Michael D. Adams of Dothan Alabama, also a member of the Madera gang, threatened to set himself on fire and to have Laura Smith of the FCC fired, unless the FCC acceded to his demands. This was obviously a clear case of extortion, squarely meeting the FBI's definition of terrorism. Unfortunately, the FCC has repeatedly failed to consult with federal partners concerning these matters, making them the laughing stock of several federal agencies who are actively involved with genuine criminal acts. These disordered toadys (among anonymous others on the radio and Internet) form the core of Madera's threatening and fraudulent mischief makers.

State Department: Karol Madera Cannot Fly Over U.S. Territory & Cannot Fly On U.S. Carriers

Representatives of the U.S. State Department have reported that Madera is on the U.S. no-fly list and that he is subject to immediate arrest if he enters the United States. Madera, described as being Schizophrenic, is reportedly a member of Laura Knight Jadcyck's Church of Revived PaleoChristianity. This, on a webpage about cult members, where Madera is listed by the Administrator as a "person to avoid." Members of the church subscribe to notions of a Reptilian-Alien Takeover; Jewish Puppet-Masters; The Judeo-Christian Cult in Control of America; COINTELPRO; George Bush's Role in 9/11; claims that Psychopaths Rule our World; etc.. As you might suspect, this religion involves a "consciously channeled" source from the future -- a race called the Cassiopeans, living outside our solar system....

The American Embassy in Canada, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are well aware of Karol Madera's frequent threats. Agents of the United States Diplomatic Security Service have indicated that Madera is subject to immediate arrest, if he ever attempts to enter the United States, due to his threats against the US Ambassador to Canada, in 2005.

Department of Homeland Security Supervisor -- Karol Madera is extremely mentally ill

My name is James Hiers. I work for the Department of Homeland Security in a supervisory role here in Texas. Prior to that I was a Coxswain (boat pilot or driver if you will), a Boarding Officer (law enforcement officer), Rescue Swimmer, and Duty EMT for the U.S. Coast Guard. I also served with the Kissimmee Police Department in Central Florida for 3 years. I'm a family man and a working guy. I guess you could say I've been in public service for most of my adult life. I also operate an amateur (ham) radio station. My amateur call sign is KE5WRT. I've enjoyed amateur radio and I've found almost all amateur operators to be sane, friendly, knowledgeable, positive people. There is one notable exception (VE7KFM) Karol Florian Madera and I'll get to him in a moment. I have to stress that this person is an anomaly - he doesn't represent Canadians, Canada, the Canadian Forces, or amateur operators in general. He's a bad apple and a rarity on the air and frankly, I believe he needs psychological help. In my very first interaction with Karol Madera, I learned that he is extremely mentally ill. He acts like a child molester and a pedophile on the air. He seems to hate the U.S. government and most Americans in general. After he attacked me and began to stalk and sexually harass my 11 year old daughter, I researched the facts independently and I found that the facts are in agreement with the web page at VE7KFM.com which exposes Karol Madera for what he is; a fraud, a pathological liar, a child abuser/molester and a military impostor. My advice would be to avoid this operator at all costs. Do not encourage his anti- American rants, and above all, do not engage him in conversation! He's a loose cannon and he is a danger to himself as well as to others in his community. As Forrest Gump said, "Stupid is as stupid does" and "That's all I got to say about that." God bless! James, KE5WRT Any questions? I'm good on QRZ.

July 2015 -- Karol Florian Madera's Former Best Friend Outs Madera as a Homosexual and Alcoholic

=====>RECENT NEWS====> Karol Madera Jams 14.313 MHz. Member of Madera Klan rcvs $500k Bond for Rape of 10 Year Old Child! Madera Displays Sexual Interest in 11 yr Old Child, Child Rapist Supports Madera, Solidarnosc for Polish Child Molesters Child Sex Abuse Crisis in Poland's Catholic Churches Polish Catholics Rocked by Child Sex Scandal Poland's Archbishop Slammed - Says Children Ask For it? Polish Sex Abusers: 100% Catholic, 20.6% with Mental Disorder, 36.8% Alcohol Abusers Wrestling Coaches Over-Represented in the Pedophile Community? Confidentiality Ends Where Peril Begins

We get eMail

Willy writes: "Today, May 20th, 2015, Karol Madera (VE7KFM) was once again on the air, counseling others to do great bodily harm to citizens of the United States. Karol told JAMES V LYSEN of 14933 250TH AVE, GLENWOOD, MN 56334 (KD0LA) that he needs to string piano wire between the trees/bushes of his yard to deter people from trespassing. Once again, Karol doesn't have the moral capacity to see the harm from using such a tactic. Imagine a group of kids, playing tag, or another running game, coming in contact with one of these wires? At the very least, the wire might sever an artery, worse, it could decapitate a child, or amputate a child's limb. Sick, sad, and twisted, Karol Madera."

"Reminds me of the time about 10 years ago when Karol Madera told Baxter to use a .308 Winchester or a 7.62mm sniper rifle against a SWAT Team moving against Baxter. Then there was Madera's threat to anally rape the American Ambassador to Canada. Karol Madera wasn't allowed to practice law, Jim, and there's a good reason for that. First, he's mentally ill, second, he's a pedophile, and third, he's a moron!" (Comment heard over the air.)

Ousted From the Victoria Real Estate Board

Following failed careers in the military, real estate, and the law, Madera settled down on Vancouver Island, residing in a crumbling shack in an area known as the 'San Francisco' of Canada. Madera hasn't had a steady job since he was ousted from the Victoria Real Estate Board, in June, 1989, following threats he made against board members, who were forced to call the Victoria Police, in fear for their lives. The Board sent notice to Madera, via their attorneys Pearlman and Lindholm, effectively ejecting Madera from the premises and from his real estate career.

Members of the Board reportedly stated that a 'crazy homosexual' was planning to attack the board, or words to that effect. Madera claimed he was ejected because he was heterosexual, however, the judge in the case, Chief Justice Keith Bracken, did not believe Madera, and Madera was forced to pay board members' legal fees, plus a $1,000 penalty to each participant. Madera then harassed board members for years, but when Madera attempted to become a lawyer, they formed a united front, telling the Law Society in no uncertain terms, that Madera was an unfit candidate.

Madera Gives Advice on How to Plant Dirty Bomb in Manhattan

An internationally recognized website dedicated to breaking news, commentary and analysis, featured commentary about Karol Madera (VE7KFM) on their site, associated with coverage about the attacks in Garland, Texas this week, where ISIS has claimed credit for the "two soldiers of the Caliphate" who fired assault rifles at a crowd of people during an event in Garland, TX. Both of the "soldiers of the Caliphate" died, thanks to Texas law enforcement officers. According to CNN, "two assailants drove up to and started shooting, striking a security guard in the ankle. But a Garland police officer returned fire, killing the gunmen before they were able to enter the building. The encounter lasted 15 seconds and ended with both assailants dead."

The item on the website stated, "We in the U.S. amateur radio community have been warning about a foreign born amateur radio operator who resides in British Columbia, and has been actively promoting the killing of U.S. soldiers, stirring up hatred against the U.S., and even giving advice on how and where to plant dirty bombs! Just a few weeks ago, he gave EXPLICIT plans on how to set off a dirty bomb on a specific floor AND ROOM NUMBER in the Empire State Building! He also gave plans on how to set off dirty bombs over NYC using balloons! He always enters and leaves his transmissions with "Allah Akbar." Those of you with shortwave radios with single sideband can hear him on 14.313 MHz on upper sideband. His call sign is VE7KFM."

The author of the article claims VE7KFM has been on FBI radar for several years and he suggests that Karol Madera is being used by authorities as a kind of "flypaper" to catalogue the violent, mentally deranged, and drug-and-alcohol addicted, and criminal personalities who have attacked United States interests, here and abroad, and who may be planning further attacks.

Domestic Terrorists, Woman Beaters, Addicts, & Ne'er do Wells

Madera counts among his friends and followers a list of domestic terrorists, mentally ill misfits, and noxious ne'er do wells:

Brandon Duke - Jailed for 55 yrs for attempted murder of police.

David Tolassi - Threats to murder Americans and a federal agent, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, charges for criminal trespass, and assault and battery on a woman.

Donald Anderson Confessed to rape of a 14 year old child, convicted for possession of a controlled substance w intent to distribute, discharged from Viet Nam and sent to treatment for heroin addiction.

Michael Adams - Threatened to light himself on fire to effect FCC policy, co-authored a shooting hoax to effect a Canadian licensee, discussed and planned sniper attacks at the Dayton Hamvention and elsewhere, used extortion tactics against FCC officials Mike Moffitt and Laura Smith.

Whitney Tritch - Documented military impostor who broke into a protected computer system using false credentials, who also lied to a federal agent at the FCC, and to the Michigan Courts, in attempts to fraudulently effect the outcome of FCC and court proceedings.

Joseph Italiano - Repeatedly played altered tape recordings to fraudulently influence FCC actions against a licensee and received an official Warning from the FCC regarding those fraudulent recordings.

Todd Daugherty - Threatened to blow up Consolidated Communications in Illinois, threatened to use radio equipment on air-to-air, and air-to-ground frequencies to crash airplanes, threatened to blow up FCC licensee's homes, threatened to murder children by shooting them in the head, solicited hitmen to murder Americans, convicted of criminal harassment, placed on house arrest for threatening his female probation officer, twice charged with felony threats.

Mark Morgan - Multiple inpatient psychiatric placements for false complaints about child sex-slavery involving six innocent men.

- Several other mentally ill and drug addicted criminals, too numerous to mention.

Karol Madera, Donald Anderson, Todd Daugherty, Brandon Duke, Michael Adams, Whitney Tritch, and several others, all have sordid histories related to chemical abuse, or pathological lying, or psychiatric disorders, and/or crimes of violence against women and children. Karol Madera threatened to sexually assault FCC agent Laura Smith on many occasions.

Madera also displayed lust for an 11 year old child. In fact, a Supervisor at the Department of Homeland Security reported Madera for sexually harassing that 11 year old child. Madera was thrown out of the Victoria Real Estate Board for making threats against the staff there. In the Spring of 2013, an RCMP/CSIS liaison in Victoria asked for help in the investigation of Karol Madera and also enlisted witnesses for Crown Counsel.... A participant in the Canadian investigation stated, 'What really got the ball rolling on the investigation was the fact that Madera called Saanich Constable Kathleen Brandsma at home, 2 days after she attended his residence investigating a complaint from a female neighbour. Apparently Madera threatened the Constable on the phone, using 'colorful diction.' (This is how Madera refers to his filthy diatribes).

Stalking (and murdering?) Canadian Women

Complaints were made to police regarding the alleged stalking, harassment, and intimidation of two females. One complaint was submitted by Saanich Police Constable Kathleen Brandsma. The other complaint against Madera was made by Patty Saelens of Parksville, British Columbia. According to Ms. Saelens in Parksville, Karol Madera was present and photographed on the site where the stalking occurred and she has been positively identified as the stalking victim in that case.

In our segment, "Stalking Van Isle Women" in our archive, the man in the passenger seat of the small car is Karol Madera. He was photographed while he was parked on the property of Mrs. Saelens who reported him to the RCMP for stalking and harassing her.

Madera's modus operandi was shockingly similar to that of the killers in the Lindsay Buziak case. According to the stalking victim in the official police report, Madera used a woman accomplice who claimed to be "scouting movie locations" while she took pictures of the victim and her business. (See our Lindsay Buziak segment below).

Madera later posted pictures of the female victim on his web page, with disgusting and false sexual commentary about her. The Saanich Police advised the woman's husband to contact RCMP about the "intimidation and criminal harassment" related to Madera's "creepy behavior" which Saanich Police Sergeant John Price described as unacceptable.

Karol Madera's Comments About the Lindsay Buziak Murder

Saanich Police Detective Sgt. Marko Berton was the lead investigator in Saanich PD file, labeled as # 2013-5030. The RCMP/CSIS liaison is stationed at Island HQ on Blanshard St. Victoria, handling Terrorist security files of Police interest. CSIS/RCMP are also interested in previous incidents where Madera has stalked women locally. Sgt. Jim Price at Saanich PD is aware of those incidents, along with Cst. Kathleen Brandsma, and they are also aware of the fact that Madera has claimed responsibility for murdering a young real estate broker named Lindsay Buziak.

Regarding the murder of Lindsay Buziak, Karol Madera has unequivocally stated, "I don't know if she had big tits or not, I was so busy stabbing her, I can't remember." Madera worked with the murder victim's father Jeff Buziak, in the late 1980's, when Madera was thrown out of the Victoria Real Estate Board for making threats. At that time, Bev McIvor of Remax/Camosun was a member of the board. McIvor stated for the record, "He sent us the most horrible, sexually threatening emails. We had to obtain police protection, due to Madera's threats." Bev McIvor, like the murdered Lindsay Buziak, also worked for Remax/Camosun.

Longtime Madera Supporters Beat Women & Abuse Drugs

Now, David Tolassi, a long time Karol Madera supporter, has been revealed through official documents as a substance abuser and a woman beater. Naturally, David is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, however, the documents speak for themselves. David's wife may drop the charges, as battered women often do, however, we have heard David, day after day, slurring his words and uttering threats. None of the witnesses who have reported David's threats have withdrawn their complaints, and it is hoped Jane Tolassi will not seek to have the criminal charges dropped. We believe that it is only through the intervention of law enforcement that David will stop abusing drugs and alcohol, and stop uttering death threats over the air. In allowing the charges to reach the court, Jane may save her own life, or the life of another future victim.

News article about the Tolassi arrest

Catoosa Couty Jail Report February, 2015

The calm before the storm

David Joseph Tolassi (W4BHV) a staunch supporter of Karol Madera (VE7KFM) was booked into the Catoosa County, Georgia jail for criminal trespass, assault, and battery, just after 8PM on the eve of his 66th birthday, on February 18, 2015. According to the Sheriff's Office, Tolassi was held on $3,000 bond. Tolassi is well known to the amateur community as someone who causes interference, engages in broadcasting, and fails to identify his station. In 2007, Tolassi threatened to shoot Riley Hollingsworth and Brian Crow in the head at the 2008 Dayton Hamvention. Tolassi also threatened to mail anthrax to Bob Albo (K1KBW) in 2005. Tolassi was investigated by the FBI for his alleged role in a conspiracy with Karol Madera, to mail fake anthrax to Canada in 2007, when Tolassi embarked on a cruise, leaving from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Tolassi also threatened to set off a fertilizer bomb at the Dayton hamvention, leading to yet another FBI investigation, and Tolassi was fired from his job at Dynacorp in Vermont, shortly before an improvised explosive device was detonated at the gates of the plant where Tolassi had been employed. Like most of Karol Madera's supporters, Tolassi has a long history of terroristic threats, mental illness, drug abuse, and violent behavior. Tolassi's latest incident of alleged wife beating finally led to his arrest and incarceration by the Catoosa County Sheriff's Department.

In 2015, a $20,000 reward was posted by Karol Madera (VE7KFM) leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who mailed him white powder from Fort Lauderdale in 2007. It doesn't matter that "Button Dick" doesn't have $20,000, much less $20. Less than 24 hours after Madera posted his reward, David Tolassi (W4BHV) admitted he was in Fort Lauderdale in 2007 making a gay porn film with convicted felon Brandon Duke and Dr. Joe Goldberg, the former Pirate, EA1AET. Tolassi said they were literally surrounded by white powder, which was supplied by a drug dealing associate from Venezuela. Brandon Duke is already in prison, but if Tolassi and Goldberg are ever arrested and convicted for the fake anthrax conspiracy, Tom Whatley said he wants his share of the $20,000 reward. We found it interesting that Karol Madera waited 8 years before posting his reward. Listen here

Just the Facts

[1] Karol Madera is a chronically unemployed (since 1990) ham radio operator and a full time pathological liar. He is not a lawyer and has never been a lawyer. He is not a successful graduate of RMC in Kingston, Ontario. He is not a retired Naval Captain. He has never been a member of the Canadian Navy. He is not a pilot. His claims are false, fraudulent, and completely bogus.

[2] Karol Madera is nothing more than a sad and delusional old man, suffering from a mental illness for which he refuses to seek treatment. Madera was reported by a Senior Supervisor at the Department of Homeland Security for stalking and sexually abusing pre-teen children. The DHS Officer stated, "He acts like a child molester and a pedophile on the air." That's an understatement. Karol Madera has a long history of sexual harassment of both women and children.

[3] Madera is typically on-the-air more than 12 hours a day, each and every day. He concocts lies and schemes, including extremely elaborate hoaxes, in order to defame and embroil his targets in legal difficulties. He also affiliates himself with Islamic extremists and he frequently incites murder. His accomplices are typically mentally ill, addicted, criminals, who have frequently broken the law in furtherance of his demented plans. The American and Canadian governments (with the exception of some FCC employees) are well aware of his schemes, hoaxes, and terroristic threats.

[4] The Military Police in the Kingston, Ontario Regiment have stated in official reports to the Saanich Police Department, and others, that Madera did not graduate from RMC and that Madera never served in the Canadian military. Here is the phone and FAX number for verification of this fact: (613) 541-5010 extension 5648 or via Fax (613) 541-4482.

[5] Transport Canada reports Karol Madera is not and has never been a licensed pilot, commercial or otherwise. Here is their contact info: 800 Burrard St., Suite 620, Vancouver, B.C., V6Z 2J8, Tel: (604) 666-5571 or via Fax: (604) 666-4839.

[6] The Victoria Real Estate Board indicates Madera is neither a realtor nor a broker because he was ordered by the attorney's for the Real Estate Board to leave and not return, after police were called due to threats made by Madera. Madera sued over the incident and he lost those suit(s), paying damages and attorney's fees. Here is the VREB contact info for verification: (250) 385-7766 Fax: (250) 385-8773.

[7] Pearlman Lindholm is the law firm which presided over Madera's removal from the Real Estate Board and his subsequent legal defeat(s) following Madera's incompetent suits against the board. Counsel appearing against Madera were Monte Prior and Michael Scherr. Contact them here or at 201-19 Dallas Road Victoria, B.C. V8V 5A6; Telephone (250) 388-4433; Fax (250) 388-5856.

[8] The Supreme Court of Canada rejected Madera's 'i-wanna-be-a-lawyer' lawsuit which was due to Madera's rejection as a candidate for the Law Society. Here's the link to the Official Canadian Court Decision discussing the Law Society's rejection of Madera as a candidate after numerous affidavits were presented stating that he was unfit for admission. Madera is not now, nor has he ever been a lawyer. In addition, here are a few more failed cases brought by non-lawyer, Karol Madera, in small claims court. Not to mention his drunken cousins, Vaclav and Ladislav.

[9] Although he claims to live in Victoria, BC, Madera actually lives in seedy Saanich on a 4 lane highway in a junk-strewn 100+ year old shack that has lost $14,000 in assessed value in just the past year. A look at this 'luxurious' dwelling is available here.

[10] The contacts listed above are posted so that you may avail yourself of the truth about Karol Madera. If you find yourself supporting Karol Madera after your own independent research, and after perusing our previous issues and recordings, you're probably a mentally ill drug addict and a criminal, or, you've survived a partial lobotomy.

NOTE - One currently serving member of the CDN Forces wrote about Madera's obvious lies: "It takes 15 yrs to achieve the rank of Captain in our Navy... and that is with an absolutely perfect, spotless record... so perfect in fact, that I have never heard of it happening. I have thoroughly investigated Madera's claims. He was never in the Canadian Navy, period."

Clearly, the FCC and ARRL are powerless to stop Karol Madera. However, YOU can stop Karol Madera by using the following links and telephone numbers:

Click to email Industry Canada, B'nai Brith, and the Saanich, BC Police Industry Canada (888) 780-3333 - Saanich Police (250) 475-4321

B'nai Brith Hate Hotline at (800) 892-2624

US Embassy

Visit VictimLink BC and call 1-800-563-0808 Report hate crimes

Report child exploitation and child luring

Karol Madera (the accused) can be reached at (250) 383-4242 or in person, at 3040 Tillicum Road, Saanich, BC, V9A 2B3

Radio Canada - No Affiliation with Madera

Employees of the real "Radio Canada" have contacted us to let us know, "Our attorneys have been in contact with Industry Canada about his misuse of our name. Madera has no affiliation with us, further, he is not employed by us, nor is he entitled to use our name, or marks in any way, shape, or fashion."

Noted author, and real estate professional, Captain David G. Rathgeber, owner of the Realty Research Group, LLC, has also contacted us to let us know that Karol Madera has used his marks without authorization. "I don't know Madera, but he is not affilliated with my business, Realty Research Group, and I'll be following up on this with my attorney."

Madera's Failed Lawsuits and Other Funny Fuck-Ups

You can read about a few of Madera's ridiculous lawsuits on our legal page. His sad and crumbling homestead is a fitting testament to to his so-called intelligence, education, and business acumen. Here, you can check out the studios of his "radio canada".

Speaking to Madera's notorious reputation in his own community, a past President of the British Columbia Real Estate Board, where Madera was once employed, said this about him:

"He was a horrible man who wrote the most disgusting, sexually perverted letters to us. He threatened us. Our solicitor called the police and we had him locked out of the building. We actually had to file a protection order against him. He sued us. He said we were a secret society of the alternate persuasion. It was a harassment suit. He lost and he had to pay $1,000 to each of the defendants, plus court costs, and fees. I later heard he tried to become a lawyer, but he wasn't admitted to the Law Society."

A fellow law student who was admitted to the British Columbia Law Society (unlike Madera) is now a member of a prestigious Victoria firm. He had this to say about Karol Madera:

"I personally wouldn't worry about what Karol Madera has said or written. In my opinion, no one takes him seriously. If anyone were to take him seriously, that person would also have to be off his rocker, as they say. So, this is why I wouldn't worry about it."

An amateur radio operator in British Columbia recently notified the RCMP after Madera obtained a picture of the man's wife and began making disgusting, sexually oriented remarks about her. Madera was investigated for harassment and stalking. During the investigation, police officials in Canada disclosed the fact that Madera is listed in the Canada-wide police database (CPIC) as someone with a signifcant history of mental health issues. In the database, there is also a notation about Madera's failure to pay the taxes on his home.

Instead of looking for meaningful work in order to pay his societal debts, Madera apparently prefers to sit at home, getting drunk, calling on al Qaida to maim and murder Americans, and spewing obscenities and racist remarks over shortwave radio.

As a further indication of his deteriorating condition, a neighbor of Madera's said that for 3 weeks in the summer of 2007, Karol Madera had a cardboard, hand-made sign taped to his door. The hand written sign read: "Fucktards beware. You have been warned." We are not sure if he was referring to B'nai Brith, RCMP, or CSIS, all of whom Madera has threatened, at various times.

Incitement of the Mentally Ill & Counseling Murder

Madera has been recorded and reported for making threats against a US federal agent, as well as the U.S. Ambassador to Canada, and others. He has repeatedly incited others to murder or maim individuals in the United States. Madera spends hours on the air, attempting to incite the mentally ill to murder Americans. We speculate that Madera incites others, simply because he lacks the courage to carry out his own convictions.

For a period of several months in 2007 and 2008, Madera used a marine radio, and he had a habit of transmitting the internationally recognized maritime radiotelephone alarm signal. This signal consists of two sinusoidal audio tones of 2200 Hz and 1300 Hz transmitted alternatively. This signal is similar in sound to a two-tone siren used by some European emergency vehicles. The purpose of the radiotelephone alarm signal is to produce a distinct warbling sound to draw attention to a distress broadcast, or to activate automatic devices relaying the alarm. The radiotelephone alarm signal is to be used only in a dire emergency, including when a person has been lost overboard and the assistance of other vessels is required. Following successful complaints to the US Coast Guard, Canadian Coast Guard, and Industry Canada, Madera ceased transmitting his auto alarm.

Malicious and Intentional Interference

Madera has a longstanding habit of interfering with others, communicating with unlicensed stations (pirates), broadcasting obscenities, threatening murder and mayhem, and slandering others. Much of what Madera does with his radio station is defined as "harmful interference" in the United States.

Under 47CFR97.3(a)(23), Harmful Interference is defined in as follows: "Interference which endangers the functioning of a radionavigation service or of other safety services or seriously degrades, obstructs or repeatedly interrupts a radiocommunication service operating in accordance with the Radio Regulations.

Industry Canada's Jim Laursen Said...

"All of ham radio is superfluous...it is talk for the sake of talk. Although most would find comments attributed to Madera to be stupid, in poor taste and mean spirited...what is free speech? This or any of the frequencies do not belong to anyone, despite him thinking it is the Polish frequency... I have talked to other agencies and their feeling is that it is a case of name calling / CB antics and immaturity and not worthy of their time / further investigation."

ARRL --- FCC Neither Open, Nor Transparent

On February 14, 2014, the ARRL fired a volley across the FCC's bow with a scathing assessment of the Enforcement Bureau, shaming the FCC into a hasty and ill-considered action only one month later, where an FCC agent responded to a hoax with both cap guns blazing, who then acted unilaterally, without reading the FCC's own internal reports and without considering correspondence from the FBI, State Department, U.S. Embassy, RCMP/CSIS, two FCC Special Counsels, and others, and without adequately investigating the circumstances underlying the hoax.

The hoax, to which the Northeast Region of the FCC's EB responded, was instigated by a long recognized Canadian jammer who calls himself "al Qaeda Northern Command." The same Canadian who has incited the murder of several U.S. citizens and stated he would sexually assault a female FCC Special Counsel and the U.S. Ambassador to Canada, David Wilkins. The same Canadian who called President Obama a 'voodoo-reasoning-jigaboo.' FCC Special Counsel, Riley Hollingsworth referred to the Canadian as a "Fruitcake" and "Several French fries short of a Happy Meal." The Canadian has been the instigator of several previous hoaxes which were acknowledged in writing -- to the FBI and many others -- by two former Special Counsels at the FCC. These hoaxes included the sending of fake anthrax; maritime distress signals; child sex slavery; assassination by shooting; callsign impersonation on the air; impersonation of amateurs on several radio-oriented websites; false reports to various governmental agencies, and others too numerous to mention.

In assessing the EB's lackluster performance, the ARRL wrote:

"It has been ARRL's experience in recent years - more so in the last decade - that the Commission's processes and operations are, in some respects, neither open nor transparent; neither timely nor inclusive. Indeed, the trend has been the adoption of (often unwritten) procedures and policies which have the pronounced, adverse effect of isolating the Commission and its very professional staff from the public regulated by it..." and "The Commission's staff is often not readily accessible for procedural guidance and responses to informal inquiries..." and "The Commission's website is neither intuitive nor user-friendly... and it is inadequately updated and managed" and "There are several circumstances in which the staff is isolated from the industry regulated by the Commission, with significantly adverse consequences. This is most pronounced in the Enforcement Bureau. It is ARRL's view that the Commission can do better in certain respects in the areas of accessibility, transparency, efficiency and staff empowerment, because, in the past, it has done notably better in those respects...." and "The fact that there are two separate listings of Amateur Radio enforcement actions on two separate FCC web sites is, frankly, ridiculous in any case."

The FCC's clumsy and ineffective attempts to regulate the amateur bands have lead to many amateurs opining, "No enforcement is better than bad enforcement." You get the picture. If not, listen to the jamming on 14.313 MHz; 3.840 MHz; 3.843 MHz; 7.200 MHz; and/or anywhere else operators attempt to engage in interesting and stimulating discussions that don't involve the weather, gallbladder surgery, high blood pressure, or any of the hundreds of other routine and boring conversations heard on the amateur bands. It has become impossible to have a frank and open discussion regarding any topic with even a hint of religious, political, or philosophical controversy.

14.313 MHz Now Worse Than Ever

Since July, 2014, the number of unidentified jammers, commentators, tape players, and disk jockeys on 14.313 MHz has exploded exponentially. One pundit on a popular ham radio site wrote: "Hey FCC, drop your cocks, grab your socks, and bust some jammers. I'm not talking about sitting around in an SUV for 3 hours and claiming victory. I'm talking about actually identifying a jammer at the control point of a radio station while the jamming is happening. Don't leave the scene and go out for KFC and then go back later to inspect a cold station without an antenna attached. Listen up ASSHOLES, when you have to invent a warning letter to "prove" your case, something stinks!" Another commentator wrote, "This is a typical government misintervention that's created untintentional consequences, and now that the FCC has published an opinion, they'll bury the truth and pretend they were right all along."

Antisemite Karol Madera -- At it Again!

More deplorable anti semitism took place on 14.313 MHz this week when Karol Madera (VE7KFM) and Donald Anderson (N4TAT) discussed a speech made to Congress by Benjamin Netanyahu. Madera castigated Steven Spielberg's work in the move, Saving Private Ryan, where Spielberg showed the burial plot of a single Jewish serviceman, which Madera called crass, and a Jewish showing of force, fraud, and propaganda. Madera then plumbed the depths of his incredible ignorance by stating that few Jews are buried in military cemeteries because their contributions have been insignificant. Jewish burial rites (no burial in a mixed-religion cemetery, burial within 24 hours of death, and no embalming) are not compatible with the procedures for burial in Arlington or any other military cemetery, although Jewish burials do occur when families believe that the deceased would have desired to be buried with his or her comrades in arms.

Next, Madera lamented Israel's possession of nuclear weapons -- did he forget or did he not know -- without Jews like Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer, Neils Bohr, George Szilard, Edward Teller, Marshall Rosenbluth, Otto Stern, Victor Weisskopf, and Wolfgang Pauli, nuclear weapons would not have become part of the U.S. arsenal in WWII, but according to Madera, Jews' contributions in WWII were "insignificant." While extolling the relative virtue of the Poles, only a complete idiot like Karol Dupek Madera could forget that 3 million unarmed Jewish Poles were murdered in Poland by the Nazis during World War II. Before the Holocaust there were 3.2 million Jews in Poland, compared with an estimated 10,000 Jews today.

Read More

Apparently Madera has forgotten that his father, Maciej Madera, a full-time drunk and part-time carpenter, greatly assisted the Nazi war effort in Poland by helping construct certain dwellings in Poland on those rare occasions when he was sober enough to locate a hammer. Not to mention Madera's mother Sophie, who kept the Nazi's occupied in other ways, whilst they in turn occupied Poland, in places like Auschwitz; Belzec; Chelmno; Gross-Rosen; Majdanek; Plaszow; Sobibor; Stutthof, and; Treblinka. And, how could we forget Karol Madera's hateful bullying of Art Greenberg a little over one year ago?

Following Madera's antisemitic rant, the notorious useful idiot, child rapist, heroin addict, and convicted drug felon, Donald Anderson (N4TAT) agreed with Madera, saying, "You're right Karol; the Jews control Hollywood Karol, and the Jews control the media Karol; you're absolutely right Karol." Madera's pro-Islam pep-talk inspired 35 minutes of the song, "Throw the Jew Down the Well.


Speaking of Benjamin Netanyahu and Congress, while citing evidence that the FCC is neither open, nor fair, nor transparent, and saying the FCC's new rules will stifle innovation and freedom, thirty-two (32) members of Congress have introduced a bill to stop the FCC from destroying the Internet as we know it. The Internet Freedom Act would roll back the new FCC rules. The Act states that the FCC rules shall have no force or effect and the Commission may not reissue such a rule in substantially the same form, unless the new rule is specifically authorized by Congress.

The Vice Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee wrote: "Last week, the FCC voted to regulate the Internet like a 1930s era public utility. There is nothing 'free and open' about this heavy-handed approach. These overreaching rules will stifle innovation, restrict freedoms, and lead to billions of dollars in new fees and taxes for American consumers. Once the federal government establishes a foothold into managing how Internet service providers run their networks, they will essentially be deciding which content goes first, second, third, or not at all. My legislation will put the brakes on this FCC overreach and protect our innovators from these job-killing regulations."

Representative Greg Walden of the House Communications and Technology Subcommittee has called the FCC's proposed rules "ill-advised, illogical and illegal." This statement follows a letter to FCC Commissioner Tom Wheeler from Congressmen Greg Walden, Tim Murphy, and Chairman Fred Upton, who stated "Whether in the halls of Congress or the walls of federal bureaucracy, the public is best served when processes are fair, open, and transparent" and "Unfortunately, there are far too many instances where good process has been cast aside at the FCC" and "Although communications laws may be complicated, the public can easily recognize when the process is broken."

The three Congressmen from the Committee also said they had "longstanding concerns with the fairness, openness, and transparency" at the FCC and "Considered together, these issues lead us to conclude that the Commission under your leadership is not sufficiently committed to fulfilling its obligation to operate independently, with processes that are open, fair and transparent." Walden, whose subcommittee oversees the FCC, made his remarks at a gathering of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) on March 2nd, 2015. Senator John Thune (R-SD) told the National Journal that a Congressional a resolution of disapproval was one way Republicans might indicate their opposition to the FCC's net neutering rule. He also hinted that Congress could vote to defund the FCC. "Using the funding process could be another way to express disapproval of the FCC decision," Thune told the Journal.

Mentally Ill Canadian, Karol Madera... Just Shoot Them!

Jim Popelarski is a devout Catholic of Polish ancestry. He holds the callsign W5WN. Jim loves everyone and he loves the United States. He simply wants to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. He told Madera that even though Madera allegedly has some Polish heritage, he is neither for him, nor against him. Jim says he has no ill will toward anyone. Predictably, recent Islamic convert, Karol Madera, had nothing but hatred in his heart and hateful words for Jim, a man who simply wished to deliver a message of good will and peace.


After maligning Jim Popelarski and his Catholic values, Madera called on Luke Waltenbaugh (K3AQ) to "Shoot them and let God and the FCC sort it out." Interestingly, Luke Waltenbaugh and his brother Isaiah and their friend Karim Raquih Acree, one of Madera's co-religionists and a registered sex offender, are all listed as living at the Luke's parent's house in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania. Luke's brother Isaiah was arrested in 2011, according the Morning Call: "Isaiah L. Waltenbaugh was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, harassment, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and is being held in Montgomery County jail under $10,000 bail. State police from Skippack were dispatched at 7 a.m. to a fight at 3223 Old School Road and found a 55-year-old woman with injuries. Waltenbaugh allegedly struck Trooper Patrick Wise in the head when the trooper attempted to speak to him." It's unclear from the article whether the 55 year old woman was beaten by Luke Waltenbaugh as widely reported over amateur radio, or if she accidentally hit herself in the eye with a rolling pin while baking bread. Whatever the case, wherever sex offenders, criminals, Islamist apologists, and woman beaters gather, Karol Madera is sure to be found leading by example.

We already know Luke (K3 al Qaida) Waltenbaugh goose-steps in sync with Madera, but we hope Luke's pal Karim Acree doesn't share Madera's hatred of infidels. Incidentally, why are so many of Karol Madera's friends sex offenders and child rapists? Mark Morgan (KB9RQZ) freely admits he has had sex with several boys under the age of 16 and Todd Daugherty (N9OGL) has or had a large collection of animated depictions of children being tortured and raped, whilst Donald Anderson is a self-admitted child rapist, and Mike Adams (AE4FB) was recorded saying pedophilia might not be that unnatural and Tom "Pope Buster" Friess (KC0EBM) marched in support of convicted serial-child-rapist, Tony Alamo. Madera was referred to as a child molester in an official document by a supervisory employee at the Department of Homeland Security, but we wonder... do you have to be a child molester to succeed as one of Karol Madera's chief lieutenants, or is that just the fastest way to climb the ladder at al Qaida Northern Command ?

Speaking of Mark Morgan, he was also apparently accused of a false maritime distress signal. This is taken verbatim from Morgan's own blog: "As a USCG vet I want to mention Mark Morgan's recent SOS Hoax attempt. He was reported the the Houghton Cty Sheriff, but he should have also been reported to the USCG tipline. The USCG is a Maritime law enforcement agency with arrest power domestically and internationally. We're also a division of Homeland Security with full investigatory and arrest powers concerning false distress signals. Our authority supercedes the FCC and we investigate distress calls on ALL frequencies. --- Chief Warrant Officer (Retired) Clifford Golm AC4GH"

Karol Madera has been on Canada's radar since 1989, or longer, if you consider Madera's failed attempt at a career in Canada's military. In fact, Madera was listed in an official document sent from RAC to Industry Canada. Madera was described as broadcasting "long rants of anti-American, homophobic, violent, [and] obscene content." As far as the United States is concerned, Riley Hollingsworth and Laura Smith defined Madera as a liar, a person with no credibility, and a woman hater. FCC Special Counsel Riley Hollingsworth referred to Madera as a "fruitcake" and "several French fries short of a Happy Meal" in a well documented speech at the world famous Dayton Hamvention. Hollingsworth described Madera's activities on 14.275 MHz when he stalked that frequency, before Madera migrated to 14.313 MHz to interfere with participants who had hoped to escape Madera's death threats, slander, and malicious interference.

Last week we reported on the fake maritime distress hoax which Karol Madera (VE7KFM) attempted to foist on authorities. Madera attempted to enlist the aid of convicted drug felon, heroin addict, and child rapist, Donald Anderson (N4TAT), and Jimbo "9/11 was an inside job" Lysen (KD0LA) and a group of unidentified ne'er-do-wells who jam 14.313 MHz when they aren't jamming 3.843 MHz or 7.200 MHz. As it happens, there was no Mayday, no declared emergency, no plaintive cries for assistance. Nothing. Happily, Madera's latest attempts to falsely accuse his detractors seem to have fallen upon deaf ears.

The audio and document repository for this website is quite large and it goes back to at least 2006 and even earlier in some cases. A reader reminded us that Madera has previously engaged in several maritime distress hoaxes. In fact, in 2007 and 2008, Madera frequently transmitted an internationally recognized distress signal, whenever he wanted to usurp 14.275 MHz for his own use. These days, Madera simply plays Rory Taillon's 'Monkey Dance' or he asks his unidentified helpers to jam the frequency until it's abandoned for his personal misuse.

Madera's Actual Maritime Distress Hoax

VE7KFM Maritime Hoax 2007 and 2008

In 2007, Madera used different tactics to drive his critics from the air. He still called on al Qaeda (and any other amenable party) to murder his detractors, but he would also jam the frequency with a two-tone sinusoidal air and maritime alarm signal which has been internationally recognized since the 1950's.


Canadian Rules

Note: "The radiotelephone alarm signal consists of 2 sinusoidal tones (2200 and 1300 Hz) transmitted alternately, with each tone lasting 250 milliseconds, and sent for a period of at least 30 seconds but not exceeding 1 minute. To differentiate between coast stations and ship transmissions, the coast station alarm signal shall end in a continuous tone of 1300 Hz, lasting 10 seconds."

FCC Rules

47 CFR 80.317(b) "The international radiotelephone alarm signal consists of two substantially sinusoidal audio frequency tones transmitted alternately. One tone must have a frequency of 2200 Hertz and the other a frequency of 1300 Hertz, the duration of each tone being 250 milliseconds. When generated by automatic means, the radiotelephone alarm signal must be transmitted continuously for a period of at least 30 seconds, but not exceeding one minute; when generated by other means, the signal must be transmitted as continuously as practicable over a period of approximately one minute. The purpose of this special signal is to attract the attention of the person on watch or to actuate automatic devices giving the alarm."

ITU Rec 219.1

"It is desirable and practicable to establish an internationally agreed alarm signal for use on the calling and distress frequency..." (see Art. 39 of the Radio Regulations). 1.1 "the alarm signal shall consist of two substantially sinusoidal audio-frequency tones, transmitted alternately. One tone shall have a frequency of 2200 Hz and the other a frequency of 1300 Hz. The duration of each tone shall be 250 ms."

Were Madera ever a Captain in anyone's Navy, and we all know he wasn't, he'd know that falsely transmitting an international distress signal on the 20 meter band is a very large mistake with potential criminal implications. The U.S. and Canadian Coast Guards were alerted to Madera's transmission of false and fraudulent distress signals, and he ceased this practice fairly quickly following notification by authorities that he was in danger of being keel-hauled and flogged, or the modern equivalent. Due to his status as a "protected class of citizen" in Canada, he is not susceptible to arrest or removal from the airwaves as you'd expect in the case of a man who incites murder, sexually lures pre-teen children, stages criminal hoaxes, and threatens to sexually assault women. You can read more about why Karol Madera has not been removed and/or arrested here and here.

Madera's Interference to Emergency Weather Traffic

Speaking of actual emergencies -- rather than made up "urgencies" -- we can't forget that Madera and his useful idiot, David "Dayton Fertilizer Bomb" Tolassi, interfered with actual, declared, emergency traffic, on March 2 and 3rd, 2012. Many of you will remember the deadly Tornado Swarm that killed at least 40 people and caused $1.5 billion in property damage. Madera, calling himself "God" interfered with real-time emergency weather traffic related to the tornado swarm. It's ironic that in constructing his latest, fake, distress hoax, Madera has failed to recall his own history of malicious interference to actual emergency traffic. Remarkably, Madera's memory seems to be shorter than his own miniscule manhood, if that's possible?

Madera's Inaugural Domestic Terrorist Training Net

Karol Madera formally opened his new 'Domestic Terrorist Training Net' by thanking the FCC's David Dombrowski and Mike Moffitt for a clear frequency, before handing the reins to George Zardecki (N9VTB) and Mike 'Lipski' Adams (AE4FB). Listen to excerpts here: Thanks Dombrowski!

To kick off the new Domestic Terrorist Training Net, Karol Madera announced he is declaring war on America. As an initial offering to his growing swarm of mentally ill shortwave listeners, Madera gave detailed instructions on how to manufacture a dirty bomb. Madera said the dirty bomb should be detonated in New York City and launched from an upper floor or via a helium balloon in order to achieve height and thereby inflict the greatest number of casualties on the civilian populace.

Karol Madera calls himself 'al Qaeda Northern Command' and he frequently incites murder. Madera's dim-witted friends, 'Donald-the-convicted-felon-and-child-rapist-Anderson' and Mike 'Lipski' Adams (who threatened to set himself on fire if his demands were not met by the FCC) are his most recent useful idiots.

Madera's Fake Shooting Hoax

Mike Adams (AE4FB) is a frequent complainant to the FCC as well as a noted racist, drunk, and a pathological liar and drug dealer. Last year, Adams threatened to commit suicide at the entrance to the FCC in Gettysburg and to have Laura Smith and Mike Moffitt fired from their jobs if his critics were not taken off the air. Adams is a principle participant in several hoaxes concocted by Karol Madera. One of the hoaxes was designed to embroil VA3AWP in problems with Canadian authorities. This is not to be confused with the several hoaxes designed to get a Pennsylvania amateur in trouble with the FCC, or the most recent hoax about a schooner with "a matter of urgency" which was designed to get several different amateurs in trouble with the FCC.

In the case of the hoax against the Canadian licensee, Mike 'Lipski' Adams reported that Madera had been shot at the urging of the victim of that hoax. This hoax was reported by the victim, to the RCMP and CSIS, who coordinated their investigation with the Saanich Police. Madera sent email to a U.S. recipient, slightly altering the lie and saying that someone had attempted to assassinate him with a high powered rifle and that he was hiding out on the advice of his police. Saanich police consulted with RCMP and CSIS, concluding that Madera is extremely mentally ill and concluding further that he had created the hoax out of whole cloth, as he had created several other hoaxes, and of course, that he was lying, as usual.

Like 99% of what Madera says/writes, the 'shooting' was an absolute fabrication, like the fake anthrax hoax, like the MFer recording hoax,like the maritime emergency hoax, like the antenna in the neighbor's tree hoax, etc., etc., etc. These 'events' were arranged by Madera to attempt to destroy the credibility of complainants against him and to counter complaints against him in the minds of dimwits who failed to follow along. In the case of the shooting hoax, Mike 'Lipski' Adams confirmed Madera's lie and Adams advertised it widely, throughout the amateur radio community. Adams' willingness to confirm Madera's ridiculous hoaxes merely enforce what we already know. Adams, like Madera, is an unrepentant and habitual, pathological liar. Ironically, in the email to U.S. correspondent, Lawrence Wright, Madera blames Adams for embellishment, writing: "Mike could NOT have called the hospital since he didn't know where I was. He's a BULLSHITTER as you probably know. I think he just likes to fuck around, instead of going for the throat of his enemies [and mine]...."

Madera Still Jamming 20 Meters With Unlicensed Accomplices

Everyone should remember the YEARS of jamming 20 meters with the Pirate of The Caribbean, Joe Goldberg, the former KJ4DVD. Joe claimed he had authority to use the license of a Sapnish Amateur named Maria Teresa Sagrado, EA1AET. The FCC didn't get the joke. Goldberg was sent a warning letter after he admitted to using the call on 20 meters and due to the jamming on 20 meters, he was given a limited license, which is now expired. Joe is simply one example of 100 unidentified fools Karol Madera has used to harass and jam people he considers his "enemies."

Madera's MF-er Recording Hoax

Next, we come to the Mother-F***er recording hoax. Madera played a tape recording of a different amateur, over and over, trying to implicate a Pennsylvania amateur in that transmission. Laura Smith at the FCC confirmed that the PA amateur had nothing to do with the recording, and that Madera was lying again, as usual, and that he was trying to implicate the PA amateur, deceptively trying to get him into trouble [again]. Laura Smith then asked the ARRL Official Observers to make a note of the fact that the Canadian licensee was falsely trying to implicate the Pennsylvania amateur. "Brian Crow was not involved in that conversation -- although the Canadian licensee is currently trying to ascribe the comments of N1FM to Brian. Again let me reiterate, Brian Crow (K3VR) was NOT involved in that conversation back in 2006, so the attribution to Brian that you heard was nothing more than a weak attempt to get Brian in trouble with the FCC. It did not work."

Madera/Daugherty Conspiracy to Murder Children

Two time FCC warning letter recipient, useful idiot, and criminal harassment devotee, Todd Daugherty (N9OGL) was AWOL from the new Domestic Terrorist Training Net. Of course, Daugherty's Irish, so he may not have been invited. Daugherty was previously arrested and convicted of threatening to blow up Consolidated Communications in Illinois. When he became threatening toward his female (naturally) probation officer, Daugherty had to be restrained, which is why his probation was revoked.

Failing probation, Daugherty was forced to spend time in his room, on house arrest, at his Mom's house. Just prior to Daugherty's arrest, he threatened to shoot two children in the head. This threat was cc'd to the FCC and eventually to the police, the FBI, and to everyone in the FCC Special Counsel's chain of command, including Mike Moffitt, the FCC's Northeast Regional Director.

See Daugherty's threat to murder children by shooting them in the head as they played soccer.

Daugherty's alternate plan was to blow up his 'enemies' homes and their children with them. What was Daugherty's problem with the licensees? They had cooperated with the FCC and the FBI during the terror investigation. How did Daugherty know this? The FCC released confidential law enforcement information related to the case in a FOIA request released to Daugherty after he was issued a warning by the FCC. Please note that the message about murdering children was sent from the would-be-child-murderer to Karol Madera, author and originator of the new 'Domestic Terrorist Training Net.'

Madera/Tritch Conspiracy to Defraud a Bankruptcy Trustee

Frequent FCC complainant, callsign thief, and 'combat submariner' Whitney Veon Tritch (N3ZV) did not check in to the New Domestic Terrorist Training Net. Tritch has been a staunch supporter of Karol Madera for years. In an "amazing but true" chapter of the FCC in Gettysburg, Tritch was locked out of the Gettysburg facility after telling the FCC Special Counsel he was once shot in the head while on duty in a submarine in a place he wasn't supposed to be. Tritch was actually an intercom installer in the Army Reserve, based in central Pennsylvania, and as such, he never served on a submarine. However, like Madera and Adams & company, Whitney Tritch has never allowed the truth to stand in the way of of a good lie... or even a bad lie. Witness this unintentionally comical pathological lie Whitney Tritch sent to another amateur operator.

Defending Karol Madera is bad enough, being a military fraud and a pathological liar is bad enough, stealing a sick old man's callsign on QRZ.com to post defamation is bad enough, but attempting to fraudulently affect a man's bankruptcy on orders from Karol Madera is downright crazy. Tritch wrote to the Michigan bankruptcy trustee with a series of blatant lies, which were reversed with a simple motion written by a non-lawyer. The bankruptcy was granted. Madera and Tritch lost. Again.

Speaking of habitual losers, the FCC Office of the Inspector General was forced to perform an audit of the security features at the Gettysburg Office because of perceived and real threats from the likes of Kalrol Madera, Tritch, Daugherty, Adams, and others. If you think your taxes are too high, you can thank the preceding morons for the slowed mail, increased wait times, restricted admissions, and beefed up security measures at federal facilities everywhere.

Madera's Protege Receives 55 Years for Shooting at Police Officer

Madera's young protege Brandon Duke was also absent, because Duke, following Madera's commands, shot at a police officer, earning himself 55 years in a Colorado prison for attempted murder.

Joe Italiano (N0WOP) may have been present at the inauguration of the new Domestic Terrorist Training Net, but nobody heard him use his own callsign. This is not unusual because Joe has been keeping his head down ever since he was warned by the FCC for, you guessed it, yet another hoax against a Pennsylvania amateur. Italiano was playing an altered recording of the amateur trying to get that amateur in trouble with the FCC. That hoax was actually caught by Laura Smith at the FCC. Good job Laura!

Madera's Child Sex Slavery Hoax

Riley Hollingsworth, through diligent investigation, also caught a hoax directed at a group of amateurs who had complained about Karol Madera. An extremely mentally ill amateur operator by the name of Mark Morgan (KB9RQZ) was manipulated into making complaints regarding child sex slavery to a half-dozen children's protective agencies around the United States. Hollingsworth spent several days on the telephone and writing email, undoing the damage Morgan attempted to do. Morgan was eventually hospitalized for a lengthy stay in an inpatient psychiatric facility as a result of this hoax, but not before he attempted to have several children removed from their homes. Good job Riley!

Heroin Addict and Donny 'Jailbird' Anderson (N4TAT) has received his 4th FCC warning; the last one from FCC Agent Vishal Patel.

Listen to Donny's sad tale of being warned by Mr. Patel of Georgia's FCC Field Office.

Law Society and Real Estate Board ejectee, Karol Florian Madera (VE7KFM), has written a letter of support to FCC engineer Vishal Patel in Georgia, on behalf of convicted drug felon, self-admitted child rapist, and three-time four-time FCC warning letter recipient, Donald Anderson (N4TAT). Humorously, Madera told Patel he isn't Anderson's friend and he can't cc Anderson, but Madera conveniently forgot to tell Patel that he spends hours, every day, stalking and slandering others, with Anderson, on 14.313 MHz. Below, Madera reads the letter to the man he calls "rag-head Patel" and "curry Patel" telling him he can consider the letter either a treat or a threat.

Listen here

Patel Resume

In previous conversations, Madera has called FCC engineer David Dombrowski his brother, his cousin, and his friend, telling fellow Poles -- Mike 'Lipski' Adams, Whitney Veon Tritch, George Zardecki, Anton Zarski -- and others, that he and David Dombrowski and Dombrowski's brother Frank, are going to clean up 20 meters to make way for the return of the Polish Calling Frequency on 14.313 MHz.

Listen as Madera tells George Zardecki (N9VTB) about how Mike 'Lipski' Adams (AE4FB) persuaded Dombrowski into taking action.

Madera has repeatedly laughed about how he has manipulated the "faggots at the faggot communication commission." Madera also called Laura Smith a stupid cunt, while praising David Dombrowski for being much more amenable to "gentle persuasion." Madera calls the FCC faggots even as he misleads them and makes a mockery of their enforcement bureau.

Madera's Fake Anthrax Hoax

Madera's first serious terror hoax was in 2007 and was an attempt to have two parties arrested for sending him white powder marked anthrax. The FCC and FBI cooperated and it was quickly determined that Madera had arranged the hoax himself in order to falsely implicate two amateurs who had made several terrorism complaints about him. In less than 24 hours, the FBI knew that Madera was the main person of interest in the anthrax hoax. Riley Hollingsworth wrote to the FBI Agent in charge of the fake anthrax investigation as follows: "Agent [redacted], I'll be glad to call you regarding this at your convenience, and to send a summary of the many, many problems we have had regarding Madera. Brian has been a great asset in a number of our cases."

Recently, the noted racist, pathological liar, anti-semite, and child/woman abuser, Karol Madera (VE7KFM) and his sometime friend, the infamous drug felon, heroin addict, and self-admitted child-rapist, Donald Anderson (N4TAT) claimed there was a dismasted schooner in the Caribbean, or the Mid-Atlantic, or somewhere off the coast of Finland. Donald said he heard a Finnish station ask U.S. stations to stand by. He claims he heard this while parked at campsite #3, while mobile, in the Fred Gannon, Rocky Bayou, state park in Destin, FL. Amazingly, several U.S. stations with large antennas, including 5 and 6 element monoband antennas, could not hear the Finnish station, or the schooner, which was purportedly dealing with a matter of urgency - not to be confused with a matter of emergency - which was reported by two people with less credibility than.... actually we can't think of anyone with less credibility. Speaking of incredible, we were able to locate the crew and passengers of that ship and we'll have an in-depth interview with them, coming up next week!

Fall and Winter 2014

FCC Staffers Receive Threats From Madera/Adams Bully Gang

Our readers are intimately familiar with the multiple threats uttered or written by the likes of Karol Madera, David Tolassi, Todd Daugherty, Pirate Joe Goldberg, and the terroristic threats of self-immolation and promises to have Laura Smith fired, made by the habitual liar, drug dealer, and drunken conspiracy theorist, Michael DeWitt Adams, not to mention the threats made and acted upon by Madera's young friend Brandon Duke, which cost Duke a lifetime behind bars without hope of parole.

Then there is Madera's friend, Whitney Tritch, who broke into the QRZ.com computer system using false credentials and a false name. Tritch even had the audacity to visit Riley Hollingsworth at his FCC office in Gettysburg, making false complaints, while pretending to be a former submariner, when Tritch's service record shows he never got closer to water than the 5th hole at the Hershey Golf Club outside Fort Indiantown Gap in Pennsylvania.

It is commonly known (and proven) that Madera and his friends routinely use aliases at QRZ.com and eHam.net, not to mention other websites. They use these false identities to harass and post defamation and false "testimonials" about their targets, which have frequently included Laura Smith and Riley Hollingsworth. On the air, they use names like "Bean-Picker," "Crow-Hunter", "East Coast Monitoring Station", "BR-549", "Frank", and "Uncle G." instead of their required callsigns. Sometimes, like Joe Italiano and Karol Madera, they play altered tapes of others in an attempt to get their targets into trouble. YouTube is full of recordings of Mike Adams (AE4FB) spewing extortionate threats, and Karol Madera (VE7KFM) engaged in drunken, drug-induced, threat-filled tirades, like this one, labeled "VE7KFM verbally raping FCC employee Laura Smith."

Now, in a recent talk in North Carolina, Former SCARE (Special Counsel for Amateur Radio) and FCC Consultant, Riley Hollingsworth, has revealed an entire new set of threats made against FCC employees.

"One thing that's causing a huge problem, and this is also a sign of our times: I understand some of the state and federal agencies have this problem, but it's the problem of people firing off nasty emails, not only to Laura, but to the Enforcement Bureau chief, and to the Chairman, about amateur radio situations that they think the FCC should attack. I'm talking about horrible emails, threatening emails, threatening to the degree that quite often the Security Office gets involved. We've got to stop this; it's giving Amateur Radio a black eye. Some are so threatening that the security staff might not let Laura travel, and you notice that she doesn't travel much, partly because of the budget, but partly because of this problem. There are obscene, threatening and stupid emails by people who are hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. I'm sure State Senators get them, U.S. Senators get them. But when it comes in specifically to the Enforcement Bureau about an Amateur complaint, it's bad for all of us. It's giving some people in the Commission a bad taste in their mouths about Amateur Radio. They sort of understand that they are sent by Fruitcakes [like Karol Madera and Mike Adams] but amateurs are very quick to fire off an email about a complaint or about a situation they hear on the bands, and they don't know the full background of it. This is a time when we are hyper-sensitive about security issues. It's just a big problem, I don't know the solution."

Here's a typical comment from a YouTube video about AE4FB's extortionate threats toward Laura Smith of the FCC:

"Only a mentally deranged attention-seeking-simpleton like Mike 'Fat Bastard' Adams would threaten to commit suicide on the doorstep of the FCC because he doesn't agree with other people's points of view. In an honest debate over the air, his nonfactual viewpoints are regularly taken apart and exposed as nothing more than opinionated regurgitation of psychotic conspiracy-theorist basement-bloggers. He's nothing more than a big, fat, whiny, egotistical, white-trailer-trash, anti-Semite, fraud." --VA3AWP

Hollingsworth comments courtesy Gary @ Ham Radio Now


A photograph of Karol Madera wearing a 1988 UN Peace Keeping Medal for his alleged service in the UN Forces in the 1970's.

This man has one. We'd like to see Karol Madera's medal. The Saanich Legion denied Madera a set of Veteran's plates because he could not provide proof of service. The Military Police in Kingston Ontario (Home of the Royal Military College) also reportedly deny that Madera has ever served in the Canadian Forces. Where is Madera's medal and proof that he ever served at all?

Audio files for reference: #1,#2, The fact is, Madera has admitted to being a military fraud. He impersonated an officer and stole services to which he was not entitled. This makes Madera both a fraud and a thief. Listen to recording number three, in Madera's own fraudulent words....#3. Canada has a number of military frauds. They actually believe they served, despite never having done so. Many of them, like Karol Madera, are completely delusional. Here's an example.

MP Denounces Anti-Semitism and Encouragement of Terror by VE7KFM

A spokesman for member of Parliament, Scott Reid, received information regarding Karol Madera's anti-semitism, racism, and encouragement of al Qaida. The MP's spokesman, Dennis Laurie, a legislative assistant for Mr. Reid, wrote this week that "Mr. Reid certainly does not condone anti-Semitic acts or encouragement of terrorist acts."

Industry Canada's Russ Hamilton also acknowledged complaints against VE7KFM and suggested action 'via other means' stating, "Matters regarding the contravention of Canadian Federal or Civil law should be pursued through the appropriate Civil, or Criminal court system."

RCMP and CSIS have been involved in an ongoing investigation of Karol Madera/VE7KFM and have recently passed their findings to the Saanich Police Department.

Liar, Terror Supporter, Abuser of Women and Children

In the Spring of 2013, an RCMP/CSIS liaison in Victoria asked for help in the investigation and also enlisted witnesses for Crown Counsel.... A participant in the Canadian investigation stated, 'What really got the ball rolling on the investigation was the fact that Madera called Saanich Constable Kathleen Brandsma at home, 2 days after she attended his residence investigating a complaint from a female neighbour. Apparently Madera threatened the Constable on the phone, using colorful diction' (as Madera refers to his filthy diatribes).

Saanich Police Detective Sgt. Marko Berton was the lead investigator in Saanich PD file, labeled as # 2013-5030. The RCMP/CSIS liaison is stationed at Island HQ on Blanshard St. Victoria, handling Terrorist security files of Police interest. CSIS/RCMP are also interested in previous incidents where Madera has stalked women locally. Sgt. Jim Price at Saanich PD is aware of those incidents, along with Cst. Kathleen Brandsma, and they are also aware of the fact that Madera has claimed responsibility for murdering a young real estate broker named Lindsay Buziak.

Regarding the murder of Lindsay Buziak, Karol Madera has unequivocally stated, "I don't remember if she had big tits or not, I was so busy stabbing her, I can't remember." Madera worked with the murder victim's father Jeff Buziak, in the late 1980's, when Madera was thrown out of the Victoria Real Estate Board for making threats. At that time, Bev McIvor of Remax/Camosun was a member of the board. McIvor stated for the record, "We had to obtain police protection, due to Madera's threats." Lindsay Buziak, like McIvor, also worked for Remax/Camosun.

McIvor also stated that, after Madera's failed real estate career, he attempted to become a lawyer, but he was not allowed to join the Law Society. This, following his well-documented failure to answer questions about his actions which would have precluded his becoming a lawyer, due to issues regarding his (lack of ) fitness and character.

We investigated these allegations and they are in fact part of the public record in Canada. At Madera's fitness hearing, numerous statements and affidavits were entered into evidence, which Madera refused to answer, because he claimed he didn't know what his accusers had said about him. A judge in the case, who is now a Chief Justice of the BC Supreme Court, very eloquently called Madera a liar.

"[The applicant] argues that it contravenes natural justice to require the applicant to give evidence before he knows precisely what his accusers have said about him under oath. I cannot accede to that submission. Very full and complete particulars including the names of witnesses were given and original statements or affidavits were furnished. With respect to many of the particulars given by counsel for the Law Society the conduct to be inquired into was very specifically described. In my view the applicant did know both generally and in many cases specifically what the witness would likely say." The other two judges agreed with the Chief Justice's assessment of Madera's (lack of) truthfulness and veracity.

See this link for a full transcript of the judge's statements regarding Madera's failed attempt to become a lawyer in Canada.

Canada Recognizes Danger of Homegrown Terrorism

Ronald Crelinsten is an expert on terrorism and radicalization and the author of Counterterrorism. He is an associate fellow at the Centre for Global Studies at University of Victoria and Adjunct Professor at Royal Roads University. The views expressed are his own.

"It has long been recognized that the lone actor who is not affiliated with any organization, and who self-radicalizes, usually via the Internet, is the most difficult to detect and to prevent from taking action. It is with this reality in mind that many feel that more attacks such as occurred in Canada last week are inevitable. This Monday, Public Safety Minister Stephen Blaney introduced a bill in Parliament to increase the powers of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and promised further anti-terrorism legislation in the future. Ninety individuals are reportedly currently under investigation as potential travel risks abroad or for radicalization at home."

One of the individuals investigated by RCMP and CSIS, is Karol Madera of Saanich, B.C.. Madera has repeatedly asked American citizens to perform acts of terrorism against individuals residing in the United States. Madera also stated his intent to sexually assault FCC Special Counsel Laura Smith, and his intent to anally rape the United States Ambassador to Canada, not to mention inciting violence against other authorities via dirty bombs, .308 Winchester rifles, and C4 explosives.

This week, a man matching Karol Madera's description was apprehended by Canadian authorities as his ferry docked on Vancouver Island. Madera's sometime friend, Donald Anderson, has verified that Madera recently visited his mother in Toronto, during the attacks on Parliament there.

B.C. Ferries staff called N. Saanich RCMP at 8:19 a.m. Thursday and kept the man in a secluded area of the vessel, according to Island district RCMP spokesman Cpl. Darren Lagan. Mounties boarded the ferry at 8:35 a.m. and arrested the man. Throughout the day, investigators undertook a full investigation and assessment of the man's actions" Lagan said, citing existing mental-health issues as a significant factor. Lagan said the man was released from police custody later in the day, after mental-health professionals became involved.

Canada protects the identities of homegrown terrorists with mental health issues. Not so in the United States, where Karol Madera has incited violence against police on numerous occasions. One of Madera's young protege's was Brandon Duke of Boulder Colorado. Madera was recorded telling Duke, "Just shoot them Brandon!" over and over again. Finally, Duke took heed and attempted to murder a policeman who was attempting to serve a warrant against Duke, who was shot 3 times when the officer returned fire. Duke is now serving 55 years in jail for attempted murder.

Although partly responsible for radicalizing Brandon Duke, Todd Daugherty*, Mike Adams,* and others with mental illness who subsequently made terroristic threats, Madera has never been held responsible for his actions. It is now past time to permanently remove this terrorist-affiliated menace from the amateur bands, and the time to call for action is right now, while the tragedies in Toronto and St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, are fresh in the minds of Canadian authorities.

Note: Mike Adams (AE4FB) is a mentally ill drug addict who threatened to set himself on fire on the steps of the FCC in furtherance of his political objectives, which falls squarely under the FBI's definition of homegrown terrorism. Adams was also recorded using racial epithets against President Obama, specifically describing Obama as follows: "He's a good Nigger who sucks rich white dick, and that's what the deal is."

Note: Like Adams, Todd Daugherty, was also radicalized by Karol Madera. Daugherty threatened to shoot children in the head as they played soccer. Daugherty signaled his intentions in an email he sent to his friend Madera which he also cc'd to Special Counsel Laura Smith. Daugherty was charged with a criminal felony for threatening to blow up Consolidated Communications. When it was revealed Daugherty has mental health issues, like all of Madera's followers, Daugherty was allowed to plead guilty to a lesser charge. Even so, he failed to complete probation and was placed on house arrest to complete his sentence after physically threatening his female probation officer.

Terror Tragedy Strikes Canada

Last week's shocking events in Canada's capital, Ottawa, and in St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, near Montreal, Quebec, confirm that the terrorist threat stemming from the Middle East knows no boundaries, and can take many forms. Yet while the Islamic State for Iraq and Syria, currently wreaking havoc in that region, has recently called for low-tech attacks in countries that have joined the U.S. coalition conducting airstrikes against them, this kind of threat is not new. Back in October 2009, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula called for simple attacks with "readily available weapons such as knives, clubs or small improvised explosive devices". A few months later, as Stratfor notes, U.S.-born AQ spokesman Adam Gadahn issued a "A Call to Arms" for "grassroots jihadists" or "lone wolves" to strike targets close by rather than travel abroad, similar to the November 2009 attack by Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan. Two months later, Faisal Shahzad, a naturalized U.S. citizen of Pakistani descent, attempted to blow up a car in Times Square. And last May, two British citizens of Nigerian descent, ran over off-duty British soldier Lee Rigby in southeast London. They then hacked him to death with knives and a meat cleaver. Canada has also seen its share of terrorism, including both domestic and international terrorism, homegrown and imported, nationalist and religious, single-issue and revolutionary. Karol Madera of 3040 Toillicum Road, Saanich B.C., has been advocating terrorist acts while calling himself al Qaida Northern Command, since at least 2005.

Madera Implicated in Latest FCC Hoax

Karol Madera has done it again. He's managed to temporarily deceive and manipulate a government official into putting a down payment on the Brooklyn Bridge. Madera has repeatedly lied and filed false complaints with numerous officials over the past 25 years, and as a matter of public record, he's repeatedly manipulated others to do so.

Who could forget the infamous Victoria Real Estate Board case, where Madera falsely accused his fellow agents of being allied in a 'homosexual conspiracy' against him? Madera sued the Board after he was booted out for making threats. He lost that suit and paid court costs, plus thousands in court-ordered payments to those he had lied about.

Later, when Madera tried to enter the British Columbia Law Society, he refused to testify when called upon, because in testifying, Madera would have had to admit the truth of the multiple affidavits and statements arrayed in evidence against him, all of which stated that he was unfit for admission to the bar.

Throughout his amateur radio hobby, Madera has created elaborate lies and hoaxes designed to 'set up' or 'frame' his harshest critics. These include, but are not limited to: (1) A fake anthrax hoax designed to implicate two of his American critics;

(2) A fake child sex-slavery hoax, designed to implicate six of his American critics;

(3) A fake shooting hoax, where Madera claimed to have been shot at by someone wielding a high powered rifle;

(4) a hoax where Madera falsely styled himself and posed as a 'movie producer' so that he could obtain pictures of a man's wife in order to defame her on his website, and;

(5) Madera's oft-repeated mantra regarding homosexual escapades and chronic masturbation performed by two FCC Special Counsel staffers at the "Gettysburg Bath House" .... and the list goes on.

Now, apparently, Madera has joined with others of his ilk to mislead and lure a gullible FCC employee into yet another hoax, involving one of Madera's chief American critics. Ironically, the man Madera attempts to implicate "has assisted the FCC in a multitude of cases" according to FCC Special Counsel's Laura Smith, while former Special Counsel Riley Hollingsworth told the FCC's Spectrum Enforcement Chief, "You'll hear from this fellow a lot. He files excellent reports and his accuracy rate is 100%." The current Special Counsel for Amateur Radio, called Madera 'a master manipulator' in writing.

"A Master Manipulator" (c) Laura Smith, FCC

Laura Smith, FCC wrote, "Brian was not involved in that conversation -- although the Canadian licensee is currently trying to ascribe the comments to Brian. Again let me reiterate, Brian was NOT involved in that conversation back in 2006, so the attribution to Brian that you heard was nothing more than a weak attempt to get Brian in trouble with the FCC. It did not work." (March 31, 2010 -- email to two Official Observers and the ARRL Field and Regulatory Correspondent).

The falsely accused American was reportedly overheard recently, saying he will bypass the Kangaroo Court entirely and defend himself in Federal District Court, in the highly unlikely event the U.S. Attorney chooses to prosecute the deeply flawed case, where there is absolutely no prima facie evidence of wrong-doing by the accused.

The so-called 'victims' in the latest hoax case? According to Karol Madera they are none other than himself (VE7KFM) and the convicted felon and 3 time recipient of FCC Warning letters, Donald Edward Anderson (N4TAT) of Warner Robins, GA -- a self-admitted child rapist. Most of their conversations this year, and those of their unidentified, interfering compadres, consisted of graphic descriptions of a female FCC staffer in Gettysburg, involving her alleged masturbation and use of sex-toys, plus various threats against assorted amateurs.

The idea that the U.S. government would actually waste time and money pursuing this obvious hoax, while defending these creatures "right" to harass people, threaten murder, and defame the FCC Special Counsel, among others, is ridiculous in the extreme.

Threats are standard fare for the friends of Karol Madera. In fact, Brandon Duke, David Tolassi, Todd Daugherty, Mike Adams, and Bob Kuenzi, have all reportedly endorsed self-immolation, murder, al Qaida style attacks, and/or other perversions and violence. Our readers already know Madera is infamous for threatening to sexually assault Special Counsel Laura Smith, and threatening to anally rape the U.S. Ambassador to Canada, not to mention inciting the murder of several amateur operators. Madera is a proud serial jammer. Madera also freely admits he's been accused of one of Vancouver Island's most brutal murders -- that of Lindsay Buziak, the daughter of a former friend of Madera's, hearkening to the time, many years ago, when Madera was ousted from the Victoria Real Estate Board for making threats. About his friend Jeff Buziak's daughter, Madera said, "I don't know if she had big tits or not, I was so busy stabbing her, I can't remember."

It's no secret that Karol Madera has been on U.S. intelligence radar since 2005, when Madera threatened to assault U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins, and again in 2009 when Madera's good friend Todd Daugherty threatened to shoot children as they played soccer, and throughout 2012 when Madera threatened to assault Laura Smith of the FCC, not to mention his disgusting sexual commentary aimed at Smith.

Interest in Madera was again renewed when Madera's friend David Tolassi threatened to stage an al Qaida style attack at Dayton in 2013. Michael Dewitt Adams of Midland City, Alabama had threatened to commit suicide at the gates of the FCC but Adams changed course and opined that a sniper attack at Dayton might be a better way to accomplish their goals. Adams also encouraged the notorious jammer "Jesse James" and admitted he had control over the jammer. Mike Adams also admitted he offered to send him guitar strings so that he could sound better while jamming. Ironically, Mike Adams is one of the threatening, anti-semitic, homophobic, hypocrites who falsely reported others for jamming and who aided Madera in the creation of an elaborate, false, shooting hoax with Karol Madera, which was designed to fraudulently implicate a Canadian Amateur. Madera's multiple hoaxes are the stuff of legend in several federal law enforcement agencies.

Madera congratulated Adams for those ideas and for giving him the idea of using suicide squads against U.S. citizens. One of Madera's best (and only) friends has stated that Madera is brain-damaged -- as nearly anyone who has heard Madera on-air would likely confirm. Yet, Madera continues to incite murder and his violent, demented, usually unidentified helpers continue to support him on-the-air, day after day, year after year....

Donald Anderson and Karol Madera Under Investigation Again

Karol Florian Madera's good friend, Donald Edward Anderson (N4TAT) of 105 Juniper Road, and 128 Kirkwood Circle, in Warner Robins, GA, has reported that he and Madera are currently under investigation by law enforcement and the FCC regarding persistent allegations of Anderson's drug dealing; domestic terrorism, and; Anderson's own infamous recorded confession concerning his rape of a child. For some reason Anderson's mother seemed to find the allegations of child rape "amusing" which speaks volumes in itself.

Listen as Anderson laments the latest investigation of child rape; profanity, stalking, drug dealing, and other nefarious deeds performed by Anderson and the Madera gang in general.

Dirty Laundry on Display at 3040 Tillicum Road

For years we've heard Karol Madera, drunk and/or high on pain-killers, spewing torrents of disgusting invective aimed at women, not to mention his blatantly pedophilic interest in children. In addition, Madera's speech is rife with references to homosexual anal sex and abundant evidence of Karol Madera's legendary coprophilia.

Speaking of coprophilia, Donald Anderson (N4TAT) and Karol Madera (VE7KFM) routinely exchange what they call the "Daily Stool Report" on 14.313. This fecal folderol consists of Anderson's eager reception of disgusting details regarding Madera's daily bowel movement. Arguably, this is a violation of FCC rules regarding indecency, however, Anderson has said he will gladly return to the CB band if the FCC revokes his license because, first and foremost, Anderson considers himself a CB operator. Karol Madera has been fascinated with feces for a number of years.

Actual/unretouched pictures of Madera's soiled laundry are in full public display (courtesy Google Earth) hanging from Madera's tiny balcony, attached to his ramshackle hovel, precariously perched on a busy four-lane highway. Many have stated the obvious - that Madera's trousers are soiled with brown stains in the posterior area. These images are entirely consistent with reports that Madera is rectally incontinent.

Karol Madera - Manipulating the Mentally Ill for More than a Decade

Mark Morgan Manipulated by Karol Madera who claimed 7 men he had never met or spoken to were involved in child sex pandering.... "Since I am nuts, who knows what I believe?"

Documented Military Impostor and Fraud

Karol Madera asks: Why would I make false claims about military service? Ironically, Madera already answered this question, several years ago. Karol Madera lied because he's a pathological liar. He pretended to be a ranking officer, and in so doing, he stole lodging, meals, a shoe-shine, and the stolen valor that comes when a lying sneak-thief impersonates a ranking officer. It's really that simple.

Karol Madera - Saanich Legion, Military Police, Veteran's Affairs.... He Never Served

Veteran's Plates are available for $5 plus a Veterans Affairs Health Card, or, a copy of an honourable discharge, or, a Library and Archives Canada record of service... none of which could be provided by Karol F. Madera.

The Saanich Legion -- Refused to renew Madera's veterans plates after receiving and investigating a report that he is a military impostor and a fraud. Like every antisocial personality, Madera laments the need to adhere to the laws that apply to society in general.

Andrew Walker and Dan Churovich -- Discussing the fact that Archival Services in Kingston, Ontario searched for records of Madera's "service" and found no record at all.

Don Anderson -- Responding to Madera's tale of woe when he was discovered to be a military fraud. "Come to the United States Karol, and you can live as a military phony, and you're protected by our Constitution, Ha, Ha, Ha..."

Military Fraud -- Karol Madera discussed his theft of services and impersonation of an officer. "I was picked up by a very senior naval officer... I told him a bit of a tall tale. I sort of advanced myself in rank... a few ranks actually...It mortified me... I could see my career flashing in front of my eyes and not positively either... I said to myself Christ, I'm over my head. I was so happy to get out of there, because I'm sure my cover would have been blown big time...."

Karol Madera manipulated a mentally ill youngster to attempt the murder of a police officer, ending with tragic consequences.

"Madera manipulated Brandon Duke with the callousness and cunning of a true sociopath and we should not forget that it takes a sinister personality to do what the Canadian did. Madera has demonstrated over the years that he takes sadistic pleasure in causing anguish to anyone he does not like. This is a supposedly educated man who has often used his knowledge for evil means, without ANY apparent feelings for the victims." [via email]

An email from a Canadian Amateur to Industry Canada, complaining about Madera's horrific sexual harassment and abuse of Laura Smith at the FCC

"There's no doubt in my mind that Karol is responsible for harassing and stalking countless women over the years either in the area he lives now and elsewhere. I have a strong feeling he's the type to take out on women his sexual short comings and complete failure to find companionship via threats, stalking, vulgarity, etc. He's already been forced by a court of law to pay restitution for such acts in the past, there's no telling how many other such abuses and crimes have gone unreported or are unknown by the public due to Canada's pathetic system of hiding the identities and records of sex offenders and criminals."

Karol Madera - Noted Anti-Semite

Karol Madera directed hateful comments to Art Greenberg, a Jewish American in Essex, Massachusetts. Madera informed Greenberg that he (Madera) was part of the Hitler-Jugend and that the next pogrom would be in the USA against Greenberg and his fellow Jews, whom he called the 'Master's of the World' because Greenberg was a double-dealing thief; a yarmulke-wearing, ball-less, piece of Yiddish shit; a fraud; a yappy Yid; a super-Jew; a stupid, fucking asshole, and; a filthy, lying, cock-sucker, who was part of the Sonderkommando. Madera went on to tell Mr. Greenberg (and the rest of the world) that another circumcision was due for Mr. Greenberg. Madera went on to say "I think the Jews are a plague on the world." Alles in ordnung for the goose-stepping, documented Jew-Baiter living at 3040 Tillicum Road. The notorious hate propagandist is conveniently located directly across from the Jehova's Witness Temple in Saanich, B.C.

Madera also detailed several email and telephone communications between Madera and Madera's good friend, Michael DeWitt Adams of Midland City, Alabama, and Greenberg. Apparently, this blatant Hate Propaganda is considered 'free speech' and is perfectly acceptable to regulators in Canada. Despite countless complaints, Madera's hate propaganda and incitement to murder have gone unchecked since 2005.

VE7KFM - A Kinky Military Wanna-Be

Karol Madera's hero, mentor, and philosophical twin -- Colonel Russell Williams, Royal Military College, Kingston, ON.

Religiously Motivated Hate Propaganda - Sanctioned by Industry Canada

Listen to excerpts of Madera's religiously motivated hatred here and his declaration of affiliation with the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) here.

Liars Need Not Apply

Serial Liar, Karol Florian Madera was NOT admitted to the Law Society in British Columbia. Like other serial liars, Madera could not be trusted to safeguard the truth as the law requires. "A lawyer's good moral character is essential for the protection of clients and for the proper functioning of the judicial system itself ." Referring to Karol Madera, the Chief Justice of British Columbia said, "The Applicant [MADERA] says that it is unfair because he has not had an opportunity at the time he is being compelled to give evidence to know, to hear in evidence what "his accusers", in his words, have to say. I cannot accede to that submission. Very full and complete particulars including the names of witnesses were given and original statements or affidavits were furnished. With respect to many of the particulars given by counsel for the Law Society the conduct to be inquired into was very specifically described. In my view the applicant did know both generally and in many cases specifically what the witness would likely say."

In other words, the Chief Justice of British Columbia, indicated that in his view, Karol Madera is a liar. As such, Madera is not, and has never been allowed to practice law in British Columbia, or anywhere else. Ironically, and somewhat humorously, Chief Justice Allan McEachern was the 16th Chancellor of UBC, the very institution where Karol Madera's law class received a C- in the first year of study.

Schizophrenic Canadian Amateur

RationalWiki.org -- "Karol Florian Madera - Schizophrenic Canadian amateur radio operator who bills himself as 'Radio Canada.' He operates a station on the high frequency radio bands and makes it his aim to slander U.S. citizens nearly every day over the airwaves. He has threatened the U.S. ambassador to Canada and a 13 year old boy from Minnesota, and expressed hopes that someone would deploy roadside bombs against Americans, and stated he would give Al-Qaeda aid and comfort. Mr. Madera also has a website that slanders those he identifies as his enemies, most of whom are American amateur radio operators."

Anti-Semite and Racist

Former ARRL Section Head, Art Greenberg... didn't know that Karol Madera is an anti-semite and a racist.

"An Appalling Case" - "Accusations True and Verifiable"

DX Listening Digest -- Number 6-110 July 26, 2006: "We had a couple items about the foulmouthed ham VE7KFM who subsequently made all kinds of threats against us claiming he was being maligned so we removed the items at least temporarily. Afterwards we received testimonials from many hams that the accusations against him were true and verifiable. Rather than go into all that here and now we refer you to this website which covers it all for those who are concerned a really appalling case." (Glenn Hauser, Editor, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Missing and Murdered Women Near Tillicum Road

Behavioral Profiler's Report to RCMP -- Missing and murdered women and children near 3040 Tillicum Rd, Saanich, BC

Bev McIvor -- Past President of the Victoria Real Estate Board: "He sent us the most sexually graphic and disgusting emails.... We finally had to obtain police protection."

A Documented Pedophile

Homeland Security Officer -- "In my very first interaction with Karol Madera, I learned that he is extremely mentally ill. He acts like a child molester and a pedophile on the air. He seems to hate the U.S. government and most Americans in general. After he attacked me and began to stalk and sexually harass my 11 year old daughter, I researched the facts independently and I found that the facts are in agreement with the web page at www.ve7kfm.com which exposes Karol Madera for what he is; a fraud, a pathological liar, a child abuser/molester and a military impostor."

A Documented Abuser of Women and Children

Karol Madera -- Has expressed an unhealthy sexual interest in children for a number of years, yet, he routinely projects his own pedophilia onto others and threatens those who comment on that pedophilia, not to mention his other disgusting and illegal behaviors.

Karol Madera -- "I don't care how old she is, as long as she's got big tits." This, even though her father repeatedly advised Madera of the child's age.

Karol Madera -- Attacks FCC Special Counsel Laura Smith and her young family on August 2, 2013. Madera is infamous for victimizing women and children, as authorized by Industry Canada. There are numerous examples of this here and in our extensive archives.

Persona Non-Grata

Special Agent, Jeff Ellwanger -- "If he enters the U.S., he will be arrested."

"A Master Manipulator" (c) Laura Smith, FCC

Laura Smith, FCC -- "Brian was not involved in that conversation -- although the Canadian licensee is currently trying to ascribe the comments to Brian. Again let me reiterate, Brian was NOT involved in that conversation back in 2006, so the attribution to Brian that you heard was nothing more than a weak attempt to get Brian in trouble with the FCC. It did not work." (March 31, 2010 email to two Official Observers and ARRL Field and Regulatory Correspondent, Chuck Skolaut).

ARRL Official Observer -- "Without fail, Madera blames 'others' for anything and everything other people write, say, or transmit. It's ludicrous. Madera's positively obsessed!"

"Irrelevant, Lacking in Objectivity, Inflammatory, Lacking in Credibility" (c) B.C. Judges

British Columbia's Justices Agree: -- Collective opinions by Justices Masuhara; Hutcheon; Goldie; McEachern, and; Hinkson: "Madera's testimony is: irrelevant, lacking in objectivity, inflammatory, lacking in credibility, and he is and was unable to establish a factual foundation..."

Repressed Homosexuality Resulting in Extreme Homophobia

Blissfully ignorant -- Regarding the unconscious implications of his unmanly obsession.

Ironically -- The antisemitic, homophobic, pedophile from Canada has the nerve to engage in gay-bashing. However, it makes perfect sense, because research confirms most homophobes are actually self-loathing, repressed homosexuals.

Madera's unmanly preoccupation -- On display in this amusing soundbyte, Karol Madera mentions the object of his obsession 10 times in less than 5 minutes. Concrete proof of Madera's demented obsession, he mentions him, on average, once every 30 seconds.

A Documented Coprophile

Forensics Report -- "Developmentally, his maturation stalled at the pre-adolescent level. He's obsessed with the bathroom habits and sexual physiology of other men, particularly the anal orifice. He's had this paraphilia, which we call coprophilia for a number of years. He also clearly presents as a pedophile, yet he constantly projects his own issues onto others. The fact that he discusses these matters on a regular basis is evidence of his extreme social impairment and documented appeal to budding extremists." [Report on Karol Madera to RCMP E Division in 2008 and to RCMP again and to CSIS in 2013.]

"Nobody Believes a Word He Has to Say" (c) Pearlman and Lindholm

Mike Scherr -- Pearlman Lindholm, Victoria: "I could take your money, and we would win in court, but he has nothing, and no one of any importance believes anything he has to say."

Constantly Projects His Own Faults Onto Others

EHam Forum -- "Ever notice how Karol Madera calls other people 'fraud, coprophile, sexual deviant, pedophile, and psychopath' but he's actually describing himself to a T?"


QRZ.com Forum -- Karol Madera was banned from QRZ.com for posting links to obscenities, fraud, hate propaganda, racial/ethnic slurs, threats, support of al Qaeda, etc., while masquerading as George Zardecki.

Formal complaints against Karol Madera have been filed by the Radio Amateurs of Canada; Federal Bureau of Investigation; Canadian Security Intelligence Service; Royal Canadian Mounted Police; Saanich Police Department; Federal Communications Commission; Canadian Parliament; and the State Department; Diplomatic Security Service and B'nai Brith, among others...

A History of Extreme Anti-Semitism

Anita Bromberg, National Director, Legal Affairs, B'nai Brith, Canada -- On the 2007 failure to prosecute Madera by Saanich police and Crown Counsel: "A disappointing response from police -- when in fact there have been trials and convictions of note recently with dedicated and well trained police/crowns."

B'nai Brith -- Investigating ongoing hate propaganda and threats by Karol Florian Madera, owner/operator of radio station VE7KFM.

End Hate Crimes -- Attention Karol Madera's victims: Jews; African Americans; Women; Children. You may wish to read the hate crime booklet published by British Columbia's Attorney General as an aid in making hate crime complaints with police, Industry Canada, and the BC Human Rights Tribunal.

A Noted Cult-Follower / Conspiracy Theorist

Karol Florian Madera -- "Names to avoid in the list of Cassiopean Cultists and followers of Laura Knight Jadzyk, proponent of Mossad conspiracies, 9/11 Truth, New World Order, Organic Portals, and Founder of Everybody's a Psychopath.

"He's Insane" (c) Riley Hollingsworth, FCC

Riley Hollingsworth, FCC -- "He (Madera) is insane; you're not going to get him to do anything."

"He's a Fruitcake"

Riley Hollingsworth, FCC -- "There's a very poor operator in Canada. Canada considers him (Madera) a Fruitcake, apparently, and they're not taking him seriously. We're talking to Canada, we're working with them, but they consider this fellow to be several french Fries short of a Happy Meal."

"Brain-Damaged" (c) Henk VanDalen

Karol Madera -- About his weasel worded blog: "This website will also arguably be difficult if not impossible to read - never mind comprehend ..." ~Quite an understatement, eh?

Hank Van Dalen -- "Karol's brain was damaged" from falling down a hatch on a ferry. The accident to which Hank referred, is the reason Madera is known as the "Queen of Saanich" to this very day. Van Dalen continued, "We've often wondered if his aberrant behavior is caused by brain damage, you know, calcification of the brain stem." Later, after acknowledging the huge number of lies on Madera's blog, Hank wrote to say, "I did call Karol a few months back just to say a few words but the additions attributed to me on his page in the brackets [ ] after most sentences are not by me. We are all in a bit of a fog as to why the Feds have not revoked his operating privileges."

Mike Adams -- "I don't go along with what he's doing at all. He loses all the time... It's pretty awful... that's one of the reasons I'm having so much problems now."

Unwanted Sexual Remarks About Other's Wives (c) George Zardecki

George Zardecki -- After Madera told Zardecki his wife doesn't have big tits. "I don't appreciate these comments. Whatever she has is sufficient for me; so just keep that to yourself Karol."

"A Deplorable Homophobe" (c) Donald Anderson & Other Timely Observations

Don Anderson -- "Your views about homosexuals are somewhat homophobic... deplorable views actually...Homophobic people upset me actually, I find them very... ugggghhh."

Ron Gagnon -- When Madera avers that Gagnon owns a web page whose defamation and stalking is actually authored by Madera, Mr. Gagnon twice refers to Madera as a "lying hunchback" (a reference to the ferry accident where Madera broke his neck and damaged his brain) then Gagnon restates for the record, "It's not my website" and "I'm tired of this shit, there hunchback..." Another gentleman steps in and advises listeners to visit this true and verifiable website.

Douglas Gerry -- After Madera called him a Jewish faggot, asking him if his daughter would like to suck his cock, Doug Gerry stated, "My God... there's nobody left who likes him."

Todd Daugherty defends Karol Madera. After finishing his sentence for criminally threatening two different women, Daugherty is once again back on the Internet, much to our amusement.

Bruce Ohlendorf -- "Irrelevancy, and lengthy anonymous quotes from sources like "Z" and that mystical man in Pittsburgh (always below the noise level) that Karol says the same things to repeatedly (on different nights) are little more than smoke, mirrors, and the haven for weak arguments and intellectual frustration. CDN, nee Karol, is unworthy of further response since we have already driven a large nail through his ego (or is it alter-ego?) Just let him ramble on alone, Jay, for it only gets funnier and self descriptive."

Steve Tkh -- "I ask a friend in the States to do a freedom of information request on this "email from Laura" when it was posted on qrz.com and reply from FCC was "this email does not exist and appear nowhere in our files" and when calling FCC was told by Laura Smith herself to ignore this man. He is not taken seriously due to mental problem and speaking to IC have received hundreds of complaints about him, including our own RAC. So my advice is ignore l'enfant terrible and the Victoria B.C. pissoire hosted at Shaw and read instead VE7KFM.com."

The United States Secret Service -- Was not amused when Karol Madera, who had already threatened the US Ambassador to Canada, turned his attention to President Obama. Their interest was renewed when Madera's friends joined him in attacking their Presidential protectee.

Richard Russo -- "After reviewing a webpage dedicated to this moron's antics and seeing pictures of how this filthy pig lives, I now pity him. He is a dirtbag who cant even take out a hose and bother with a can of paint to spruce up that rat infested cabin he calls a home. His Volvo is laced with tetanus causing rust tumors and with any luck the outhouse this guy lives in will fall in over his head and that will be that. Give him the credit he is due, he is a filthy animal who is too lazy to keep his home in order but would rather sit by his crusty old mic and yell silly comments over the air. Someone should hand him a bucket, a bar of soap for bathing and a job in McDonalds as he is not worth anyone's time, nor should he have a website dedicated to himself. He is obviously lonely and with any luck, he will find a beam thats not rotted in that slum he calls home and hang himself from it. " (2008 eHam.net)

That Crazy VE7KFM -- "Aside from threatening harmless women and children, he threatens anyone and everyone who discusses his pathetic radio station VE7KFM. Don't be intimidated by this crazy @-hole who's nothing but a sack of chicken shit!"

VE7KFM filed a fraudulent DMCA takedown notice! -- "I used to have a blog called ve7kfm.blogspot.com in this spot on the interwebz, but some ignorant moron [named Karol Madera] emailed a fake DMCA takedown notice and some little noob working in a 4'X4' cubicle at Google fell for it. Can you imagine? The title VE7KFM is copyrighted now? I don't think so! There's a top-level domain named VE7KFM.com and it's not owned by anyone living in Saanich, BC, I can tell you that for sure." [Yes, Karol Madera is a self-admitted fraud, and a sexual deviant who often pretends to be a lawyer on the internet and elsewhere.]

Truckers Report Moderator -- To Karol Madera masquerading as USAMA (as in Usama Bin Laden): "Your post has been deleted. Karol, you are well known to the Ham Community. You threats against America make you famous. You are the reason for this thread. I also take offense to your user name. The links you posted were offensive to me as a Ham and as a human being. We get what we sow partner."

Karol Madera -- About himself: "I've got more initials than a Mexican has initials......" ~Huh?

Karol Madera -- About himself: "I'm a graduate of the largest faggot law school in Canada." The British Columbia Law Society refused to admit Madera as a lawyer.

"Supreme Court Justice Bracken was Sucked off by Faggots at the Real Estate Board" ... Really?

Karol Madera -- About being thrown out of the Victoria Real Estate Board for making threats and losing his subsequent lawsuit against them: "Just because a judge (Supreme Court Justice Keith Bracken) got bought off in chambers, or sucked off by the faggots at the Victoria Real Estate Board, and there's plenty of evidence they were faggots, you know, not every party that goes to court, wins."

CMS -- "Now we can add thief to the appellations Karol Florian Madera (VE7KFM) is entitled to use after his name."

Global Moderator HF Underground -- About VE7KFM masquerading as CDN: "I can't speak for the forum administrator, but this idiot should be ignored; he is a troll. Your posts were just fine, and I would bet that this guy won't be back."

Sr. Member, HF Underground -- About VE7KFM masquerading as CDN: "He's one of the roaches of ham radio, who having tired of feeling accomplished by pulling wings off flies, now does what he does in order to get attention..."

Shortwave America "This blog questions Industry Canada's competency in another matter... why they cannot take VE7KFM off the air and yank his license... ?"

Radio Anarchy -- "Yes, 14,313 kHz is where Karol, VE7KFM has been hanging out lately. Karol - VE7KFM asks for more. He likes to use the word rectum in many of his jokes. Guess he has a fetish. And he likes to bash Americans."

VE7KFM on YouTube -- 'Tales from the Gutter' by Karol Madera

Karol Madera, Stolen Property -- "I've heard a report that about half of the stuff in this list MAY HAVE BEEN stolen from another Amateur Radio OP ....... I'll try to get more information on this!"

VE7KFM, Still A Moron! -- "If you read VE7KFM.com you already know about most of his friends. Little Brandon Duke, a young boy he invited to live with him, is now in jail for taking a shot at a cop in Longmont, Colorado. The cop shot back, 3 times, and Brandon was in surgery before they popped him in the clink for possible attempted MURDER."

More VE7KFM Videos -- "The most disgusting individual to ever attempt to run a radio station."

Owner, WorldwideDX.com -- About CDN masquerading as Karol Madera. "IF you really are Karol, then your scare tactics on internet forums are well known. Sorry, they don't work here."

DP Dawson -- "I've had the unfortunate experience of being the direct subject of "Karol's" rantings, told me the best part of me ran down my mothers leg ,called her a slut , etc., I've had him deliberately trash a dx qso i was in tuned right on top of us and wouldnt shut up and let us finish even though he acknowledged hearing me ! If he's a victim, then he's a "legend in his own mind " and in my opinion deserves the reputation he has "earned ."

"A Socially Inept Deviant"

VE7KFM at QRZ.com -- "VE7KFM is a socially inept deviant with a marked propensity towards unlawful behavior both on air and off."

A Hateful Misogynist

As one female victim remarked, Madera is "issuing an unending fountain of racism, porn, gore, misogyny, incest, and exotic abominations as yet unnamed."

VE7KFM in his own voice -- "Calling Laura Douchebag Smith of the Faggot Communications Commission."

VE7KFM in his own voice -- "Get your finger out of that smelly cunt of yours Laura; get on with the grunt; you douchebag."

VE7KFM in his own voice -- "Laura, get your finger out of that smelly cunt of yours, get on with the grunt, before I put the fucking boots to you, you douchebag you."

Contesting Group -- "I guess the laws on having one committed for mental instability in Canada are more forgiving than here. He should have pads in his padded room."

Lee Maisel -- "He is an Awful, Awful man (acts more like a little boy) Today they were having the 13 original colonies special event, and he was completely disrupting the stations on 20m with evil comments, and extremely foul language. He is no longer keeping to 14.273 or 14.313 I can't wait to hear the news that he has passed away. (more than likely from a stroke) He is a constant irritation, and will be missed by nobody."

Shawn Hawkins -- "Before I knew any better, I actually conversed with both Karol and one of his apostles. And the man has a real problem. He is a bigot, a racist, a violent man and an America hater. Here is a link to his website: [hate propaganda omitted]. It just goes to show what kind of venal hate he is able to spew. Anyone who befriends this piece of garbage get's what he deserves." (eHam 2008)

RAC takes aim at VE7KFM -- "Many Canadian amateurs have made numerous complaints to Industry Canada regarding Karol Madera's misuse of the airwaves. All complainants have discussed Jim Laursen's lackadaisical performance and attitude regarding their legitimate concerns. A petition to have Laursen removed and/or sued for failure to perform is said to be presently in the works. We will have more news as events proceed."


Erik Andersen -- "The person everybody loves to hate, VE7KFM, the man literally deserves to have his radio confiscated and his privileges revoked for life." A Pathological Liar

Via Email

Dear VE7KFM.com -- I have to admit, I was once friendly with Karol Madera. When he asked me to use fake credentials to post false and defamatory info about others, that's when I discovered he's an extremely mentally disturbed liar. Then he tried to involve me in some sort of cult with a woman named Laura Knight Jadczyk. I sent him a description of his behavior, challenging him to grow up and act like a man. What did he do? Well, being Karol, he changed what I wrote, ever so slightly and published it as if he wrote it, perversely turning it around and aiming it at one of his so-called enemies. We haven't spoken since. For the edification of those of you currently being spoon-fed Karol Madera's gigantic lies, here are the traits I found to be most applicable to Karol:

Karol Madera is a convincing, Pathological LIAR, with a Jekyl & Hyde nature; he excels at DECEPTION !

Karol Madera is glib & superficial; he relies on mimicry, repetition, regurgitation and "projection."

Karol Madera is emotionally retarded, immature & untrustworthy; he lacks remorse, shame or guilt.

Karol Madera has unusual & inappropriate attitudes to sexual matters/behaviours & bodily functions.

Karol Madera is grandiose, arrogant & audacious; he exhibits behaviors indicating he feels entitled, invulnerable & untouchable.

Karol Madera is a compulsive control freak & critic, all the while refusing to value others.

Karol Madera shows a lack of consistency, flits from topic to topic, is evasive & refuses to be specific, specifically about his failed real estate, law, and so-called military careers.

Karol Madera pursues vindictive vendettas and attempts to undermine those who are able peer beneath his mask of sanity.

Virtually all researchers into psychopathy agree on three characteristics of psychopaths:

1) Absence of guilt for antisocial actions, like coming on sexually to 11 year old girls and telling a 12 year old boy he hoped al Qaeda would cut his bag off, before his first queer fuck.

2) An inability to empathize; like picking on women, children, the uneducated, people of color, Jews, African Americans, and the mentally ill.

3) A tendency to ramble on about nothing, literally for hours, in a manner completely divorced from reality.

Aide to Camp to two Generals? Commercial pilot? Naval Captain? Tube with handles? Ridiculous. Karol Madera's a glib LIAR without a conscience, but most of your readers already knew that.

Spring and Summer 2014

Karol Madera's Good Friend Glenn Baxter Loses Ham License

The amateur formerly known as K1MAN has lost his amateur radio license renewal battle due to his failure to pay a $10,000 fine levied by the FCC.

From: Laura Smith (Laura.Smith@fcc.gov)

Date: Thu, Jun 26, 2014 at 8:29 AM

Subject: Re: Glenn Baxter, ex-K1MAN????

He has no license therefore he may not operate.

2013 Edition

Status of Glenn A. Baxter, K1MAN

Administrative Law Judge, Richard L. Sippel, asked the FCC and Baxter to provide a status update on the hearing regarding Baxter's license renewal. Instead of a proper filing, Baxter sent an email. Robert Ratcliffe (Acting Chief of Enforcement) and FCC Attorney, Judy Lancaster, characterized Baxter's email as 'meritless, nonsensical, and bizarre.' They went on to say, "Mr. Baxter's pleading also is defective on other grounds. Among other things, it does not appear to have been formally filed with Commission's Office of the Secretary; fails to state a claim upon which relief may be granted; fails to present a proper legal or factual basis for the relief it seeks; and fails to follow the Commission's procedural requirements and generally accepted legal tenants."

That's not all. The FCC also signaled its intention to dismiss Baxter's license renewal application, on or before August 16, 2013, under the rubric of the Red Light Rule. Without a license renewal application, Baxter would no longer have any authority to transmit on the amateur bands (although he could still use type accepted CB equipment on the CB band) and if Baxter were to transmit on the amateur bands, his station equipment would be subject to in rem seizure and he could be liable for further civil penalties, like any other common pirate, in addition to the $10,000 he already owes.

Here's the precise wording from the Commission: "The Bureau intends to file a pleading in this hearing proceeding on or before August 16, 2013, that will relate directly to the referenced Judgment of the Circuit Court and its effect on the Commission's ability to process Mr. Baxter's captioned application for renewal of his amateur radio license under the Commission's so-called red light rule. Such processing of Mr. Baxter's application under the red light rule could impact the formal disposition of the instant hearing proceeding."

Sorry Glenn, looks like it's time to pay up and shut up!

AE4FB -- Another Series of Apparent Violations of Part 97

Fat Mikey Adams engages in a bit of pill-billy introspection for the masses.

'I wake up at about noon to get my mail in my old torn bath robe, barefoot, behind my four day beard. I find past due notices and the weed abatement department is giving me 30 days to clean up my act. I better sell something on eBay today; they all seem to be closing in. There's only one way to handle those motherfuckers. My nightly ham radio will have to wait.' [This is merely an approximation, because without his dentures in his mouth and on heavy pain meds and Budweiser, Fat Mikey mumbles incomprehensibly, making him nearly impossible to understand.]

Fat Mikey Adams then engages in a pecuniary interest violation by directing Trish, a Possum Net officer, to contact a man about a monetary transaction on behalf of the Possum Lodge club, the purpose of which, ironically, is to send Laura Smith information about unknown others who are also supposedly engaging in Part 97 violations.

Later, at least 3 sheets to the wind, Fat Mikey Adams serenades his fellow Possums... all 3 of them... in yet another apparent Part 97 (music) violation. Finding something amusing in his own meandering intoxication, after failing to ID for more than 3 ID cycles, Mikey cackles like a mad man. Mike says he won a Grammy for his musical talent, or something. Can you find his award on the Grammy site? Try as we might, neither could we.

Boy Scouts Advised to Use Caution

It's time once again for the National Scout Jamboree and as always, Boy Scouts everywhere are advised to avoid 14.275 and 14.313 where scouts have been molested in the past by VE7KFM and his mentally ill associates, including the bloated broadcaster of 14.275.

A Message About VE7KFM

"Attention all Amateur Radio Operators. An operator in Victoria, BC, Canada* has been spreading malicious slander regarding the operation of my station, particularly on 20 meters. I haven't been on 14.275,274 or 273 SINCE 11/07/03... This person is also distributing via E-MAIL a malicious and libellous article he authored concerning Mr. Hollingsworth - K4ZDH and many U.S. Amateur Radio Operators."

*Actually, VE7KFM lives in a seedy section of Saanich, BC, near the site of multiple rapes and murders of defenseless women... however, Douglas Gerry can be forgiven this slight error, because VE7KFM has habitually lied, stating that he is located in Victoria, B.C. ~Editor

"VE7KFM has been observed, filed, and monitored on numerous occasions in open discussions seeking to create divisions, drive wedges, and undermine certain U.S. Government Agencies. We are currently waging a war with those that would tear our country apart and our people and our way of life. I think it in very poor taste that any american would defend this individual that has made it his mission in life to undermine our great country and our government officials. Riley Hollingsworth has played a significant roll in the reduction of troublemakers on amateur radio and is certainly not deserving of the slanderous remarks heaped upon him by VE7KFM. Any continued support of VE7KFM is only serving to empower VE7KFM into further acts of aggression against our country and against those that have been charged with the responsibility of governing our country and our institutions. I ask that everyone consider the wisdom of what I have said here and that you don't allow yourself to be influenced by VE7KFM. Give some thought to what you are doing and don't forget who you are. You're an American and these colors don't run. Tell that clever trickster up there in Canada to buzz off. 'Life of Riley' indeed. Darn it all, all we got is each other and it's time to circle up the wagons man. It's US or THEM. God Bless America."


Speaking of K1MAN

Baxter and the FCC were ordered to file status reports this month, regarding the 30 year old saga involving Baxter's radio license. However, that's not all the news about the diminutive Loon from Maine. Baxter's most recent entanglement involves what he calls his "Physics University" about which the Maine Department of Education contacted Baxter, writing that his continued use of the term "university" and his "offering of course credit" will subject Baxter to civil penalties.

AE4FB Update

Believe it or not, 34 years ago, there was a "Mrs. Fat Bastard" and we hope to bring you an interview with her shortly. Yes, Mikey had a woman, once and he was thinner and he had hair. Just goes to show what a life of sloth, drugs, and booze, can do to a man.

Another OO Alleges Fat Bastard Violates Federal Law

Via email from the Special Source Operations unit.... On 60 meters (5405) last night... Sounding 3 sheets to the wind... AE4FB said he is angry with FCC Special Counsel Laura Smith and the ARRL Official Observer corps because an OO alleged he was drunk and in violation of Part 97 on 3,997 kHz. In his defense, FB claims the OO "erased tape that would have exonerated him" and FB said "when I get drunk I don't go go anywhere" -- However, Laura Smith correctly reminded him he's often been heard on 20 meters. We would add that the Fat One also has a long history of violating the Rules on 20 meters as well as 75 meters. FB says 'it ain't over yet' and he has vowed to take the matter up with the ARRL.

In related news, AE4FB's measured bandwidth on 60 meters was in excess of the 2.8 kHz maximum mandated for operation on that band. Not only that, it has been alleged that AE4FB's effective radiated power exceeded the 100 watt maximum, due to the fact that he utilizes an 80 meter antenna on that band, which exhibits gain on 60 meters.

Consider this item about AE4FB which is over 13 years old: "What transpired next was however, uncalled for and illegal. From about 10 pm on, the net was subjected to deliberate interference in the form of swept frequency audio noise and country music. The stupidity of the perpetrator was confirmed by the fact that FCC monitor were immediately called into the case, and they had plenty of time to zero in on the culprit. The FCC enforcement log for January 20, contains an item involving a Michael D. Adams, AE4FB, of Doraville, GA, who has been given 20 days to respond to the deliberate interference complaint. 75 meters has a reputation for harboring various types of illegal operators who interfere with other stations." The continuing allegations about the Fat One indicate he may be in even more trouble with the FCC in days and weeks to come.

excerpts here

Fat Bastard - A Deadbeat Hiding From Creditors?

There has been quite a bit of talk lately about money owed by AE4FB to Crusty and Curtis (of 3.843 fame) and whether or not Mike 'Fat Bastard' Adams pays his debts. We don't know anything about his ham-to-ham transactions, other than the rumors, but we do know from reading Case # 09-77693 in the Bankruptcy Court of Georgia (Atlanta Division) that as of February 2010, Fat Bastard (doing business as Biscuit Hair) had not paid the following bills:

Comcast: $201

CTG: $810

DirecTV $169

MX Energy $348

Vonage $140

Dekalb County Treasury $17

Dekalb County Tax Commissioner $8,869

And all that talk about Lehman Brothers "ripping him off" is completely unsupported. His lawsuit against Lehman Bros was summarily dismissed and his slanderous commentary is highly ironic, coming from someone who filed affidavit(s) stating that he was unable to pay his debts.

Karol Madera Has Been a Thief for Nearly 50 Years

On the evening of June 29, 2007, Karol Madera described lying to a senior officer while in military college. Upon meeting the officer, Madera fraudulently pretended to be an officer himself and then he fraudulently obtained and accepted the services of a steward as well as other military courtesies and benefits to which he was not entitled. On the brink of discovery, rather than tell the truth, Madera left the military base so that his lie would not be discovered by the officer in charge.

This is merely one example, among many, verified by Karol Madera himself, that illustrates the fact that Karol Madera is a fraud, a liar, and a thief, and he has been for nearly 50 years. It is no surprise then that so many witnesses provided full and complete particulars and furnished original statements or affidavits at Madera's Law Society hearing on whether he should be allowed to become a barrister. Madera was not admitted to the law society in British Columbia, or anywhere else.

Recently, on the Ham Island website, an amateur operator reported that he had received information that items Madera has for sale, may have been stolen. Somewhat humorously, Madera took offense to the report, but with Madera's poor reputation, and his own admission of lying, fraud, and theft, is it any wonder these rumors persist, in abundance? Madera is in fact a well known, self-admitted thief, and he is also most certainly a liar and a fraud. Karol Madera has in fact stolen numerous items from numerous individuals, who would be more than happy to testify against him. As always, the owner of this website stands ready to defend any statement of fact printed herein.

Clarification for AE4FB

Noted Professor at Law, Jonas X. Hasenfus of Bern, Switzerland, offers clarification for the Fat Bastard.


Meet Ronald Leo Gagnon - VA3RLG

Ron is Karol Madera's little buddy. In reality, he's more like a pet monkey. Ron repeats everything Karol says. Here are a few examples of Ron's "Canadian Diction" which he learned from his master in Saanich, BC. As you listen, take note.

Ron's Greatest Hits

Ron's interested in gay truck stops; deviant sexual practices; jamming ham radio conversations; playing music over the air; using false call signs, and; shooting people in the head. In short, Ron's the perfect companion for Karol because they share exactly the same interests. You can hear Ron transmitting from his mother's house on a daily basis. He lives with mom because he doesn't have a job and Ron doesn't work for a living because he's "a little bit achy" and Ron's very proud that he was able to get on disability, because "it's very hard to get" in Canada. Instead of doing something productive, Ron does drugs and practices his guitar over the air, simultaneously jamming legitimate radio stations while using false call signs, all in support of a violent and abusive pedophile on the west coast of Canada. Way to go Ron. Irene and Bobby must be very proud.

If Ron's so physically disabled, how is he able to babble psychotically on the air, up to 18 hours a day, every day? We suspect Ron's disability has more to do with his disordered mind. And if you listen to Ron, we're sure you'll come to the same conclusion. You can find more information about Ron and his pals at VA3RLG.com which, while not affiliated with this site, has a great deal of information about Ron and his friends in Ontario and elsewhere.

British Columbia Sex Offender

A Victoria area man is wanted for questioning after exposing himself to women on the campus of UBC. This man is NOT to be confused with Karol Madera, because he was described as "young, attractive, and well endowed" by one of the women he accosted. However, Karol Madera has engaged in the sexual solicitation of minors and he has discussed sexual matters in graphic terms with boys as young as 12 years of age. This kind of paraphilia (excitement over the sexual abuse of minor children) is widely considered to be a sub-class of pedophilia and is punishable by law in most civilized countries.

Two Canadians Arrested in al Qaida Inspired Bomb Plot

Canadian police said Tuesday they had arrested two people "inspired by Al-Qaeda" who allegedly plotted to bomb the provincial legislature in western British Columbia. The pair who were detained Monday, Canada Day -- allegedly planned to use pressure cooker devices on the building in Victoria, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said. Karol Madera often references al Qaida in his anti-RCMP diatribes, heard over shortwave frequencies since 2005. In fact, Madera calls his station "al Qaida Control" and "al Qaida Northern Command" and like Karol Madera and friends, RCMP Assistant Commissioner Wayne Rideout said, "The suspects were committed to acts of violence and discussed a wide variety of targets and techniques."

We Get Email

Mike "Fat Bastard" Adams made some very amusing comments on 75 meters in the wee hours of June 26th. This, after he and Karol Madera willingly, maliciously, and deliberately interefered with communications on 14313 kHz during the evening of June 25th.

Humorously, Adams equates himself with Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. The 350 pound ignoramus also believes he received some kind of "ruling" from the FCC about his ham radio station. Adams' paranoid fantasies include the belief that he's being stalked by paid operatives of the U.S. government, and he sees nothing wrong with aiding and abetting a child-abusing moron from Canada. In Adams' mind, he is the guardian of a treasure trove of information which is inaccessible to everyone but him, and he is the self-appointed messenger whose task it is to bring these nuggets of wisdom to the masses, via hammy radio. Mike Adams is well aware that his good friend Karol Madera is a proponent of sodomy and anal rape and especially the anal rape of young, male, children.

Fat Bastard frankly admits his mental status is deteriorating daily. After firing his 1st therapist, Adams became angry with his 2nd and current therapist when she suggested he is delusional and needs to see a psychiatrist to be evaluated for anti-psychotic medication. He is now seeking his 3rd therapist in under a year. Apparently Fat Bastard will continue to search until he finds someone gullible enough to agree with him.

After aligning himself with Karol Madera -- the notorious Canadian pedophile -- Adams lost 99% of the participants of the "Possum Round-Table." The remaining long-standing members of the "Possum Round-Table" are obviously not happy with Adams domineering and abrasive method of controlling the topics of conversation.

Drunken Pill-Billy Recruits Convicts on 75 Meters

At 6 AM eastern time on June 21st, the notorious chronic drunk and pill-popper, Michael DeWitt Adams (AE4FB) reported that he had just had a phone conversation with Karol Madera, who told Mike that criminals and people with mental illness are being recruited to attack him. This was yet another poignant case of psychological projection, considering Madera's long history of recruiting criminals and the mentally ill and the fact that he was actually describing himself, albeit, without realizing it. One amusing aspect of Adams' report was when he told his buddy that he had to tell Madera to shut up because he repeats himself and talks too much and too long (we agree Mikey).

Here's the short list of KFM recruits: Todd Daugherty (criminal harassment); Mark Morgan (inpatient psych. treatment); Brandon Duke (attempted murder); Ed Oswald (rioting); Joe Italiano (jamming); Whitney Tritch (military fraud); Glenn Baxter (deliberate interference); Luke Waltenbaugh (domestic violence); Ron Gagnon (domestic violence); David Tolassi (al Qaida attack at Dayton) and; Mike Adams (prozac, booze, narcotics, false reports) among others...

Even paranoid and delusional depressives have enemies and Adams was absolutely correct when he said every word he has spoken for the past several years has been recorded and stored. The ~humorous icing on the cake was the fact that Adams was speaking to a convicted criminal, Gerry Shuster, at the time he was lamenting the criminals and psychopaths arrayed against him!


We received a nice note from BR549 (Robert Kuenzi) who says he chatted with Karol Madera for over an hour and a half on June 7, 2013. Madera, according to BR549, was even nice enough to send a QSL card. Good work Karol! In other news, we understand the FCC may be planning to send Robert a nice QSL card for his own collection...

Happy Father's Day

The Center for Media Studies wishes a happy Father's Day to all of our readers who happen to be fathers. As you know, Mike Adams, Ron Gagnon, and Karol Madera have not been blessed with children. This is mostly due to the fact that no woman of child-bearing age will come within 10 feet of any of them. It may also be due to the fact that they really don't like women in "that" way.

Some fathers utterly fail to raise their children properly. For example, Karol Madera's father was investigated by the Simon Wiesenthal Center due to suspicions about his ties to the Third Reich. Rumors abound about the elder Madera's service to the Nazis and to the Soviets who replaced them. Madera is of Hungarian and Czech descent, and like certain others from that region, his shadowed past became suspect due to inconsistencies in the numerous stories regarding his departure from Europe after WWII.

It's no secret that Karol Madera has been on U.S. intelligence radar since 2005, when Madera threatened to assault U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins, and again in 2009 when Madera's good friend Todd Daugherty threatened to shoot children as they played soccer, and throughout 2012 when Madera threatened to assault Laura Smith of the FCC. Interest in Madera was again renewed when Madera's friend David Tolassi threatened to stage an al Qaida style attack at Dayton in 2013. Michael Dewitt Adams of Midland City, Alabama had threatened to commit suicide at the gates of the FCC but Adams changed course and opined that a sniper attack at Dayton would be a better way to accomplish their goals. Madera congratulated Adams for those ideas and for giving him the idea of using suicide squads against U.S. citizens. Despite all of the planning for mayhem and murder, Americans can sleep well, knowing that any and all shooting, stalking, bombing, and murder-suicide plots between Madera and his U.S. co-conspirators will be nipped in the bud, before they ever have a chance to ripen.

Welcome New Readers and Correspondents

We welcome our new readers and correspondents, including K0BAM - Jim in Ridgway, CO, and K3SOM - Rich in Beaver Falls, PA. Please send all submissions, including comments and recordings, to our TIPS address, located here. As always, we welcome submissions from amateurs in good standing with the law, the FCC, and Industry Canada, and from shortwave listeners interested in amateur radio.


On June 5th, 2013, Michael DeWitt Adams of Midland City, Alabama (AE4FB) further solidified his racist, not to mention anti-semitic, and homophobic reputation by attacking, bullying, and threatening a man Adams identified as a Jewish homosexual. Ironically, Adams has complained to local and federal authorities about people he claims are radio bullies. This, despite the fact Adams' best friend (Karol Madera) has called on al qaida to murder Americans; has threatened to sexually assault both female and male agents of the U.S. government (Laura Smith and Ambassador David Wilkins); and has attempted to solicit oral sex from underage boys and girls, over the air. Mike Adams finally took off his mask today and revealed himself as the hypocrite that most attentive radio enthusiasts know him to be. Congratulations Mike. We hope you enjoy your hard won notoriety in what remains of the time you may have left on the air.

Dumpster Diver Selling Stolen Swag?

Karol "Junk Man" Madera is thinking of getting out of ham radio and having a clearing out sale. Please buy his junk and give Karol a quick send off! However, before you purchase anything from Karol, Caveat Emptor applies. This is the same pile of crap Madera has been trying to peddle since at least 2011 and on September 20, 2011, we found this quote: "I've heard a report that about half of the stuff in this list MAY HAVE BEEN STOLEN from another Amateur Radio OP ....... I'll try to get more information on this! Maybe the Canadian authorities will finally have something to use against the guy to get him off the air. Industry Canada sure doesn't seem to be very interested in doing anything about him." It's commonly known that Karol Madera has been reported as a THIEF by up to half-a-dozen individuals over the past decade or so. He is certainly an oxygen bandit as most listeners will attest.

We Get Mail

The mail we've been getting lately about Karol Madera's remaining two friends, Ron Gagnon and Mike Adams has been overwhelmingly negative, running about 100:1 against Madera, Gagnon, and Adams. Here's a typical example of what the ham community's been saying about the man they call Fat Bastard.

Madera, Adams, Tolassi -- Elderly Buffoons Promise Death -- Deliver Hot Air

Calling himself "al Qaida Northern Command," Karol Madera took credit for the Boston Marathon bombing, the Ricin attacks, and the huge fire in Waco, referring to them as blessed events.

Unfortunately, the main event at Dayton 2013 was not Laura Smith's discussion of nailing Madera and Adams' friends, Joe Italiano, or Donald Anderson, or Jared Bruegman (aka Jesse James) for jamming 14.313 and vicinity. Instead, taking the spotlight was Dave Tolassi, who attempted to plan an al Qaida type attack with Karol Madera. Mike Adams agreed with Tolassi in principle, but Adams opined that a decent sniper might be preferable to a messy Boston style bombing. Tolassi upped the ante with discussion of a fertilizer bomb, prompting yet another in a series of visits from the FBI, who apparently, once again, declared him to be a harmless mental incompetent.

Speaking of brain-damaged, smelly, obese, whining, elderly, hippies, who should already be dead according to our actuarial tables, Mike Adams claimed he was going to commit suicide in front of the FCC building in Gettysburg. Unfortunately he didn't give a firm date for the event, so it will be impossible to plan for a celebration, complete with marching band and sales of cotton candy and caramel apples. The Fat Bastard also says the Boston bombing was a paving operation planned or ignored by the FBI so they could get more money for homeland security operations and (get this) the patriotic Bostonians who formed an impromptu midnight parade, waving flags, and thanking law enforcement and first responders, was all an act, "set up" by governmental propaganda agents. Karol Madera, The bonehead in Canada, praised Adams' idea of suicide squads designed to take out "radio bullies" -- apparently without recognizing that this act of overt terrorism might be a tad over the top as a response to the people who make fun of his depravity, pedophilia, threats, and ceaseless moronic commentary about world events.

The notoriously depressive Pill-Billy, Mike Adams has been lambasting his new shrink, whom he says is unqualified and ill-equipped to handle his remarkable political insight, derived from parroting basement bloggers during his nightly infusion of Hydrocodone, Beer, and Prozac, combined with sleep deprivation, due to listening to himself mutter about the "Minotaur" all night, every night. Without a hint of humor, Adams rages about his shrink's high heels, which would have been fine... if she were a man. His words, not ours. He also derides the dilutants in his narcotics. Jeeeze, why can't a guy just get some straight heroin for a bad back?

Laughably, Adams (AE4FB) spends his nights lamenting "bullies" in ham radio while proving he's one of the biggest bullies on 75 meters. The fact that Adams has joined forces with Karol Madera merely doubles down on this proposition. Comically, the man we all know as Fat Bastard, spends his days and nights bullying and baiting others into confronting his hare-brained bullshit so he can claim his rights are being infringed upon, hoping for FCC action against those he bullies. Fortunately, the FCC enforcement crew is wise to the Fat Bastard's means and methodology and like the FBI and others, they've wisely declined to do his bidding. Meanwhile, the possums of the Possum Net are deserting the tree left, right, and center, as aptly demonstrated by this hilarious testimonial from yet another former Possum.

Deeply Disturbed Dimwit's Deposition Dismissed

For two years, Karol Madera attempted to fraudulenty derail a legitimately filed bankruptcy in the western district of Michigan. Using his ever-ready partner in fraud, Whitney Veon Tritch, Madera tried and failed, as he has done, again and again and again. With one well-placed motion, Madera's malignant machinations went horribly awry. See the motion and the granted bankruptcy petition (portions redacted) and be advised, the Department of Justice is now investigating Madera and friend's false submissions to the court. As usual, Madera's half-assed attempt to meddle in court proceedings which were none of his concern, only served to feature his feeblemindedness and fraud.

Karol Madera Celebrates Gay Pride

During the last week of March, Head-Master Karol Madera presided as Queen of the Balls and Major Domo of Gay Pride Week on 14.313. Karol Madera admitted he is a graduate of the largest faggot law school in Canada however, he said the only thing he wouldn't do is suck cock -- which leaves plenty of room for ~other activities, eh Karol? Madera recommends learning how to suck and blow and he seems very proud of the fact Canada has legalized the cornholing method of intercourse.

Madera, who's very politically astute, often opines about President Obama maintaining a keen interest in the President's sex life. Madera does not like American lawyers, saying the American Bar Association are a bunch of cock-suckers. Karol is far more selective than most of his mates, having very specific requirements regarding his prospective male partners.

Surprisingly, despite his impressive credentials, including a class grade point average of 71% (approximating a high D), Madera was not admitted to the British Columbia Law Society.

Madera is a recognized expert on man-to-man sexuality, having reportedly attended the Queer Studies Program at UBC Victoria. Madera has also filed numerous documents about homosexuals in the courts, where he bitterly complained about having been excluded from a secret society of the alternate persuasion. Madera can be heard via amateur radio daily, where he is a frequent lecturer on topics related to his Queer Identity on 14.313 mHz. Occasionally, Madera can be surprisingly honest and listening to him speak is always instructive. Incidentally, Madera is also known for his "explosive" and "bombastic" temper, often shooting his mouth off at the most inconvenient moments. Speaking of shootings, you may want to cancel that trip to the Dayton Hamvention this year, as David Tolassi and Karol Madera appear to be planning an 'al Qaida style attack' on that gathering, coming up in May of this year. Specifically, Tolassi told Madera: "Professor, I'll tell you something. I'd like to plan this Dayton thing. We could get rid of a lot of the idiots in Dayton this year. It would be like an al Qaida attack."

Criminal Charges for Karol Madera, VE7KFM

Serious criminal charge(s) against VE7KFM were filed by the Saanich police department this week, according to a victim in the continuing saga of criminal allegations swirling around Karol Florian Madera, of 3040 Tillicum Road, Saanich BC, V9A 2B3. As always, Madera can be reached for comment at his unlicensed business in Saanich, BC at (250) 383-4242.

Criminal Code of Canada } 264.1. Uttering threats

264.1. Uttering threats

264.1 (1) Every one commits an offence who, in any manner, knowingly utters, conveys or causes any person to receive a threat

(a) to cause death or bodily harm to any person;

(b) to burn, destroy or damage real or personal property; or

(c) to kill, poison or injure an animal or bird that is the property of any person.


(2) Every one who commits an offence under paragraph (1)(a) is guilty of

(a) an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years; or

(b) an offence punishable on summary conviction and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding eighteen months.


(3) Every one who commits an offence under paragraph (1)(b) or (c) (a) is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or

(b) is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

R.S., 1985, c. 27 (1st Supp.), s. 38; 1994, c. 44, s. 16.

Over 20 Years of Threats in Evidence!

According to the victim in the case, other charges were also filed against Madera. These alleged criminal threats represent a long history of threats, based on court records dating back to 1989. Over 20 years ago, the Victoria Real Estate Board called the police, successfully ousting Madera from the board, due to Madera's threatening behavior. Madera sued the board and lost, with judgment in favor of defendants and with Madera paying $1,000 to each defendant, plus court costs and expenses. See an excerpt of the real estate board threats case, below, and see our legal page for more information on that and other failed actions, brought by non-lawyer, Karol F. Madera.

Karol Florian Madera: Threatening Scumbag.

Mike Adams Encouraged, Used, Supported & Controlled Recently Busted Jammer/Pirate

Michael Adams (AE4FB) who is Karol Madera's (VE7FM) best friend, has called a recently busted Pirate known as Jesse James, "the nicest guy on 14.313." AE4FB went on to say the jammer had "Zen peak moments" and "he was just so soulful" at times.

Referring to the jammer, Adams said he "wanted to give him some strings and a guitar tuner," commenting that "he was a real nice guy" and the jamming was "a minor deal." Adams admits he exercised control over the Pirate and he freely admitted conversing with the Pirate; "I tried to talk him into a license" and he spoke with some authority about the Pirate's financial status, saying, "he's a poor guy." Adams called the fine "excessive" and a violation of the Pirate's constitutional rights. Adams then said he used "counterinsurgency doctrine" against his so-called enemies on 14.313 and 3.843 mHz in the same way Madera uses jammers against his so-called enemies.

When challenged, Adams said other ops "could have adapted" to the Pirate and he did not deny that the Pirate was "a buddy of his." Adams, who has refused to cooperate in frequency sharing as required by Part 97, has stated he is in the process of extorting FCC Officials to remove Laura Smith from her job, leaving no doubt as to the true identity of the bullies, criminals, and psychopaths.

Listen to the audio where Adams praises "Jesse James" the infamous pirate/jammer.

Adams' reliance on conspiracy theories, his hypocrisy, and his poor judgment, may be due in large part to his mental illness, and his simultaneous use of alcohol, pain pills, and antidepressants, which sometimes cause him to babble incoherently while operating his ham radio apparatus. Obviously, Adams' close relationship with Karol Madera is another factor. Madera has stated that he plans to sexually assault Ms. Smith, by "shoving an angular object up her twat." Madera's terroristic threats have attracted the attention of law enforcement personnel in Canada and the United States. Madera's incitement to murder Americans, and his other psychopathic plans and schemes have taken place since at least 2005. Adams and Madera are both infamous for their racist statements, like these "gems" about President Obama (1) (2). We urge Mr. Adams to step away from the microphone and reconsider his association with Madera, before his statements and associations place him in the crosshairs (courtesy VA3RLG) of any number of federal agencies who are concerned with domestic terrorism.

Crazed Canadian is a "Brain-Damaged Fruitcake" According to ex FCC Official

We are deeply indebted to Mr. Madera for lending us his callsign for our use, here at VE7KFM.com. Thank you Karol.

You may hear references to Mr. Madera on the shortwave bands. At one famous Dayton Hamvention in years past, FCC Special Counsel, Riley Hollingsworth, referred to Madera as "brain damaged" and he coined the name "Fruitcake" , referring to Madera, who at that time was slumming with ex-K1MAN on 14.275 mHz. Riley revived the term in the February 2013 issue of CQ Magazine (excerpt right). Since Riley's famous "Fruitcake" speech, Madera has operated on 14.313 mHz and Riley's article reflects that fact. Apparently, Hollingsworth was on the right track, vis a vis Madera's brain damage, because Madera's good friend Hank Van Dalen also referred to Madera as brain damaged.

If you ever hear Madera, you'll immediately recognize how he obtained his nicknames, "Fruitcake" and "Blowhole." After you peruse our files on Mr. Madera, you will find him an epic failure, having bungled every job ever handed him, having offended every boss who ever hired him, having betrayed every friend who ever reached out to him. He has an enormously ineffective personality, all front and bluster backed by nothing of substance, bravado for show, cowardice for content, a braggart and a phony, with all claimed accomplishments having turned out to be lies.

Throw in some other defects: an inability to remain consistent, an exaggerated sense of grievance and importance, an idiot savant's vocabulary coupled with an IQ hovering near "dull normal," without compensatory talent, and the little man's classic resentment of all things in the universe larger than himself. A bully and a coward, a liar and a cheat, a narcissist, ultimately without charm or charisma, prone to true belief in nonsensical goals; in all, a human wreck and a penultimate pansy, despite his delusional concept of himself as a "single combat warrior."

Police - Claims by Adams & Madera

"Absolutely False" and "An Obvious Manifestation of Mental Illness"

Here is an example of a ridiculous and obscene comment by Karol Madera - a person with multiple and severe personality disorders, and an appropriate, clinically detached response. Here is yet another example of an obscene comment by the same seriously disturbed individual and an appropriate response by a retired law enforcement officer. N.B.

The obvious manifestation of mental illness presented by Mike Adams (AE4FB) and Karol Madera (VE7KFM) continues... On February 3rd at 5:30 AM, Mike Adams, apparently drunk, called the wife of an amateur operator, leaving the message that he's "being stalked on ham radio" and threatening a lawsuit for "bullying." Apparently Mr. Adams is receiving "legal advice" from Karol Madera and he has, unfortunately, never managed to locate the "off" button on his amateur radio.

On an almost daily basis, Mike Adams (AE4FB) goes to 20 meters to seek out Karol Madera. When they make contact, they invariably begin to slander and purposely bait several amateur radio operators, including Former FCC Special Counsel, Riley Hollingsworth and current FCC Special Counsel, Laura Smith, among others.

Despite the constant baiting, on-air slander, deliberate interference, and despite the related defamation posted on Madera's little read and extremely bizarre blog, Adams and Madera continue to behave as victims. This victim stance has led to several hoaxes being staged by Madera, since 2006, including, but not limited to: a fake Anthrax hoax; a fake child-sex-slavery hoax; a fake attempted assassination hoax with help from Mike Adams (see below); fraudulent reports to a bankruptcy court; dissemination of fraudulent "quotations" posted by identity thieves, and, and; a multitude of false reports filed with various governmental agencies.

On December 30, 2012, Saanich Police searched all databases in Canada's police records. No reports were made to police by Madera with regard to any attempt on his life and no hospital admissions for Madera have been logged within the past 30 days. Madera stated, in writing, that he had been shot within 100 miles of home, that he had been admitted to hospital, and that on advice of police, he was staying with a friend. Madera was not in the United States at the time of the shooting hoax and he has not been in the United States since his threatened assault against U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins, which resulted in Madera being proposed for the No Fly List by the U.S. State Department. A police Constable stated that Madera's false claims regarding attempted murder, gun play, & etc., were added to a very long list of complaints against him.


On December 22, 2012, at 3:30 AM Central, on 3.843 kHz, Mike Adams (AE4FB) reported that Karol Madera had been shot in the head by an unknown assailant. Adams then stated that he had called a Canadian hospital , learning that Madera had been in a coma after being shot, but that Madera was expected to survive.

On December 29, 2012, at 1:10 PM Central, on 14.313 mHz, Mike Adams reported the following. "He got out of the hospital, looks like yesterday, and he, one of his ears got, as he says, 'nicked' but it got torn up pretty good, and uh, he's got a groove down his cheek bone, and I think he's deaf as a post in his ear, you know, it went through his ear and grooved his cheekbone pretty good, and he got knocked out, diving for cover behind a concrete planter or something, is what I got in the email."

For some reason, despite a complete lack of police and news reports, and despite the lack of any of the usual hullabaloo attending an attempted murder, Mike Adams and Karol Madera have continued to float this ridiculous lie. Of course, there's no accounting for the actions of psychopaths and pathological liars. The former Special Counsel for the FCC called Madera "insane" and in the opinion of several mental health professionals, Hollingsworth was 100% correct.

Adams is the self-appointed head of the Possum Net. Like his friend Madera, Adams has an extremely vivid imagination. He has variously called himself an organizer of Zapatista rebels, a propagandist for the Rand Corp; a friend of the CIA in Central America; an off the reservation spook; a drug smuggling pot pilot, and a professional criminal. As Granny Anderson says, "Stupid is as stupid does."

Narcissistic Projection, Lies, Rage, and Slander

Feelings and emotions are uncomfortable and impossible for the narcissist to process, therefore, the narcissist will dump those beliefs and feelings onto you, in much the same way a movie projector casts an image onto a blank wall. Narcissists don't just project their faults and failings (character flaws and bad acts) onto you, they also project their feelings, emotions, and beliefs about themselves onto you.

The narcissist projects both positive and negative themes onto you. As a person, you are unimportant to the narcissist. You are nothing but an object, like a chess piece, and the narcissist will move you around the board in his game as he sees fit. Beware, all pieces (other than the narcissist) are treated as pawns, and he will sacrifice you in one of his grand schemes without a second thought.

In projecting positive themes onto you, e.g., themes that support his grandiose false image, he is using you as a mirror. "Donny is so clever; he really hears the truth in everything I say!" In this case he projects cleverness onto the object (Donny) so he can bask in the reflected light of Donny's opinion. In the next case, "Michael is an audio genius; listen to how wonderful he made me sound!" he projects expertise on the object (Michael) who, in his flawed perception, has made him sound more influential, powerful, and articulate -- in exactly the same way the great and powerful Oz was influential, powerful, and articulate.

In projecting negative themes onto you, he uses you as a dumping ground. "That cunt Laura is incompetent; she won't answer my email and she won't validate my complaints!" Laura is castigated by the narcissist because she disagreed with the narcissist's extremely distorted point of view. Laura was devalued, slandered, and discarded by the narcissist. When narcissists slander, calumniate, and subsequently discard others, they have two objectives:

One (unconscious) objective is the projective identification discussed above (he will either dump his own flaws onto you, or tell you how wonderful you are, because you alone can appreciate his special genius). The other (conscious) objective is to muddy your character with whatever slander or calumny he's projecting. Any genuine shine from your image diminishes the narcissist's glory, therefore, he must muddy your image. Ironically, the mud he slings is made up entirely of his own faults, the very faults his fragile ego cannot process.

Consequently, when the narcissist conducts a character assassination campaign against you, the arrows he shoots never hit one of your real flaws. In other words, the narcissist steals your virtues and dumps upon you his own faults. He constructs an illusion created out of nothing but words or hastily created documents (nearly all fraudulent) which can (he hopes) warp perceptions by making something out of nothing.

Are you a psychotherapist? The narcissist will study things you've said or presented, read a simplistic article or two, and then tell everyone that he has mastered the field and art of psychology, declaring to all that you know nothing. In this way the narcissist attempts to absorb your knowledge while simultaneously rejected your insight into his deeply flawed character. Are you an FCC attorney who loves amateur radio? The narcissist will say he's a lawyer who learned radio techniques in the crib, while you know nothing. Are you an Army Sniper? A Canadian Airman? A Marine? A Spy? The narcissist will claim to be a marksman, a pilot, a retired captain, a navigator, a weapons specialist, an aide de camp to two generals who carried Canada's nuclear codes, a graduate of military college, a lawyer, and a linguist and a commercial pilot. He may even employ some dimwit to sign a letter to public officials, but there's always a tell-tale sign the narcissist wrote the letter himself.

His only real accomplishments; a few years selling real estate, and buying a ramshackle pied a terre perched on a four lane highway in a seedy section of town across from the Jehova Witness Hall, will never be advertised, because entry into the real estate profession is too easy, the career too mundane, the house too ugly, and in any case, the narcissist was tossed out of the Real Estate Board for threatening his peers. However, the narcissist will never discuss this painful reality. Instead, he prefers to invent attractive lies, dwelling in a pleasant valley, which exists only in his own mind, where he is King and you are his vastly inferior subject.

Always remember: There is nothing you have accomplished in life that the narcissist did not do better, and he will tell you this over and over again, because the narcissist loves nothing more than to listen to his own long-winded speeches about himself. Listen carefully and you'll discover the narcissist will never present concrete evidence regarding his claims of brilliance, popularity, accomplishment, wealth, and skill. Why will he never discuss reality? Because it's painful and the child-like structure that exists as a substitute for his character cannot process the truth. He dwells in fantasy-land, an Oz of his own creation, where he is great and powerful; where you're an ignorant peasant, and he must lie, constantly, in an attempt to maintain this illusion.

Not only is his fantasy of success and brilliance an illusion that he projects, it's a delusion that he fiercely protects. At times, he doesn't even realize he's lying, although the rest of us surely do. His ego is like a gigantic air balloon; hideously stretched and overblown, but fragile. The slightest pin-prick threatens to expose the sordid truth about his sad life and any real or imagined slight will trigger a nuclear blast of over-reaction and sustained character assassination aimed at the individual or group who exposed the truth about him.

Are you a child rapist, a felon, a failure in peace and in war, a part-time lawn-mower man, obviously brain damaged from long-term drug abuse? Not if you support the narcissist! If you support and defend the narcissist, you'll receive 100% faux friendship, declarations of undying loyalty, and you'll enjoy the benefit of hearing hours and hours of the narcissist's phony stories and one-upmanship. Lucky you! Be advised, you must continue to praise your narcissist, because even a hint of disapproval on your part will trigger an avalanche of criticism and ridicule.

Now, let's say that the narcissist is impoverished because he dropped out of Royal Roads military college in 1966 after only three months, and because he hasn't had a job since he was kicked out the Real Estate Board in 1988, and then refused entry to the Law Society in 1991. Let's also say that one of your virtues is that you are self-employed, debt-free, you have employees, and a wheelbarrow full of money in the bank due to your hard work. The narcissist hates the glow of those shiny spots in your character, because they serve to further tarnish his character and to further illuminate the fact that he is a failure in everything he does. Instead of congratulating you, he muddies your image by misappropriating your accomplishments and heaping his own failures onto you.

He will call you a fraud, a liar, a cheat, a stalker, a cyber-path, a sociopath, and ~arguably, a psychopath. He'll call you a pedophile, a racist, and a bigot. In reality, he's sinmpy talking about himself. The narcissist is projecting all of his faults onto you. This is the very essence of narcissistic projection. When he is unschooled and untrained in psychological issues, but he uses words like "sociopath, psychopath, narcissist, and antisocial" you can be sure he has special hatred for a real psychotherapist. Of course, without formal training and years of experience, he's a mindless parrot -- but he'll never notice that fact -- because in his mind, the narcissist is the Master of every trade ever practiced, despite the fact that he has no formal training or experience.

Every time you turn around, the narcissist will have added to his mounting pile of fake accomplishments. When someone asks why a retired Naval Captain pulled his espresso maker from the dump; why he can't slap a coat of paint on his garage; why he drives a rust-bucket '72 Volvo; why he can't afford a landscaper; why he can't obtain veteran's plates; why he repairs his radios with a rubber hammer; why his roof was replaced by a cut-rate gypsy drifter who re-used the old flashing, slapping paint around like it was applied with a mop; why his 3rd-rate, bargain basement windows were last replaced in the 1960's; why weed trees are growing through his walkway... well, stand back and listen. Ask these questions and then witness the narcissist's facade crack like the slope of Mt. St. Helens before a major eruption.

Stand by for the rage, the slander, the name-calling, the four-letter words. Does Canada provide a generous a pension for retired flag officers? Of course, but the narcissist will claim he has more important things on which to spend that $75,000. Really, like what? His children? His wife? His girlfriend? His private yacht? The answer is, there's no pension because there was no service that would entitle him to a pension. Never ask the narcissist to deal with his life in realistic terms, lest you feel the stinging rebuke of his impotent rage.

Eventually, the fraud will come to light, and the mask will fall off, revealing the raging child 'neath that mask, but woe unto the person who reveals the truth. His rage will make a wet and hungry 2 year old look tame by comparison. Eventually, he'll up the ante and he'll call for your murder, if he feels threatened enough. When the narcissist wants you dead, you know your analysis of his character was spot on target. When his lies are laid bare, the grandiose and vainglorious narcissist will rage until the sedative hypnotics calm his frenzied mind.

Men, women, even children, are not safe from the raging narcissist. No one you have ever met will le, yell, scream, bully, and threaten like the unmasked narcissist. This is exactly what makes narcissists stand out in a crowd. Normal people do not and cannot rant and rave like the narcissist. Envy, jealousy, and his own deep-seated knowledge of his constant personal failure(s) drive the narcissist to belittle and lie about others constantly. The narcissist is a mere child mentally, and when unmasked, he is as dangerous with his mouth as an angry three-year-old with a sharp object.

Luckily, the narcissist is a coward and his bark worse than his bite. Nine times out of ten, the narcissist will run away when confronted. He is only comfortable in situations where he can engage in the filibuster. When it's your turn to reply, he'll leave, or otherwise interfere with your right to rebut with the facts and the truth. Email is his most potent weapon. The narcissist becomes an expert letter writer, because he is far too cowardly to face his targets head-on. Amusingly, when his communications are rejected, he'll find a surrogate to deliver his message, or he'll invent a different persona to deliver the message. This is always instructive because the narcissist can never conceal his distortions. Whether he writes as George, Chrystian, Michael, Bean Picker, or Tea-Totaller, the message is always the same. There is one condition where the narcissist can do damage other than with his mouth and his poison pen -- that is when he can stab someone in the back in the dark of night -- without fear of discovery or reprisal, or when he can convince some dedicated half-wit to do violence on his behalf.

Eventually, the narcissist's will even target his own supporters. He must constantly devalue his helpers and supporters, lest they begin to consider themselves his equals. He runs no risk in insulting his friends, because he has no friends. He is incapable of real relationships. He has "acquaintances" whom he uses as tools for his slanderous campaigns. His so-called "friends" are merely objects, to be used and then discarded according to the needs of the moment. The narcissist is a "single combat warrior" because no one in his right mind can tolerate his bombastic abuse or tireless self-promotion for long. The narcissist attacks his teammates as often, if not more often, than his so-called enemies, and that is the raison d'etre for his apparent solitude.

In conclusion, the narcissist is simply a dangerous child with a big mouth and a grossly over-inflated, but extremely fragile ego. When confronted by his superiors, or those who see him as he truly is, he will attack with rage and a flurry of poison pen letters. He cannot be cured. He resists treatment because he has no insight into his own actions. He truly believes it's always someone else's fault. When court-ordered to treatment he will treat his sessions as an opportunity to manipulate or belittle his therapist. If he can't use his therapist against his perceived enemies, he will reject his psychotherapist as a "know-nothing" and storm out in a rage.

Police and mental health professionals can help protect society by using the courts to prevent him from victimizing the innocent, by sanctioning him legally, or by hospitalizing and sedating him when, in his customary rage, he threatens others. He will never follow through with suicide threats because he is essentially a coward, but if he thinks he can manipulate authorities, police, or the courts, he will play the role of "victim" to the hilt. Following his exposure as a complete fraud, ignoring and avoiding him is usually the best course.

Karol Madera - Detestable Swine Mocks Connecticut Child Murders

Less than 8 hours after 20 children were gunned down in cold blood by a madman in Connecticut, Karol Madera was on the air, ranting like the psychotic he is, laughing at the slaughter of innocents, suggesting we arm 5 year olds with handguns to let them settle playground differences. Madera finished his drunken, two-hour monologue with "The fewer Americans, the better; God bless the NRA!" Ironically, according to a reliable source in Canada, "Madera has been admitted multiple times to multiple hospitals in the last 15 years due to severe mental health reasons. He is therefore banned from owning any firearms in Canada. The mentally ill instantly raise a red flag when they apply for ANY kind of firearm ownership or PAL (Possession and Acquisition License)."

On December 17, referring to events in Newtown, CT, Donald Anderson (who was recently issued a formal Warning by the FCC for intentional interference) said, "We need to listen to Captain Canada ...He says it's Americans with guns who kill people." In reality, of the previous 64 school incidents where students were killed or injured, 46 were not committed by Americans. That's right. Fully 72% were not committed by Americans, and despite Donald Anderson's racist commentary, "white people" are no more likely to kill than any other race. The moral of the story is this: Never take advice from a jamming CBer who happens to be a convicted, drug-dealing, child-rapist, or his pedophilic, woman-and-child-stalking, psychopathic, Canadian mentor.

Karol Madera - Stalking Women and Children Since 1989

Is Karol Madera a murderer as well as a stalker of women? Karol Florian Madera is pictured at right, caught in the act, of stalking a Parksville, B.C. woman with a female accomplice who is not pictured. Madera and a few of his mentally ill companions enjoy stalking, harassing, and defaming the family members of those who have filed official complaints about them.

Bev McIvor, past President of the Victoria Real Estate Board, stated that Madera had written "the most sexually graphic and disgusting emails" to members of the Victoria Real Estate Board (VREB). McIvor also stated that they "had to obtain police protection" and they did, in fact, obtain police protection, according to court records and Madera's own admissions. Other members of the Board, both male and female, submitted official testimony in court, under oath, regarding Madera's stalking, harassment, and sexual harassment.

Laura Smith, an attorney at the Federal Communications Comission has also reported sexual and general harassment of herself and her family members, by Karol Madera. Madera's direct threats against the U.S. Ambassador to Canada and his promise to sexually assault FCC Special Counsel, Laura Smith are well documented.

According to official court and police records, Madera began this practice as early as 1989, however, he may have begun even earlier. Therefore, on behalf of Madera's many victims, we are dedicated to continuing the search for more information.

We have recently examined Madera's extended family, looking for early clues about his obvious sociopathy. Maciej Madera, of Roncevalles Village (Karol's father) may have had an influence in this regard. Maciej Madera's under-reported relationship with the Nazi regime during WWII may also have had an influence. Regrettably, Maciej Madera is deceased. Unfortunately he escaped this life without interrogation by Israeli authorities. We understand Madera's father was one of the Gestapo's finest informers and one of the Nazi regime's hardest workers.

Readers of this page will become familiar with Karol Florian Madera and his sadistic, Nazi-inspired speech, which includes incitement to molest, rape, and torture women and children as young as 5 years old.

Karol Madera - Radio Co-Host of Notorious "Fizzics Perfesser" Glenn Baxter

K1MAN, The Belgrade Bastard

Madera and Baxter were linked at the hip for a period of time, before Baxter decided to concentrate on using ham radio to bolster his unauthorized, so-called "Physics University." To this day, Madera foolishly refers to his ham radio station as "Radio Canada" as he formerly referred to Baxter's ham radio station as "Radio America" -- that is, until Baxter was twice ordered by U.S. federal courts to pay a $10,000 fine. In the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals, a panel of 3 Judges, including Chief Judge Lynch and Circuit Judges Toruella and Thompson were in unanimous agreement in affirming the District Court's decision to uphold FCC charges of willful or malicious interference with other radio transmissions in violation of the Federal Code of Regulations, 47 CFR Part 97.101(d) and failure to respond to an FCC inquiry in violation of 47 U.S.C. section 308.

By 4 PM on December 13, 2012, Baxter was required by the Commissioner of the Maine Department of Education to acknowledge by letter of assurance, that he is to immediately remove any and all references on his website, which use the term "university," and to stop offering to confer degrees or programs leading to academic credit. Baxter was further informed that his offers are prohibited, without specific authorization, and subject to a civil penalty in the amount of $5,000.

Ironically, Baxter was fired from a teaching position at Poland Regional High School in 2001. Being promoted from fired teacher to founder of an unauthorized university is quite an impressive career move, Glenn! This matter is reminiscent of Baxter's 3 formal hearings in front of the Maine Board of Professional Engineering, where he was referred to as a "smoke alarm salesman" and told to stop signing P.E. on items having nothing to do with the practice of professional engineering.

Some may also recall that Walter Cronkite, the famous CBS broadcaster, wrote about his personal experience with Baxter's lack of ethics. As of December 18, Baxter had not removed the offer from his website, as required by the Maine DOE, apparently rendering Baxter liable for a $5,000 civil penalty, as provided by Maine law:

Subsection 10709. PENALTIES: Any educational institution conferring degrees within the State or offering courses or programs within the State that carry academic credit without being authorized or approved to do so in accordance with this chapter is subject to a civil penalty of not more than $5,000, payable to the State, to be recovered in a civil action.

Maine Revised Statutes, Chapter 20-A, Chapter 409

Having lost the contest and his dignity in the process, we still hope Glenn has a very Merry Christmas. With any luck, one of the many "landed UFO's" off Hollingsworth Point will whisk Baxter away before he's forced to pay his fine(s). Lord knows, his friend Karol has been begging for the alien probe for at least a decade. See Baxter's holiday note from the DOE.

Karol Madera - Linked to Lindsay Buziak Murder

Karol Madera has a documented connection to the family of murder victim, Lindsay Buziak, not to mention Madera's physical proximity to the Buziak murder, and the fact that the modus operandi in the Buziak murder is virtually identical to the modus operandi in the documented stalking complaint against Madera by a Canadian woman, approximately 90 miles north of Madera's residence.

Briefly, Madera, with a female accomplice, posed as a film-maker scouting a location. Driving to Parksville with Madera in the passenger seat, Madera's female stalking companion then took photos of the victim and the victim's property. However, she also took photos of Karol Madera, sitting in the passenger seat of the car during the stalking mission, placing Madera exactly at the scene of the crime. In the Buziak murder, Buziak's killer also used a female accomplice who posed as one half of a married couple, looking for a new home in Saanich, BC, only 5 miles from Karol Madera's residence. Like Madera, Lindsay Buziak was once a realtor. Lindsay worked in the REMAX/CAMOSUN office, just like Bev McIvor who gave evidence against Karol Madera in the Karol Madera vs. Victoria Real Estate Board case, mentioned above.

There is some reason to believe Lindsay Buziak was in the wrong place at the wrong time and the intended victim was another member of the REMAX/Camosun office and not Buziak herself. According to Saanich police, the killer may have been trying to "send a message" to someone else.

Several things are certain: Karol Madera is a documented stalker and misogynist who has made violent threats against women. He is a former realtor with a long-standing grudge against realtors in the Saanich area. He lives 5 miles from the murder scene. He knows the victim's family. He has a particular grudge against a number of women working in real estate. Lindsay Buziak was stabbed 54 times. Madera used a similar m.o. to the killers when he was a party to the documented stalking and sexual harassment of a female victim on Vancouver Island. Finally, Madera made gruesome threats of murder using the threat of an edged weapon when Madera told a man named Frank, "We's gonna carve your belly like a pumpkin." Is it any wonder so many individuals are convinced Karol Madera was directly involved in the brutal murder of Lindsay Buziak?

Karol Madera - A History of Lies, Deceit, and Stolen Valor

Canadian psychopath, Karol Florian Madera, claims he graduated from the Royal Military College (RMC) in Kingston, Ontario in 1970; claims he was a Captain in the Royal Canadian Navy; claims he was a Navigator; claims he taught Navigation to cadets at RMC; claims he was a Weapons Officer; claims he was a Weather Officer; claims he served 3 tours of duty in a UN Peace-Keeping Force in the Middle East; claims he trained as a Aircraft-Carrier Pilot; claims he carried the Nuclear Codes for Canada; claims he was an Aide de Camp to two Generals [1]; claims he is a Commercial Pilot [2]; and other tall tales, too numerous to mention. Madera knows the truth and we hope our readers will urge him to seek treatment for his obvious mental illness.

Karol Madera - All Lies; Each and Every One

The official timeline of Madera's so-called "military career" proves he is a pathological liar. Madera has claimed on the air, and numerous times in writing, that he is a 1970 graduate of the Royal Military college in Kingston, Ontario. Madera also claimed, in writing, that he is a Captain (retired) who served in the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN). Madera never specified on which ship he served or under which Captain(s), nor has Madera ever stated in which warship he served as Captain.

There are good reasons for these omissions, chief among them, the fact that Madera never served. Madera would have had to serve continuously between 1970 and 1985 in order to achieve the rank of Captain in Canada's maritime forces.

Where Was Madera When He Was Supposedly Serving in the RCN?

He was selling Real Estate. As seen in this official title pertaining to his heavily mortgaged property on Tillicum Road in Saanich, BC, Madera was listed as a Real Estate Salesperson. This document was filed in in 1979. Quick thinkers will realize this is a full 6 years short of the minimum time required to achieve the rank of Captain in the RCN. Madera remained in the Real Estate trade from 1979 until 1989 when he was ordered to leave the Victoria Real Estate Board (VREB), under force of law.

Did He Sell Real Estate from a Battle Ship?

No, but we speculate that he may have played Monopoly and Battleship and at some point he became horribly confused about his career.

As seen in this official court document, Madera freely admits that the Victoria Police were called following a VREB Meeting, where it was determined that Madera had delivered a written threat to a board member. The attorneys for the VREB, Monte Prior and Mike Scherr at Pearlman and Lindholm ordered Madera, by letter, to stay away from the VREB premises and to refrain from using the VREB computer system.

Regarding his eviction from the VREB [3], Madera sued the VREB twice and lost twice. Madera sued ten individuals at the Board, and in a comical about-face, the court ordered Madera to pay $1,000 to each of the ten defendants. Not only did he lose to the tune of $10,000, he was forced to pay their legal costs and their expenses as well. As you can see, in the Real Estate Board's official list of realtors and brokers, Madera is neither. When was Madera was confronted about this matter on-the-air, Madera claimed Chief Justice Keith Bracken was "sucked off in chambers by faggots at the VREB."

But... Isn't he a Lawyer?

No, Karol Madera is not a lawyer [4]. In 1991, Karol Madera graduated from a two year legal studies program at UBC where the faculty awarded his class a whopping 71% overall average. For the educationally disinclined, 71% is one point above a grade of D, for dummy.

When Madera attempted admission to the British Columbia Law Society, he was summarily rejected. A number of individuals attended Madera's Law Society Hearing, turning it into a referendum on Madera's fitness to become a barrister or solicitor in Canada. Following the Law Society's rejection of his admission, Madera sued the Law Society in Supreme Court.

When Madera refused to testify, pretending that he didn't know what his accusers said about him, the Chief of the Supreme Court panel stated the following: "I cannot accede to that submission. He knows precisely what his accusers have said about him under oath. Very full and complete particulars including the names of witnesses were given and original statements or affidavits were furnished. With respect to many of the particulars given by counsel for the Law Society the conduct to be inquired into was very specifically described."

Needless to say, Karol Madera is not and has never been a lawyer in British Columbia, or anywhere else. That official court document is online in Canada and it is also stored right here, for your reading pleasure.

Just the Facts

Karol Madera is an unemployed ham operator and full time pathological liar. He is not a lawyer and has never been a lawyer. He is not a graduate of RMC in Kingston, Ontario. He is not a retired Naval Captain. He has never been a member of the Canadian Navy. His claims are false, fraudulent, and completely bogus. He is nothing more than a sad and delusional old man suffering from a mental illness for which he refuses to seek treatment.

[1] The Military Police in the Kingston, Ontario Regiment have stated in official reports to the Saanich Police Department, that Madera did not graduate from RMC and that Madera never served in the Canadian military. Here is the phone and FAX number for verification of this fact: (613) 541-5010 extension 5648 or Fax (613) 541-4482.

[2] Transport Canada have reported that Karol Madera is not and has never been a licensed pilot, commercial or otherwise. Here is their contact info so that you too may verify the facts, if you wish: 800 Burrard St., Suite 620, Vancouver, B.C., V6Z 2J8, Tel: (604) 666-5571 and Fax: (604) 666-4839.

[3] The Victoria Real Estate Board indicates Madera is neither a Realtor nor a Broker. Here is their contact info for verification: (250) 385-7766 Fax: (250) 385-8773.

[4] The Supreme Court of Canada rejected Madera's 'wanna-be-lawyer' lawsuit. Here's the link to the Official Canadian Court Decision discussing the Law Society's rejection of Madera as a candidate for admission. Madera is not, nor has he ever been a lawyer. In addition, here are a few more failed cases in small claims court.

NOTE - One currently serving member of the CDN Forces wrote to comment about Madera's obvious lies: "It takes 15 yrs to achieve the rank of Captain in our Navy... and that is with an absolutely perfect, spotless record... so perfect in fact that I have never heard of it happening. I have thoroughly investigated Madera's claims. He was never in the Canadian Navy, period."

Fall 2012 Edition

Interested in More Info About the Canadian Psychopath?

According to Dr. Robert Hare's psychopathy checklist, virtually all of the characteristics of the dangerous psychopath/sociopath are found in a survey of Karol Madera's behavior, since at least 1989.

To wit:

Madera has few if any friends; he has no partner; he uses others for personal gain; His selfish, callous, and remorseless use of others is well documented; he describes women and children as sexual objects; he shows no remorse about his socially abnormal behavior; he has an extremely poor work record; his history includes police involvement for multiple threats over a period of more than 20 years; his actions include documented sexual harassment and stalking of women and children; he is a documented military impostor and pathological liar. He is narcissistic; grandiose; histrionic, and cruel. He is glib, sometimes charming, but he is always a conniving and manipulative propagandist; his speech is littered with fantasies of murder and rape, and the incitement of murder, rape, sexual assault, and sexual torture.

Laura Smith of the FCC and Fred Lloyd of QRZ.com have both called Karol Madera a master manipulator and a propaganda genius (reminiscent of Joseph Goebbels, head of NAZI propaganda). Smith also referred to Madera as "woman-hater" who has "repeatedly published a series of lies" in official complaints and on the Internet. Riley Hollingsworth of the FCC simply refers to Madera as a "Fruitcake" and "several french-fries short of a Happy Meal." Madera's companions are invariably criminals, pedophiles, drug addicts, the mentally ill, and fellow ne'er-do-wells.

Canadian Serial Killer

A dangerous personality, the psychopath in society, has killed many members of our criminal justice family. See the FBI's special page on psychopaths and sociopaths and how they prey on others. This page features a case study about an infamous Canadian psychopathic-killer. Learn why the psychopath lies, cons, shows no remorse, cannot keep a job, cannot maintain relationships, cannot fit into society, etc. Only one Canadian psychopath is featured above this line. Did you know there are others? Written by a special consulting team to the FBI, including Dr. Robert Hare, Ph.D., whose assessment confirms suspicions about Karol Florian Madera, of Saanich, B.C., this FBI series is an indispensable guide to understanding the psychopath/sociopath in our midst.

Now You Know Karol Madera -- Meet James Roszko and Robert Pickton

James Roszko is a Canadian cop-killer and pedophile with a history of violent sexual offenses. Karol Madera holds Roszko in extremely high regard, calling him a distant countryman and praising Roszko for the murder of four RCMP officers. Karol Madera often refers to the murdered officers as the "Royal Canadian Mounted Pussies."

Robert Pickton is another Canadian psychopath and killer. Robert William "Willie" Pickton (born October 26, 1949) of Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada is a former pig farmer, serial killer, and pedophile, convicted of the second-degree murders of six women. He is also charged in the deaths of an additional twenty women, many of them prostitutes and drug users from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. In December 2007 he was sentenced to life in prison, with no possibility of parole for 25 years - the longest sentence available under Canadian law for murder. Pickton is suspected in the disappearance of victims who disappeared in 1991, but Pickton did not face arrest and trail trial until 16 years later, in 2007.

Robert Pickton, of Port Coquitlam, BC is a contemporary of the notorious Karol Madera, of Saanich, BC. Pickton murdered 49 women, according to his confession. Unlike Jim Laursen of Industry Canada, who is quite aware of Madera's infamous deeds, Deputy Chief Constable Doug LePard of the Vancouver Police Department apologized to the victims' families, saying "I wish from the bottom of my heart that we would have caught him sooner. I wish that, the several agencies involved, that we could have done better in so many ways. I wish that all the mistakes that were made, we could undo. And I wish that more lives would have been saved. So on my behalf and behalf of the Vancouver Police Department and all the men and women that worked on this investigation, I would say to the families how sorry we all are for your losses and because we did not catch this monster sooner."

The Matter is Settled

For 99.999% of those familiar with Karol Madera, the facts above speak for themselves. For the lawyers reading this: res ipsa loquitor and res judicata. For the other .001%, representing the drug and alcohol addicted, a few pedophiles, one or two criminals, and a handful of jammers, we're pretty sure they will continue to surreptitiously advocate for Madera's 'inalienable right' to molest and abuse women and children while calling on al qaida to murder Americans. This page is dedicated to them, the few, the proud, the unabashedly mentally ill.

Some Still Drink the Kool-Aid

David J. Tolassi (W4BHV)

Bong-Smokers Unite!

One of Karol Madera's more disturbed and devout followers is David J. Tolassi (W4BHV). David is such a stalwart follower, he has his own page here.

On September 30, 2007, Tolassi stated that he planned to shoot FCC Enforcement Official Riley Hollingsworth in the head at the 2008 Dayton Hamvention. Hollingsworth responded with a signed police complaint on October 10, 2007 complete with his Federal Identification credentials.

Five years later, Tolassi is still on the air. On November 29, 2012, David was (according to a member of the FCC's Amateur Auxiliary) observed violating federal law. The official notification stated that David was engaging in one way communications, improper identification, and causing interference to other stations, in violation of 47 CFR 97.113(b) and 97.119. When Tolassi told Karol Madera about the notification, Madera reacted with one of his typically psychotic rants. He advised Tolassi to shoot FCC Enforcement Agent Laura Smith and the Official Observer who witnessed the violation.

Ronald Leo Gagnon (VA3RLG)

On December 4, 2012 at 11:30 AM, Karol Madera identified another one of his associates by name and callsign. Madera told Ron Gagnon he should update his blog more frequently and to "be sure to kick them in the balls as often as possible." Ron's call is VA3RLG and his nickname is "that little rat bastard."

We aren't sure which blog Madera was referring to, but we're pretty sure it wasn't this one. According to several radio operators familiar with Ronald L. Gagnon, he has been known to jam 2 meters, 20 meters, 40 meters, 17 meters, and 75 meters with music and foul language. Incidentally, the blog linked above is not affiliated with this website in any way, however it contains a wealth of information about the alleged jammer known as Ronald Leo Gagnon, VA3RLG.

Madera has also been heard counseling Ronald Gagnon to "Shoot Americans at every opportunity." Please visit us often as we attempt to find out more about Ronald L. Gagnon (VA3RLG) and his apparent interest in helping Karol Madera terrorize women and children and why Gagnon would be motivated to aid Madera in his quest to aid al Qaida in murdering Americans.

Donald Edward Anderson (N4TAT) Felon, Addict, Child Rapist

Karol Madera's Friend Donny

Donald Edward Anderson (N4TAT) aka Donny Dumbass is our resident expert on jail, drug addiction, and child rape. Donny endorses Thorazine. "It'll make you shut up", says Anderson.

Although Karol Madera claims to be heterosexual, listen to an excerpt of Karol's sexually charged advance toward Donny.

Unfortunately, when Karol's acting like a jealous lover, he isn't as kind to poor Donny. Internal and external inconsistency is Karol Madera's trademark and a hallmark of mental illness.

Donald Edward Anderson (N4TAT) of 128 Kirkwood Circle, Warner Robins Georgia, is a well known criminal. His actual transmitting location is 105 Juniper Road, Warner Robins, GA, so don't let the address in the FCC ULS fool you. Anderson is a convicted drug felon and by his own account, he has lived "a sordid life of crime, violence, baby-killing, war-mongering, child rape, drug abuse, violence, and prison..."

For several months in the summer of 2012 summer and well into the fall, Anderson could be found jamming and broadcasting over amateur frequencies, with his good friend Karol Madera, VE7KFM. Donald was also involved in stalking and harassing married women, which is also a favorite past time of his mentor, Karol Madera. Several police reports were filed regarding this behavior.

Here's a copy of one of Donald Anderson's official letters from the FCC.

Anderson FCC Warning Letter(s)

Donald (N4TAT) Admits All

Donald recently admitted his girlfriend is a whore; his mother's a lesbian; his son is gay and living in Birmingham and watching gay porn; he is a child killer; a child rapist; a heroin addict; and he's interested in creating a Hollywood show about his life.

Listen to Donald's shocking multiple admissions against interest

Karol Madera, perhaps sensing Donny's imminent arrest, has already downgraded Anderson from friend to "radio acquaintance" and Karol Madera says he is now looking for an even lesser title for Donny. We suggest "Convict" or "Dumb-Ass" (both of which are already in popular use).

On November 11, 2012, Madera told Anderson, "Donny, I understand your mother is a lesbian, your girlfriend is a whore, and your son is gay, Donny, he says, and he constantly likes to stir shit, Donny. So I give up Donny. What's lower than a mere radio acquaintance Donny?"

Madera downgrades Anderson.

By Thanksgiving 2012, it was rumored that the FCC had intervened in the case of Donald Anderson. Donny confirmed it on-the-air in December, defending his jamming as "giving out a QST". We have yet to see any official correspondence from the FCC, but Anderson is still reportedly jamming 14.313 during the daytime and 3.843 in the evening hours, albeit without using his callsign. Anderson's radio has tell-tale frequency issues, background sounds, and the unmistakable sound of a cheap hand-microphone.

Anderson claims he is a "baby killer" who "worked for the CIA" while in Viet Nam. In keeping with our practice of exposing military impostors and liars like Whitney V. Tritch and Karol F. Madera, we can now reveal Donald E. Anderson's "distinguished military career."

Like his friend Karol Madera, Donald E. Anderson is a self-admitted admitted pedophile. Anderson freely admits he raped a 14 year old child. Listen to Anderson discussing his rape of a child shortly before he was thrice demoted, stripped of his National Defense Service Medal, and sent back to the States for drug rehabilitation treatment -- all of which occured 20 years before his felony drug conviction.

See Anderson's service history, available via FOIA.

July, 1969 Airman Basic (AB) E-1

Sept, 1969 Airman (AMN) E-2

March, 1970 Airman (A1C) E-3 Airman 1st class

June, 1971 Sgt (SGT) E-5

May, 1972 Busted to Airman 1st class (A1C)

July, 1972 Busted again to Airman Basic (AB)

After spending 3 days in an opium den...

Anderson was sent stateside for psychiatric and drug treatment at the USAF Special Treatment Center, at which point he was given a less than honorable discharge.

NOTE: Air Force Medal 900-3, the National Defense Service Medal (Given to everyone who served at least 24 hours in Viet Nam) was not presented to Donald Anderson.

According to a report by a radio enthusuast in Warner Robins, Donald Edward Anderson, N4TAT, listed by the FCC at 128 Kirkwood Circle, Warner Robins, GA was found jamming 14.313 mHz on October 1st, 2011. Anderson played a variety of songs from the 60's and 70's.

For the past year, Anderson has been jamming 20 meters with his good friend Karol F. Madera, VE7KFM. Donald Anderson also regularly jams 11 meters, as evidenced by recordings others have made of his jamming. See the numerous YouTube videos featuring Anderson's jamming on 11 meters and elsewhere.

Using Morse code tapes and music, Anderson maliciously and wilfully interferes with others' communications. A variety of amateur operators have heard Anderson's long monologues about his history of drug addiction (Heroin, MJ, Opium) and his description of his girlfriend, "Angel the Crack Whore" a toothless, African American female with purple hair, who was recently arrested and jailed for plying her wares on the street. Although some amateurs have accused Anderson of being Angel's pimp and drug supplier, Anderson will only say that he chaffeurs Angel and provides her with Dr. Pepper and Newport cigarettes.

Anderson -- Guilty as Charged

Donald Edward Anderson was arrested and found guilty in 1996. See CRIMINAL INDICTMENT 1996 C 22347, and the charge, 311VGCSA - (Violation of Georgia Controlled Substances Act). Anderson was prosecuted and found guilty. Attorney Pete Young has an excellent overview of the VGCSA.

After conviction on the Felony charge, Anderson was sentenced to 5 years probation, urine testing, counseling, fines, and forfeiture of his property.

His wife Donna divorced him in 1996 and changed her name in 2003. She took the children with her when the couple divorced. Anderson currently lives at 105 Juniper Road in Warner Robins, GA where he has a part-time job as a lawn-mower-man.

Those familiar with Anderson's jamming presume this activity will continue from his mobile radio station and from the home located at 105 Juniper Road in Warner Robins, GA, which he signed over to his wife, Donna Boyett, in 1996, when he was convicted of the aforementioned felony drug possession-with-intent-to-distribute charge. Anderson previously received a formal Warning Notice by the FCC for violation of the Part 97 rule against Broadcasting.

Our Favorite "Dumb-Ass Donny" Recordings

You'll find a playlist of Anderson recordings here. 1, 2, 3, 4

An especially amusing and sad recording features Anderson giving advice while broadcasting on CB channel 38 in September, 2011.

Partial transcript:

"I had dinner with my daughter Jennifer McCullough, she's a medical doctor, she, uh, I gotta be honest... I had a smoked ham, swiss cheese, tomato basil soup... spicy mustard... it was alright... I am a loser, ok, I am a loser and I know that... an underachiever, a loser, a person who has had a very sordid life, a life of crime, violence, drugs, baby-killing, war-mongering, drug abuse, violence, prison... I want it to be about me....How many girls did I poke this year? Were any of them really attractive? How many nekkid girls did I see or how many books did I read or how many miles did I put on my bicycle or is my pecker still gettin' real hard, you know?

Donald Anderson's contact details follow, should you wish to request that he stop jamming the airwaves:

Donald Edward Anderson, Date of Birth June/1951, Phone Number: 912-929-1258, Most Recent Address: 105 Juniper Rd, Warner Robins, GA 31093-2827 and FCC listed Address: 128 Kirkwood Circle, Warner Robins, GA 31093-2827

In 1996, Anderson was arrested for felony possession of a large quantity of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. In 2011, Anderson was heard telling his friend and mentor Karol Madera that he worked for the CIA "killing babies" during his career in the service. There is no Security Clearance listed in his very poor military service record. Apparently, military impostors don't realize their arrest, conviction, and service records are publicly available and easy to locate.

"Donny Dumb-Ass" as he's better known in FCC, Ham, and CB circles, was convicted on a felony drug charge: CRIMINAL INDICTMENT 1996 C 22347, 311VGCSA - Violation of Georgia Controlled Substances Act. His wife, Donna Boyett, left Donald in search of a better life. She took over the family home and took full custody of their two children, Michael and Jennifer. Donald is a self-admitted drug addict and child rapist who has spent many, many nights in jail. That Donald Edward Anderson lacks the character to retain an amateur license, goes without saying.

Listen to Donald Anderson discuss his rape of a 14 year old child

Listen to Donald Anderson: "America is the Devil"

Listen to Donald Anderson discuss his several stints in jail

Note: In the audio passage above, Anderson says his worst jail experience was Long Binh Jail, because he was housed in a CONEX container. Men committing felonies requiring sentences of less than one year were assigned to LBJ for confinement with the sentence considered "bad time" towards their assigned 365 day tour in Vietnam as well as their enlistment contract. Others confined at LBJ included those persons awaiting trial as well as those who had served their sentence and were awaiting parole back to their assigned unit. Oftentimes the latter were not wanted at their old unit so the unit did not issue orders for their transfer out of the stockade.

Listen to Donald Anderson: "I will beat my radio to death" and then he actually does beat his radio to death!

Summer Edition, 2012

We Get Mail - Madera in the News

According to sources on Vancouver Island, a beige Volvo 850 with Veteran's Plate number 737 VBN has been spotted in the driveway of 3040 Tillicum Road, parked near an untidy and rather ramshackle garage with an unpainted door. Locals have reported this sighting to Saanich PD and others as a possible case of FRAUD. The Military Police in Canada have indicated (in writing) that Karol Madera is not a veteran and is therefore not entitled to the use of veteran's plates on his personal vehicle. If you are concerned, you too can make report(s) about the fraudulent issuance of Veteran plates by contacting one of the following authorized service organizations: B.C. Veterans Commemorative Association at 604-876-2838; BC Yukon Command, Royal Canadian Legion at 604-736-8166; and/or the Canadian Peacekeeping Veterans Association at 250-391-1568.

We'll keep you informed about this BRAND NEW POLICE INVESTIGATION regarding Karol Madera.

This unsightly weed tree was also found to be sprouting between a pair of ornamental evergreens at 3040 Tillicum Road. Neighbors have repeatedly begged MADERA to keep better care of his property (which is losing value at the rate of $10,000 per year according to Saanich tax records) however, MADERA's response to their plea was to post a cardboard sign on his door reading "F-TARDS BEWARE, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED."

Speaking of FRAUD, we've received a list containing a few more comical court cases citing MADERA in British Columbia. Those cases and some judicial opinions regarding MADERA in those cases can be seen here.

We also received a report that VE7KFM has been misusing the DX Clusters again. VE7KFM is not allowed to use the cluster at DX Summit and most of VE7KFM's misleading abuse has been prevented by banning VE7KFM from the portals, however, on Sunday, September 24th, there was a flurry of abuse. Luckily, N4TAT, W4BHV, and NR5T were able to set the record straight, and thanks to them for that timely service.

In the election season, polls have been deemed "somewhat important" by a significant sample of those polled. In a recent poll, reported above, KAROL MADERA was described as "seriously mentally ill and quite dangerous" by 63% of respondents. Another 16% described him as "a total loser and fraud..." while 15% described him as "crazy as a loon...." Only 7% described Madera in favorable terms. However, there is evidence indicating that the favorable vote(s) originated from one (1) computer located in Saanich, BC. Voter FRAUD is endemic, apparently.

That last item... We still have not received word as to whether Glenn A. Baxter will petition the Supreme Court for Certiorari in his now twice-affirmed $10,000 fine for malicious / willful interference and failure to respond to an FCC inquiry. Speaking of which, we still don't understand why Glenn jammed those Boy Scouts during their Jamboree-On-The-Air. At any rate, we expect Glenn will be paying for that very soon... one way or the other. Tic-Toc Glenn; time's running out, and in this case, time is NOT relative!

Baxter - Comical Misinterpretations of Law

Baxter has filed a "petition" in the matter of his recently affirmed FCC fines, totaling $10,000. In Baxter-land, this petition takes the place of an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. In Baxter's misinterpretation of the outcome, he wasn't fined for willful or malicious interference; he was fined for incidental interference by a scheduled bulletin.

Likewise, in Baxter's vivid imagination, he was actually pleading the 5th when he failed to answer FCC inquiries in a responsive manner. Baxter says he can't be held to account for new case law! Therefore, he asks the FCC to cancel the fines. Pretending to practice law without a brain is not illegal, however, we are considering filing our own petition to make it so.

Read the Petition here.

"Case Law"

In another typically outlandish proposition, Glenn Baxter has emailed a missive stating that his recent loss in two courts has established case law. Baxter writes, "This establishes, for the first time, that such bulletin service transmissions are now against federal law."

As usual, nothing could be further from the truth. Amateur bulletins are still absolutely legal and no new precedents were established in Baxter's case. Baxter was fined $3,000 for failure to respond to an FCC inquiry and $7,000 for willful or malicious interference to other amateur stations. For the sake of clarity, $10,000 is the amount Baxter now owes and it is now due and payable to the federal government. The remainder ($11,000) of the charges in the Forfeiture were not collected.

Read Baxter's ridiculous (and comical) "press release" here.

ALJ Chief Judge Richard L. Sippel - Overnight Hero to Thousands of Amateurs

Following the latest Order in the K1MAN case, an unprecedented wave of appreciation for Chief Judge Richard L. Sippel arose, seemingly overnight. Born in 1938 and raised in Queens, NY, Judge Sippel received a scholarship to Brooklyn Prep, run by the Jesuit Fathers. Thereafter, he graduated from Holy Cross and following graduation from Albany Law School, Sippel became a Marine and attended Officer Candidate School and Infantry Leadership School.

Judge Sippel is a retired Marine officer, Marine Defense Attorney, and a graduate of Albany Law School, where the celebrated Thomas F. Guernsey (cousin of amateur operator, Michael E. Guernsey) was President and Dean for many years. Judge Sippel has a long and distinguished history of service with the FCC.

Listen to this exclusive interview with Chief Administrative Law Judge, Richard L. Sippel of the FCC:



Judge to Baxter: Excuse Me Sir; You Have a Fool For a Client

Karol Madera's good friend and former radio co-host, Glenn Baxter (K1MAN), received a straitforward and uninhibited wake-up call from Chief Judge Richard L. Sippel. Amateurs in-the-know have been overheard on-the-air, saying Baxter's biggest problems have come about as a result of his accepting "legal advice" from Karol Florian Madera (VE7KFM) of Saanich, BC.

Baxter had previously asked the court for documents related to his complaints about other amateurs, who Baxter claimed had "intentionally and maliciously interfered" with him by "anticipating" his bulletin, e.g., making the ridiculous and unfounded claim that by operating on a frequency Baxter intended to occupy and ignoring Baxter's irrelevant schedule, they were breaking FCC Rules. Not only were they "breaking rules," but in Baxter's "mind," they were committing felonies, simply by being on "his" frequency before he intended to commence operating. We won't reprint the entire Order here, but suffice to say, Chief Judge Sippel responded to Baxter by setting the record straight in an extremely candid manner.

"Wrong remedy; fails to cite authority; outlandish proposition; proclaim bullishly; abject failure; frivolous motions; waste of the Commission's time and resources; foolhardy requests; a result of his own failures; theatre of the absurd; not only without merit but also constitutes unprecedented abuse of process and disrespect for this proceeding."

The Chief Judge concluded by writing that Baxter "need only examine his own failures... to realize honestly that any injury was self-inflicted." The Chief Judge then strongly urged Mr. Baxter to "retain an experienced attorney ... so that he may avoid further foolish missteps." Finally the Chief Judge Ordered that "Glenn A. Baxter's seriatim motions... ARE DENIED in all respects." Come to think of it, we couldn't have said it better ourselves!

Further Foolish Faux Pas and Folderol

In a response to Chief Judge Sippel's Order, Glenn Baxter (K1MAN) told Judge Sippel via email and registered mail, that his recent Order is "illegal" and that the Judge is "personally in alleged criminal violation of Sections 333 and 501 of the 1934 Communications Act, as amended." Baxter continued, "This matter will be taken up with the D.C. Court of Appeals, the Justice Department, and Congress in due course."

According to 47CFR Part 97.23, Baxter's license could be revoked immediately, due to his alleged failure to maintain a proper mailing address with the FCC. Other remedies for Baxter's foolhardy actions could include sanctions for contempt. Baxter ended as follows: "Your petitioner requests the FCC to summarily DISMISS the K1MAN Hearing Designation ORDER and turn the alleged felonies related thereto over to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution." Stay Tuned!

Perennial Loser Does What He Does Best

Glenn Baxter has lost the fight over an FCC imposed $10,000 fine in the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals. The panel of 3 Judges, including Chief Judge Lynch and Circuit Judges Toruella and Thompson were in unanimous agreement in affirming the District Court's decision to uphold FCC charges of willful or malicious interference with other radio transmissions in violation of the Federal Code of Regulations, 47 CFR Part 97.101(d) and failure to respond to an FCC inquiry in violation of 47 U.S.C. section 308.

Read their decision: Here

Karol Madera Shoots Himself in the Head Again ! (Fortunately, It's His Least Vulnerable Spot)

Stepping aboard the crazy train, Karol Madera plays the role of ticket-taker, passenger, conductor, and engineer. In his disorganized blog, on a low-rent personal page, hosted in a seedy corner of western Canada known as the Tillicum/Gorge in Saanich, BC, Karol Madera floats another lie. He expects his audience to believe the ARRL Official Observer (OO) cadre has published a falsified email from a government official, in much the same way Madera routinely publishes falsified email.

Madera asks his readers to believe three different members of the ARRL, not to mention the entire Ohio section, were fooled into publishing a "spoofed email" delivered "as if" it were from Laura Smith of the FCC. In Madera's "mind" the ARRL's OO Coordinator has no access to Laura Smith at the FCC, and no means by which to check the authenticity of messages received from her.

Below, is the email written by Ms. Smith, which Madera attributes to someone else. Please note the portion of the email where Laura Smith wrote that Madera was engaged in a weak attempt to get someone in trouble with the FCC. Thanks to the individual who sent us this tip, we were able to head off another gigantic lie from Karol Madera, before it got out of hand.

----------ORIGINAL MESSAGE----------

From: "Laura Smith"

To: , , ,

X-OriginalArrivalTime: 31 Mar 2010 17:30:25.0977 (UTC)

Return-Path: Laura.Smith@fcc.gov

Allan: Just to follow up on what Brian indicated in his previous email, there is quite an interesting situation developing at 14.275 and the surrounding frequencies. For some reason, a Canadian operator has elected to play a recording of a conversation that took place back in 2006 between him and another licensee -- N1FM. Brian Crow was not involved in that conversation -- although the Canadian licensee is currently trying to ascribe the comments of N1FM to Brian. Again let me reiterate, Brian Crow (K3VR) was NOT involved in that conversation back in 2006, so the attribution to Brian that you heard was nothing more than a weak attempt to get Brian in trouble with the FCC. It did not work.

Let me know if you have any further questions about the situation.

Chuck: In order to avoid confusion going forward, you might want to advise all of the OOs of the situation with the Canadian licensee.



Laura L. Smith, Esq.| Special Counsel | Enforcement Bureau | Federal Communications Commission | 1270 Fairfield Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325|

717-338-2577 (phone)| 717-338-2574 (fax)

----------END ORIGINAL MESSAGE----------

Once again, Karol Madera floats a lie, hoping to fool a few fools. However, the only thing he's accomplished is that he has more firmly established his bona fides in the world of Force, Fraud, and Propaganda. We'll be happy to provide you with the truth, as long as careeer contortionists like Karol Madera continue to distort and dismember it.

Disgusting Racism Displayed by Karol F. Madera (VE7KFM)

We've given many examples of Karol Madera's extreme racial prejudice. However, this recording may be one of the worst since Madera discussed President Barack Obama being "buggered by a little white stud." On August 23, 2012, Madera told Phil Robinson, an African American radio enthusiast who happens to be a decorated, Vietnam Veteran; "Keep my name and callsign out of your cocksucking jigaboo lips and you won't get hurt; a word to the unwise, asshole." These incidents were bad enough, but who could forget the incident where Madera told a serving police officer; May a darky blow your head off some evening....

Of course, Madera is also a raving anti-semite, who's been heard on countless occasions ranting about Jews and the yarmulke lobby controlling the media. Lest we forget, he's also a documented pedophile. Naturally, all of the above makes Madera a hero to the violently mentally ill who Homeland Security Director, Janet Napolitano labeled as the largest growing terror theat in the United States. Karol Madera is, without a doubt, a leading voice among anti-government North Americans racists, not to mention the homophobic, the misogynists, anarchists, and anti-semites, and they are frequently heard supporting him, albeit without identifying themselves. There is no question that Karol Madera has incited and supported violent and mentally ill criminals including more than a few of the 'sovereign citizen' crowd. The only question is, when will Canada put a stop to it?

Speaking of racist conspiracy theorists, check out our new page about Mike Adams, AE4FB

Karol Madera Threatens Laura Smith (Again)

Karol Madera, the mentally disturbed misogynist and all-around-swine, called for FCC Special Counsel, Laura Smith on the evening of August 21st. Madera referred to Ms. Smith as a "fucking douchebag," telling Ms. Smith, "Get those fingers out of your smelly cunt and do your job, Laura, otherwise I'm going "to put the fucking boots to you." These threats are more than simple hyperbole, since they're accompanied by Madera's psychotic mantra "just shoot the bastards" which is what he routinely asks of his seriously mentally ill cadre. One case in point: Brandon M. Duke, formerly of Longmont Colorado, who responded to Madera's request to shoot at police. Duke is now serving time in prison for attempted murder.

Recordings are here, here, and here.

A few evenings prior, Madera maliciously jammed the Ohana Net on 14.307 mHz, stating, and we quote, "Laura Douchebag Smith, get a grip, get your finger out of your pussy, do the job you were commissioned to do, before I put my boots into your twat." When Ohana Net members complained about Madera's malicious interference, Madera told them, "When I want to QRM you, I'll fucking QRM you. I'll give you my callsign, I'll put my boots to your balls, I'll kick your fucking head in, if I find reason to do so."

Madera / Tolassi Extortion, Coercion, Threats -- Take Action or Else...

Ironically, Madera (VE7KFM) recently authored an email to Laura Smith, which he asked David J. Tolassi (W4BHV) to sign and submit to the FCC. Madera's email demanded that Ms. Smith take action against Madera's detractors. The email contained a variety of lies, accusations of incompetence, and threats of a letter-writing-campaign to Smith's superiors. The email also contained barely veiled threats of lawsuits and warned of impending violence against others.

Madera and Tolassi are well known for issuing violent threats and both men have been investigated by the FBI and other governmental agencies concerned with foreign and domestic terrorism. Tolassi moved to Tennesee, shortly after he was fired from Dynapower Inc. in Vermont. Officials at that company were told that Tolassi is an associate of Karol Madera, who has publicly supported the actions of the Taliban and al Qaida. Even worse, Madera has publicly stated he will give aid and support to al Qaida, and he has frequently called on al Qaida to murder Americans. Coincidentally (?) Adam Silverman at the Burlington Free Press reported that a Bomb Squad exploded a package at the gates of Dynapower, shortly after Tolassi was fired and shortly before he moved, some say fled, to Tennessee. We are seeking more information about that incident and specifically, whether David J. Tolassi was or is a suspect in that incident suspicious package incident.

Donald Anderson and Karol Madera Jamming 14.313

We have received numerous reports that military impostor, documented pedophile, and pathological liar, Karol Florian Madera (VE7KFM) has been jamming 14.313 together with self-admitted child rapist and convicted drug felon, Donald Edward Anderson (N4TAT) and neither party will respond to being informed that they are interfering with a frequency in use. Therefore, amateurs are advised to call Donald and Karol via telephone, informing them that they are interfering with a frequency in use.

Anderson can be reached via the number published for his unlicensed lawn care business - Vista Lawn Care - (478) 442-2037 while Madera can be reached at his unlicensed title search business - Realty Research Group - (250) 383-4242. If this method of contact is ineffective, Donald's brother, Jimmy Anderson may be able to reach Donald. Jimmy Anderson can contacted via the email link at allgoodguitars.com or via 770-339-2922.

Unlicensed and Unregistered Businesses May Indicate Tax Fraud and Worse

In Karol Madera's case, he is neither a realtor, a lawyer, or a retired former member of the military. Instead, he is known locally as a mentally unstable junk-collector who visits the town refuse tip, bargaining for bits and pieces which he then resells by advertising them via free, online bulletin-boards. Karol Madera cannot afford a set of license plates, or a working amplifier and radio for that matter, therefore, the unlicensed Realty Research Group should be thought of as a "dummy entity owned by a dummy." As impecunious as he is, it's unlikely Madera is cheating the Canadian government of it's fair share, despite the fact he is currently advertising his unregistered/unlicensed home-based business.

However, a licensed Georgia CPA has told us this: "If Donald Edward Anderson, of 105 Juniper Road, Warner Robins, GA, is operating an illegal, unlicensed business, without an IRS employment identification number (EIN), he could be defrauding the State of Georgia and the U.S. government of thousands of dollars in unreported income. If someone were to report this, and he is in fact defrauding the government, he could be forced to pay back the unreported tax, plus thousands of dollars in fines and penalties. In addition, GA residents doing business as sole proprietors must file a Trade Name Filing form with the Superior Court in the county where they plan to do business. Likewise, several other requirements and regulations must be met." In fact, Vista Lawn Care is not a licensed, registered business in Warner Robins, GA and as such, it's also unlikely to be insured, which could leave a property owner liable for any damages involved with hiring Vista Lawn Care.

Karol Madera Seeks Life Partner

This item comes to us from a 14.313 lister who reports that Karol Madera (VE7KFM) has been in discussion with his good friend, self-admitted convicted felon, drug addict/dealer, and child rapist, Donald Edward Anderson (N4TAT) of 105 Juniper Road, Warner Robins, Georgia, son of senior Master Sgt. Lucius Halwood Anderson (dc'd) and Vivian Gay Anderson of 128 Kirkwood Circle, Warner Robbins, GA.

Apparently, Karol and Donald (or, Donny Dumb-Ass, as he's better known) are both looking for the ideal Life Partner. Not too long ago, "Angel" the toothless, purple haired, African American, crack-whore, left Donny for a more well-heeled companion. The theme of finding the perfect life partner is not new to Karol or Donny.

In fact, Karol ~VE7KFM seems to have posted about this very topic in his little-known blog, titled The Life of Karol. Unfortunately, Karol ~VE7KFM has not added to his blog on a regular basis, but the relevant portion follows:

I have come realize that I am quite lonely, and most recently, made the decision ~to seek out my soul mate through means of an on-line dating service...Gay.com being my site of choice, as it appears to have an infinite number of gay souls ~like myself, who are seeking out their ideal life-partner.

Karol ~VE7KFM

John "Douglas" Gerry (NR5T) - Another Fraudulent Friend of Karol Madera

Over the past 20+ years, listeners tuned to 14.313 have become familiar with hearing Doug Gerry (aka NR5Turd) of Columbus, TX. Karol Madera cultivated Doug's friendship over the past 5 years and Doug has been quick to defend Madera's foul language, anti-American tirades, and outrageous lies about being a retired Captain in the Canadian Navy. It should come as no surprise to anyone that Doug's tales about his wife's "fancy French restaurant" and his "vast cattle ranch" in Texas are nothing but the pathetic lies of a little man, desperate for attention.

The mundane truth follows: Doug lives in a single story home with a footprint only 33 feet square. This little gem, valued south of $80k, sits on a small patch of dry scrub, featuring a 9-by-9 foot tractor shed. It's zoned for residential use, not agricultural, and there are no cattle present. As for that fancy French restaurant, Doug's wife, Janice R. Kollmann Gerry, reportedly once worked as an asst. mgr. at Denny's (the former Sambo's) restaurant. Doug frequently referred to her as the "Executive Chef" at the non-existent French eatery, which was conveniently located in Doug's vivid imagination. This recurrent theme of pathological lying, self-aggrandizement, and anti-American sentiment seems to be omnipresent among everyone who befriends and defends Karol Madera.

NR5T's Ranch Myth Exposed

Doug Gerry's stepfather, Jay Sandberg, played Santa Claus for 8 years, on a "ranch" operated by the State Training School in American Fork, Utah. We have no information about whether or not Doug's stepfather had any association with the park known as Fairyland at the school.

Jay Sandberg was not a rancher; he was a Utah Department of Transportation Engineer. Some have wondered why Doug Gerry never mentioned that his stepfather enjoyed wearing red velvet on "his ranch" during the Christmas season. Others have wondered why Doug dragged his wife and her family into his web of lies and deceit. Some wonder why Doug ever associated himself with the lies, filth, and perversion associated with Karol Madera. The answer to at least one of these questions is obvious. John Douglas Gerry is a pathological liar, just like his friend and mentor, Karol Madera.

Doug's wife, Janice Kollmann Gerry, by all accounts, came from a wonderful and loving family. There is no mention of 'lapdances for retards' as one uncouth radio enthusiast put it. Janice's father did a stint in the Navy as a radioman; he was associated with Western Electric for a brief period; he worked at a hardware store; he was engaged in self-employed contracting. Janice's mother obtained a short-term job at a Coca Cola Bottling plant, but, there was never a cattle ranch. That's why we've been hearing a familiar refrain on 14.313....

NR5TURD -- "All hat and no cattle"

Documents pertaining to NR5T's "cattle ranch" and such are here and here. Documents pertaining to Doug's in-laws, Milton Arthur Kollman and Faye Graham Kollman, the non-cattle ranchers, are here and here.

Canada Tells Karol Madera: "No Veteran's Plates For Military impostors!"

Karol Madera, VE7KFM, is a Military Fraud and impostor

Madera Admits Canadians Consider Him a Military Phony

Documented fraud, pedophile, and pathological liar, Karol Florian Madera (VE7KFM) recently confided in convicted drug felon and self-admitted child rapist, Donald E. Anderson (N4TAT). Madera told Anderson that bureacrats in Canada acted on complaints that Madera is a military impostor and as a result, they have denied Madera veteran's plates. David J. Tolassi (W4BHV) told listeners he was waiting for one of Madera's old plates. Madera was left in a bind, because he sent one of his callsign plates to fellow miscreant, David Tolassi and as a result of the denial of veteran's plates, Madera was left with only one plate. Madera says he plans to use one valid plate and one fictitious (fraudulent) plate. He says he plans to use the fraudulent plate as a way of "getting back" at the system. Madera also urged listeners to "shoot the bastards."

FCC files Motions to Compel Baxter

The diminutive pest from the Long Pond is in the news again. The FCC previously asked Glenn A. Baxter (K1MAN) to answer questions put to him and to either admit or deny facts in the FCC proceeding designed to deny the renewal of his ham license. Baxter responded with what the FCC called 'unresponsive' answers. Now the FCC is seeking a court Order, directing Baxter to either respond properly, according to FCC rules, or, in the alternate, the FCC has asked the court to accept Baxter's responses as admissions of fact.

Documents are here, here, and here.

Karol Madera Refused Veteran's Plates -- For Obvious Reasons


"Dear VE7KFM.com, don't know if you caught the conversation between VE7KFM and N4TAT, but Karol told Donny that he was REFUSED a set of veterans plates. Any real veteran can obtain a set of plates for $5.00 but Karol Madera was not allowed to obtain a set of veterans plates. Karol acknowledged that he was turned down because the bureacrat in charge recognized Karol isn't a veteran. Donny laughed and told Karol that he could come to the United States, where you can live as a military phony and you're protected by the Constitution. Meanwhile David, W4BHV, is waiting for one of Karol's VE7KFM vanity plates, because Karol promised one to David, back when he thought he'd be able to get veteran's plates. It was a sad day when these 3 Stooges were granted a license to peddle their bullshit!"

Board Certified Psychiatrist Renders Opinion

According to a Stanford educated, Board Certified, Psychiatrist, "Paranoid delusions; delusions of grandeur; delusions of reference; circumstantiality; disorganized thinking and speech; inappropriate affect; lack of insight; tangentiality; stilted speech, and; frequent neologisms (made up words), can all be cited as evidence of serious mental illness."

Karol "Sandusky" Madera

In this recording, amateur operators have noted all of the above. They've also used this recording (at the 10 minute point) to educate others about what they call "Madera's well-known and intense pedophilic interest in children."

Karol Madera's Documented Sexual Interest in Children

According to a listener employed in treating individuals and families with serious mental health issues, "Madera has frequently demonstrated a sexual interest in other people's children. Evidence of this is present on his blog and in recordings at YouTube and VE7KFM.com and this could certainly be cited as valid evidence of pedophilia and/or child stalking in any number of official complaints."

Mental Health Professionals Agree

Karol Madera's extremism, anti-social behavior, pedophilic interest in children, pathological lying, histrionics, sadistic homo-erotic themes, and his grandiose, and persecutory delusions, expressed orally and in writing, all indicate a compelling need for professional intervention.

Respected Physics Professor Rebukes Fired Math Teacher

Distinguished Professor, Dr. Brian A. Cole of the Columbia University Department of Physics, has blasted Glenn Baxter's statements about Einstein's theory of Special Relativity. In May, 2012, Dr. Brian Cole, who earned a Ph.D. from M.I.T. -- matter-of-factly told Baxter, who took 6 years to get through 4 years of college -- "...your statements are wrong" and "I don't want to rain on your parade, but at some point you will have to face reality."

Speaking of reality, Baxter seems to believe people have an interest in his oafish experiments, even when those people have repeatedly asked Baxter to stop sending his childish email, which they have repeatedly reported as SPAM.

For some reason, Baxter has been sending SPAM email to multiple recipients, from multiple email addresses, regarding a so-called physics institute and colloquium in Maine sponsored by Baxter. In addition to his tirespome self-promotion, Baxter has been airing physics programs over amateur radio in support of this institute and colloquium, which has brought further FCC attention to the perennial pest from Long Pond.

Read the entire email from Dr. Cole, published by Baxter, here and the news article about Baxter's firing from a temporary teaching position, after only 2 months on the job, here.

1st Circuit Court of Appeals to Baxter - No Oral Needed - Thanks Anyway

Karol Madera's old friend Glenn Baxter was informed by the court today that oral arguments will not be needed in his so-called case against the government. Baxter's latest attempt at Clarence Darrowism will be judged on the merits (or lack thereof) as contained in his written submissions.

Speaking of Baxter's amazing legal prowess, we inadvertently stumbled across one of many possible reasons for Baxter's 'retirement' from teaching back in 2000-2001. According to a newspaper in Maine, Baxter was let go (fired was the word they used) after only 2 months on the job. He sued -- practically everyone, as usual -- and the outcome was the same as we've come to expect from the portly and litigious Hobbit from the Great Pond.

In some people's minds, being fired and being retired are one and the same. This is very similar to the Polonais-Canadien concept of being thrown out of military college and then announcing you graduated with honors!

DOCUMENTS are here, and here

FCC Focuses on Baxter Non-Renewal Action

On June 14, the FCC filed a Motion for Additional Discovery, including the Enforcement Bureau's 2nd set of Interrogatories and the Enforcement Bureau's 2nd Request for Production of Documents.

On the same day, the Enforcement Bureau filed its First Request for Admission of Facts. There were 23 questions in all and Baxter was directed to file his response within 10 calendar days.

Fourteen days later, Baxter filed an incomplete answer that looked remarkably similar to one of his previous submissions, which the FCC deemed "unresponsive." Rather than repeat Baxter's tedious drivel, see the doc's below.

According to attorneys familiar with his case, Baxter submitted his latest filing, once again stonewalling the Commission, and once again indicating he has been interfered with by operators who used their radio equipment on a frequency Baxter intended to use for his radio bulletins.

Additionally, Baxter still seems to believe his publication of a schedule has some bearing on his case. This is prima facie evidence of Baxter's lack of understanding of Part 97 and further evidence of his obtuse refusal to take responsibility for his actions.

REMINDER: The court concluded that summary judgment was appropriate for willful or malicious interference with other radio transmissions in violation of 97.101(d) and failure to respond to an FCC inquiry in violation of 47 U.S.C. section 308.

DOCUMENTS are Here, here, and here

Karol Madera -- Expert in Sexual Deviance

Karol Madera is an expert in all sorts of fetishes: oral copulation; analingus; masturbation; pedophilia; coprophilia; water sports, and; all homosexual matters specifically and in general. Like many raving homophobes, he claims he is heterosexual. On the evening of June 22, 2012, Madera lectured the world about homosexuals and the proper use of the American flag. Madera's in-depth knowledge of homosexual practices, coprophilia, and coprophagia, speak volumes. Madera's claim that American homosexuals wipe sperm and feces off their sexual members with the American flag, is particularly putrid evidence of Madera's serious mental disability. In addition to these themes, Madera frequently makes sexual inquiries about minor children. No wonder Karol Madera receives death threats from all over the world!

Following Madera's lecture, Fred Roll, WW4D made an intelligent and timely observation related to Madera's obsession with homosexual oral and anal sex. Prior to opening the forum to questions, Karol Madera put out a general offer to anyone who might be listening. For reference, one member of the audience listed Madera's phone number: 250-383-4242 for anyone interested in taking Karol up on his kind offer.

Karol Florian Madera - More Fraudulent Posturing

In a last ditch attempt to prove his service as a "retired Captain in the Canadian Navy, ADC to two Generals, trained as a warfare and communications officer," etc., ad nauseum, Karol Madera is now frantically emailing a link to a newsletter/blog "apology" he obtained in 2006 by means of threats. As a standard practice, Madera employs The 3 B's: "Bully, Bluster, and Bullshit" -- more politely known as Force, Fraud, and Propaganda (c) Fred Lloyd, QRZ.com. Please note that the e-veritas newsletter is NOT operating under the auspices of the Canadian goverment, nor is it published by the Royal Military College.

In fact, the e-veritas newsletter sells cute trinkets like coffee cups, key-chains, post cards and ballcaps -- and lots of advertising -- but it is actually hosted by Domains at Cost -- a budget-minded hosting solution which is quite obviously NOT one of Canada's official government websites, which have a unique gc.ca suffix. In reality, the newsletter is edited by Bill and Rolande Oliver, a husband/wife team of realtors. Unsurprisingly, they use the site to sell real estate.

Unfortunately, whilst yielding to Madera's bullying, the editors of the e-veritas newsletter published a link to Madera's horrific blog, which features Madera's less than delightful retelling of the time he told a 12 year old boy that he "hoped al Qaida cut his bag off, before he fucked his first queer;" his calling 7 year old boys "faggots;" his discussion of "a man's 11 year old cocksucking daughter's tits;" and who could forget his rendition of "President Obama being buggered by a little white stud;" "Laura Smith's smelly cunt;" and other items far too disgusting to mention here. Bill and Rolande Oliver are getting on in years. As such, we think they can be forgiven for caving in to Karol Madera's force, fraud, and propaganda.

The following caveat says it all: "Views and opinions expressed in e-veritas do not necessarily reflect the policies or views of the RMC Club Executive; RMC Club Executive Director or the membership of the RMC Club of Canada."

Karol Madera, VE7KFM - Fraud and Con Man

The e-veritas newsletter "apology" is virtually identical to a previously forced apology which was removed by the Southgate News Service, when they discovered the truth about Madera.

Another highly amusing case of Karol Madera attempting to bully a webmaster occurred when he came up against a veritable stone wall of integrity, in the person of Glenn Hauser, internationally known Editor of the DX Listening Digest and World of Radio, among others, heard around the world, via Satellite, AM, FM, and the Internet. [Schedule]

DX LISTENING DIGEST 6-110, July 26, 2006


Edited by Glenn Hauser, http://www.worldofradio.com

** CANADA. We had a couple items about the foul-mouthed ham, VE7KFM, who subsequently made all kinds of threats against us, claiming he was being maligned, so we removed the items, at least temporarily. Afterwards we received testimonials from many hams that the accusations against him were true and verifiable. Rather than go into all that here and now, we refer you to this website which covers it all, for those who are concerned; a really appalling case: http://ve7kfm.com (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST) [Link updated October, 2006]

Yet another amusing case of the "demented demand" occurred at the WorldWide DX Forum. We could supply all of these gems of insight, literally dozens, but we think you get the picture!

Incidentally, impersonating an Officer is a criminal act in Canada. These individuals rob every Veteran or Serving member of credibility. Impersonation is the ultimate disrespect to those Canadian Heroes who sacrificed their lives for Canada.

Karol Madera Routinely Lies, Bullies, and Threatens Others

Once again, the truth about Karol Madera can be easily obtained by contacting the Military Police Detachment in Kingston, Ontario, as follows:

Military Police Regiment Kingston

National Defence

Canada K7K 7B4

Telephone | 613-541-5010 x 5648

CSN Telephone | CSN 271-5648

Facsimile | 613-541-4482

Government of Canada

RMC Graduate ('70) and Canadian MP Confirms -- "I've Never Heard of Karol Madera!"

Joseph Jean-Pierre Marc Garneau, C.C., CD, Ph.D., F.C.A.S.I., MP (born February 23, 1949) is a Canadian politician, retired military officer, former astronaut, and engineer. He is currently the Member of Parliament for the riding of Westmount-Ville-Marie and the Liberal Party House Leader.

When contacted recently, the man was puzzled. "I know and remember virtually everyone from my class at RMC, but I've never heard of Karol Madera." This, despite having graduated from RMC in the same year Madera claims to have graduated! Have we ever mentioned Madera is both a fraud and a liar?

Karol Madera Called "Pedophile" Due to Inappropriate Sexual Interest in Children

Over the past 6 years, Karol Madera has been reported to U.S. and Canadian authorities on numerous occasions. American, Mark Derby reported that Madera showed sexual interest in his daughter; Canadian, Kyle Kindjerski was underage when Madera began showing an interest in his sexuality; Brandon Duke [now in prison for attempted murder after following Madera's orders to shoot Americans] was seduced by Madera when he was a teen; Madera told a boy named Cal that he hoped "al Qaida would cut his bag off, before he fucked his 1st queer" and recently; Madera repeatedly asked a Texas man working to the Department of Homeland Security if his 11 year old daughter "has big tits." Furthermore, on Madera's moonbat-wingnut blog, he discusses the sexuality of children as young as seven. For the foregoing reasons and others (below) parents are strongly cautioned to keep their children far away from Karol Florian Madera of 3040 Tillicum Road, Saanich, BC V9A 2B3.

Research Indicates 80% Likelihood Karol Madera is an Angry & Repressed Homosexual

Research by US psychologists suggests that 80 percent of men who are homophobic have secret homosexual feelings. This finding lends scientific support to the long-standing speculation that those who shout the loudest against homosexuality have something to hide. The research results were published in the prestigious Journal of Abnormal Psychology, with the backing of the American Psychological Association.

In tests conducted by Prof. Henry E Adams of the University of Georgia, homophobic men who said they were exclusively heterosexual were shown gay sex videos. Four out of five became sexually aroused by the homoerotic imagery, as recorded by a penile circumference measuring device - a plethysmograph.

Prof. Adams says his research shows that most homophobes "demonstrate significant sexual arousal to homosexual erotic stimuli", suggesting that homophobia is a form of "latent homosexuality where persons are either unaware of or deny their homosexual urges".

REFERENCE: Henry E. Adams, Lester W. Wright Jr., and Bethany A Lohr, Is Homophobia Associated With Homosexual Arousal? in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Vol. 105., No. 3 (1996), pp. 440-445.

Corollary Between Repressed Homosexuality, Paranoid Delusions, Sexual Sadism

For those with an interest in a deeper psychological analysis, Madera's sadistic homosexual fantasies, delusions, and his sadistic anal/oral compulsions are explained here:

The relationship between Karol Madera's homosexual anal/oral sadism and other sadistic fantasies; his apparent latent homosexuality, and; his paranoid delusions related to persecution, governmental conspiracies, stalking, 3 letter agencies, etc., are fully explained in classical psychoanalytic texts, as referenced in multiple articles and in particular, in an article by Dr. Charles W. Tidd, in the the Psychoanalytic Quarterly, Vol. 12:151-152.

Why is the paranoiac compelled to deny his homosexual love object so utterly? The strong drive to love and to be loved in the paranoiac is developed to neutralize and erotize unconscious hatred of the father. The intensity of the hatred is such that unbearable anxiety is produced when any trace of love is perceived: 'I must love him and be loved by him to neutralize my hatred for him; but the nearer I get to him the more dangerous the relationship becomes...'

According to one expert familiar with Madera:

"Psychoanalytic theory relative to homosexual sadism, oral/anal fixation, and anti-authority based paranoia may explain Madera's over-reaction to authority figures in general and his reaction to anyone attempting to stifle his expression of anal/oral sadistic threats and/or his pedophilic interest in children."

"In fact, his pedophilic interest in children may pinpoint the age(s) at which sexual abuse may have occurred. Based on reports from Toronto, from those who know him, his father may have sexually molested him over a period of several years, specifically between the ages of 2 and 11. In other words, he may see every authority figure as a father-figure conspiring to anally and orally rape him. His lawsuit against the Victoria Real Estate Board is a case in point. According to Madera, he was targeted by homosexuals who conspired against him to deprive him of his right of free expression. This kind of paranoid conspiracy delusion based in homosexual domination is frequently seen in male adults who were sexually abused by the same sex parent."

According to Psychoanalyst, Dr. Charles W. Tidd: "The fact that the paranoiac is fixated at an anal-sadistic level accounts for the homosexual character of the dangerous love. The Oedipus conflict is sometimes solved by passive submission to the father, but this love for the father is strongly ambivalent, and the degree of intensity of anal sadism must determine whether the individual becomes an overt homosexual or is forced into the paranoid attempt to repress."

REFERENCE: Dr. Charles W. Tidd, Psychoanalytic Quarterly, Vol. 12:151-152

Karol Madera - Tall Tales and Stolen Valor on Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, Karol Madera was fully engaged in filthy language, threats, and false tales of military service. For the past six years, Madera has falsely claimed to be a retired member of the Canadian Forces who served as a Captain in the Canadian Navy and as an Aide de Camp to two Generals. Madera also claims he graduated from the Royal Military college in Kingston, Ontario in 1970.

For the most exemplary candidates, the minimum time to reach the rank of Captain in Canada is 15 years (1970-1985). If Madera is a retired Captain, as he claims, why did he list his occupation as a "Real Estate Salesperson" in 1979 when he purchased his home in Saanich, BC ?

Listen as Madera threatens an Airman who is currently serving in the Canadian Forces. Madera says he will have the Airman "standing to attention" for expressing a valid opinion about Madera's stolen valor. For obvious reasons, most thinking individuals laugh uproariously at Madera's false posturing. The fact that Madera completely fails to see the inherent irony in his sermon about proper conduct, is just icing on the cake. Listen as Madera asks a man if he can stick his dick in the man's mouth as a test to determine Madera's sexual preference.

Speaking of Karol Madera's overtly confused sexuality; his on-air comments demonstrate incredible hypocrisy. Madera sued the Victoria Real Estate Board for "sexual harassment" and one of the elements of the suit specifically addressed whether Madera was, or was not, a homosexual. Needless to say, Madera lost the suit!

Readers have commented that Madera's abuse of the legal process to cry "harassment" time and time again is simply more evidence of his disingenous nature and complete lack of moral fiber. Recently, Madera had the audacity to contact police in Canada -- about a fellow Canadian threatening him -- despite the fact that Madera has himself made multiple, documented threats against numerous individuals, from FCC Special Counsel Laura Smith to the American Ambassador to Canada, over the past 6 years.

Here, Madera tells a complainant, "You should call my police department; tell them to send the biggest titted constable they have on this week; she better have humongous tits, to come and suck my cock. Be sure to record this. Tell her that when I open the door, she should open her mouth and drop to her knees and I'll do the rest." A Canadian living on Vancouver Island remarked, "I'm certain it was a reference to Constable Kathleen Brandsma !"

Karol Madera's Good Friend Todd Daugherty -- Guilty [Again]

Todd Daugherty (N9OGL) accepted a negotiated plea after being accused of and admitting violation of the terms of his probation, including becoming violent, necessitating restraint, while under probation. Daugherty posted bond and was sentenced to 45 days home confinement and his probation was terminated, unsuccessfully. Daugherty is infamous for his foul language and threats of murdering children and notorious for posting sexualized animated images of chiuldren on the Internet. When Daugherty made threats about shooting children in the head while they played soccer, he made sure to cc his good friend Karol Madera and federal officials... who immediately reported the email to police! "Not the brightest bulb in the chandelier" according to a former enforcement officer for the FCC. Todd Daugherty's FCC applications are under review and "Offline for Enforcement Bureau Action." Daugherty is one of several of Madera's friends who have been arrested and sentenced for criminal acts from harassment to fraud to attempted murder.

Sig Heil!

Karol Madera has often been compared to the infamous Nazi Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler's Minister of Propaganda. Fred Lloyd, owner of the most popular amateur radio site in the world called Madera a "propaganda genius" because Madera fooled dozens into believing he is a lawyer and a retired naval officer, among hundreds of other lies, both great and small.

Incidentally, Madera is banned from QRZ.com and all of the other well known and well respected amateur radio sites. Madera is a pathological liar. He has falsely claimed to be a retired Naval Captain, an Aide de Camp to two Generals, a veteran of the Canadian Forces, and numerous other tall tales of Stolen Valor.

For more information on this matter, there are a growing number of YouTube videos "out there" related to Karol Madera's disgusting diatribes and kooky conspiracy theories, which you may also wish to review. Be advised, several videos authored by VE7KFM were removed from YouTube due to multiple privacy and terms of service violations.

Imagine, VE7KFM -- banned by YouTube, eHam, QRZ, Ham Island, Radio Reference, etc., etc., and exposed as a Pathological Liar and a common fraud. Did that stop Madera? Well, no, being severely mentally ill, Madera merely registered as CDN, Western Observer, SWL, and several other fraudulent monikers, to continue his Internet facilitated defamation....

Madera's Status as a "Wingnut-Moonbat" Revealed

For at least six years, Karol Madera has been labeled a "Wingnut-Moonbat" on Wikipedia's definitive list of Internet Kooks. A fact known only to a few; Madera has been following, quoting, and closely imitating the writing style of one of his philosophical mentors, Laura Knight-Jadczyk. His other mentor is, of course, Joseph Goebbels. Madera quotes Knight-Jadczyk extensively on his hate-propaganda blog. In an effort to cast light into every dark corner of the Canadian deviant's so-called mind, we'll provide links to Laura Knight-Jadczyk's writing below. Here is just one of the many references to Laura Knight-Jadczyk, as seen on Madera's wingnut moonbat blog in Canada... Note the themes you've heard dozens of times on 20 meters, emanating from Madera's distorted transmitter located in southwest Canada.

High Strangeness - Hyperdimensions and the Process of Alien Abduction

Freedom of Association, Smoking, and Psychopathy


"Signs of the Times" is where it's all laid bare: The Reptilian-Alien Takeover; 2012 Earth Changes; Jewish Puppet-Masters; The Judeo-Christian Cult in Control of America; COINTELPRO; George Bush's Role in 9/11; 3 Letter Alphabet Agencies; Psychopaths Rule our World; etc.

Naturally, this involves a "consciously channeled" source from the future, lying outside our solar system....

Finally, there's the new religion. You knew there HAD to be one, and here it is...

Church of Revived PaleoChristianity

Among the Fellowship's goals:

To teach scientific and proven techniques to detoxify the body, mind, and spirit

To provide a framework whereby PaleoChristian communities of various types can form and thrive

To increase awareness of - and to minimize the detrimental effects of - deviant, pathological, and/or psychopathic individuals and organizations

To protect members' rights from legal attacks by pathological deviants

To restore humankind to its natural state of peace, truth, and benevolence

Royal Canadian Mounted Pussy Jail

Following Karol Madera's malicious interference to an ongoing emergency net, where he called himself GOD (see below) during the March Tornado Swarm, he went silent for a number of weeks. According to Madera, he was in an "Royal Canadian Mounted Pussy Jail", however, reports from listeners near his residence indicate that he was merely jamming covertly, with the usual repetitious audiotapes, containing his customary mix of lies, slander, perversion, and sexual sadism.

Madera Maliciously and Intentionally Interferes with Emergency Traffic During Tornado Disaster

Reports and complaints have been sent to the Prime Minister of Canada and the highest echelons of Industry Canada, regarding Karol Madera's interference with emergency radio traffic during the widespread tornado swarm of March 2, 2012. Madera blatantly and purposely interfered with emergency radio traffic during the event. As amateurs delivered up to the minute alerts, directly from the U.S. National Weather Service, Madera mocked the weather event, calling himself "God" in his usual, mentally-ill fashion. At least 40 Americans died during the tornado outbreak while dozens more experienced property damages in excess of one billion dollars. On a positive note, several stations were able to copy the emergency traffic through Madera's despicable interference relaying tornado warnings to loved ones in GA, KY, AL, IN, and OH. See excerpts of email forwarded regarding this event.

Madera's Radio Co-Host Glenn Baxter (update)

Baxter has appealed his $10,000 FCC fine to the appellate court in the 1st Circuit. It is unknown at this time whether or not Baxter will invite aliens to file an amicus brief on his behalf.

Meanwhile, Baxter is now focused on quantum physics, but he has been humiliated and ridiculed by career physicists who refer to his claims as "poor and unscientific"..."utter nonsense"..."smug and largely incorrect;" and "using 8th grade algebra;" etc..More details here.

Baxter wisely disinvited Madera as a radio co-host following Madera's suggestion that Baxter employ a dirty bomb against U.S. forces and following Madera's repeated attempts to set Baxter up for an armed conflict with the U.S. government, which Baxter mentioned in his "Life of Karol", circa 2005.

Prediction: Baxter Appeal Going Nowhere Fast

Jonas X. Hasenfus, Professor at Law (Retired) of Bern, Switzerland, our legal correspondent here at the Center for Media Studies, predicts Baxter's appeal will be "laughed out of court" as soon as the USA files its reply brief. Baxter, according to Hasenfus, "doesn't know his ass from his elbow" and "is so far over his head, even the Lifeguards from Baywatch couldn't help him."

Ms. Margaret McGaughey is an Appellate Chief from the United States Attorney's Office in Maine with more than 30 years of experience. Ms. McGaughey graduated with Honors from Stanford University in 1970 and from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Law in 1973. For four years she worked in the Massachusetts public defender's office in Boston, handling appeals to both the state appellate courts and the First Circuit. Between 1977 and 1978, Ms. McGaughey was law clerk to the Frank M. Coffin of the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. As of December, 2011, Ms. McGaughey has handled 372 First Circuit cases." [Bio courtesy Tufts University]

Madera's Protege, Todd E. Daugherty (N9OGL) Becomes Violent During Probation Revocation Hearing

This just in from the Christian County, Illinois courts. Todd Daugherty was in court on February 27, 2012, for a probation revocation Hearing. The Christian County Probation Department advised the court that Daugherty became violent and had to be restrained. Daugherty was acting pro se, but the judge admonished Daugherty and convinced him that he would be better served by a Public Defender. Daugherty returns to court on April 24th. Also of note, the FCC has offlined Daugherty's FCC license renewal for FCC Enforcement Bureau action.

Madera's Protege, Brandon M. Duke (KJ4SGZ) Eligible for Parole in May, 2039

Brandon M. Duke was found guilty of 1st Degree Attempted Murder. Unfortunately, Duke came under the influence of Karol Madera who encouraged his criminality and urged him to "shoot" his fellow Americans. Duke shot at a police officer who was attempting to serve Duke with a warrant. The police officer shot back, wounding Duke three times.

Duke stood next to his public defender and answered each of Boulder District Judge D.D. Mallard's questions politely. He firmly said "guilty" twice, once for the attempted murder charge and once for the first-degree assault charge. Brandon Duke is scheduled for mandatory release from prison in 2065, assuming he lives that long.

Madera's Protege Joseph F. Goldberg (KJ4DVD) ~ Granted Another Training Wheels License

The FCC license lookup for Joseph F. Goldberg KJ4DVD shows this from the FCC: "Per Enforcement Bureau, this license is limited to a two year grant and licensee is prohibited from operating frequencies between 14.272 and 14.278 MHz." Joseph F. Goldberg is widely recognized as the voice of Pirate Station EA1AET who aided and abetted Madera by posting on the Internet as "pocaribe@aol.com" and illegally operating on 14.275 mHz, jamming the airwaves with Karol Madera. Goldberg's latest limited license expires on March 3, 2014.

Madera's Disgusting Attacks Against Women and Children

As you listen to recordings of Karol Madera, and as you review his disgusting attacks against women and children, be advised, a highly respected, Stanford educated psychiatrist recently opined: "Karol Madera is a serial stalker, a demonstrated cyberpath, a pathological liar, a glib sociopath, and an obvious psychopath, with all that entails. In other words, he's a dangerous predator and the Saanich police department would do well to watch him carefully, because his personality style has been implicated in literally dozens of serial killings and child predator incidents." *

* The interpersonal traits Madera shares with serial killers include glibness, superficial charm, a grandiose sense of self-worth, pathological lying, and the manipulation of others. The affective traits include a lack of remorse and/or guilt, shallow affect, a lack of empathy, and failure to accept responsibility. The lifestyle behaviors include stimulation-seeking behavior, impulsivity, irresponsibility, parasitic orientation, and a lack of realistic life goals. "Psychopaths are not sensitive to altruistic interview themes, such as sympathy for their victims or remorse/guilt over their crimes. They possess certain personality traits, particularly: narcissism, selfishness, and vanity." [FBI Forensic Profile]

BREAKING NEWS - Karol Madera is a liar, a thief, a pedophile, a stalker, a child abuser, and a military impostor!

Canadian Military Police Confirm: Karol Madera is a Military impostor

The Military Police Detachment, Kingston, ON have investigated Karol Madera's claim(s) that he is a graduate of the Royal Military College in Ontario and a retired member of the Canadian Armed Forces.

The Canadian Military Police in charge of the Madera investigation have concluded that Karol Madera is a liar who is disgracing the Canadian Armed Forces.

They have forwarded their report for further action, as indicated.

"As it stands now there is a lengthy investigation that is ongoing... he is disgracing the Canadian Forces by portraying himself as a Vet... if this individual was to be in public using a uniform and then saying he is a Vet of the Military, well that's a whole new ball game... I will make sure this situation will be dealt with... this has been going on for at least 5 years now and the authorities are well aware of him."

In fact, Madera is a suspect in at least 3 unsolved murders; an Anthrax hoax, perpetrated against American citizens, and other criminal matters such as false complaint(s); multiple instances of criminal harassment; criminal threatening; child abuse; stalking; identity theft; and impersonation, which would force the FBI, State Department, and Homeland Security to argue over who would have the opportunity to interrogate Karol Madera first, were he ever unwise enough to step foot over the U.S. border.

Multiple Madera Lies Refuted by Neighbor, Jim Thomson of Saanich, BC

VE7KFM's Homosexual Love Interest, Jim Thomson

Jim Thomson has confirmed that Madera has falsely portrayed himself as a lawyer and a veteran (both crimes in Canada) and he has confirmed the actual specs of Madera's amplifier (500 watts from a pair of 813's) which Thomson personally inspected, thus refuting Madera's numerous lies about his radio equipment. Jim Thomson also revealed Madera's plan to fraudulently obtain veterans plates for his blue Volvo -- Madera is not a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Thomson also conceded the fact that Madera is not engaged in "free speech." When asked, "If somebody would stand on the main square of Victoria, BC, shouting obscenities, making inappropriate sexual comments, etc., how long would it take for the mounties to take him or her away?" Thomson answered, "About 30-120 secs....tops." Thomson wrote, "I don't condone ANYTHING that goes on..."

Thomson also verified that several videos authored by VE7KFM were removed from YouTube due to multiple privacy and terms of service violations. His comments also proved that Madera and his criminal companions are banned from both qrz.com and eham.net while Madera's detractors have not been banned or sanctioned.

Thomson also referenced Madera's webpage, which is universally recognized as an unreadable source of loony conspiracy theories, lies, libel, and fraud, penned by an individual with serious mental health issues.

As a humourous aside, Charles Rauch, Jr., W8JI, an acknowledged expert on receiving and transmitting antennas, amplifiers, radios, and designer of the excellent DX Engineering Baluns, also referred to Madera's inane nonsense.... "It makes my head spin just trying to read the half-English gibberish with ##### and everything else."

Charles Rauch, a precionist in engineering and language, is correct, as usual. Madera is listed as follows on the wiki for Internet wingnut or moonbat cloggers:

Karol Florian Madera

"Schizophrenic Canadian amateur radio operator who bills himself as Radio Canada. He operates a station on the high frequency radio bands and makes it his aim to slander U.S. citizens nearly every day over the airwaves. He has threatened the U.S. ambassador to Canada and a 13 year old boy from Minnesota, and expressed hopes that someone would deploy roadside bombs against Americans, and stated he would give Al-Qaeda aid and comfort. Mr. Madera also has a website that slanders those he identifies as his enemies, most of whom are American amateur radio operators."

Stolen Valor -- A Common Haven for Pathological Liars and the Mentally Ill

We have continually invited Karol Madera to refute his own admissions against interest, not to mention the official and unofficial records which support statements that he is a liar, a fraud, a pedophile, a racist, a misogynist, a stalker, and a military impostor, who has incited murder of American citizens and allied himself with enemies of the United States. Since 2006, Karol Madera has failed to contact us to refute any of the statements on these pages.

Rather than respond to invitations to discuss his irrational, unbalanced, and hateful rhetoric, Madera offers a series of artfully, digitally altered recordings and fabricated statements from his band of proven criminals and identity thieves as "proof" of his loony conspiracy theories. You can review Madera's prized recordings on his poorly designed 'homebrew' webspace, not to be confused with a real website, on an obscure server, operated by a poorly regarded, 3rd rate company in Canada.

Glenn Baxter owes $10,000 for Willful or Malicious Interference and Failure to Respond to an FCC Inquiry

Read the Final Order here

Click on Baxter's picture for a larger view.

Glenn Baxter, K1MAN

The Federal District Court in Maine granted the USA's request for dismissal of the pecuniary interest count. More info here.

If you like, you can also read a few of Glenn Baxter's thoughts on Karol Madera, including Baxter's comments, which apparently refer to the Nazi's and Soviets gang-raping Karol Madera's mother.

Madera has said he is, or was, somewhat perturbed with Baxter because the latter revealed details of his family history that were shared in confidence. In fairness, there has been speculation that Mrs. Madera may have actually been involved in more of a "barter situation" with the Nazi's -- especially given Karol Madera's admission that she and Madera's father both worked like slaves for the Nazi war machine and Karol's uncanny philosophical and physical resemblance to Joseph Goebbels.

On the morning of January 28, 2012, Baxter returned to 14.275 with his 'signature' programming, e.g., a year-old recording produced by AR Newsline, that was so distorted it was nearly impossible to decipher.

Read more about Glenn Baxter here.

Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM -- A Disgusting Stalker and Pedophile

Karol Madera unabashedly and unequivocally admits his all-consuming pedophilia. Unfortunately, Madera doesn't seem to realize that his words and actions also reveal him to be a stalker and a sexual predator, but then, few pedophiles understand the true nature of their dark desires.

Using his powerful shortwave radio transmitting apparatus in Saanich, British Columbia, Canada, Karol Florian Madera has threatened United States officials, incited violent criminals to commit murder, and called on al Qaida to murder Americans. He has stalked and harassed children as young as 7 years old. In a fitting tribute to his terrorist masters, Madera calls himself "Al Qaida Northern Command."

Karol Florian Madera -- Serious Mental Illness

"Madera demonstrates mixed traits of the obsessive-compulsive, narcissist, histrionic, borderline, and the anti-social, with elements of the schizotypal personality type. He also presents with recurrent themes of physical and sexual abuse of children. He is preoccupied with themes of sexual violence. He is intelligent and extemely manipulative, and he has, in fact, incited the murder of Americans on several occasions." -- A clinical examination of Karol Madera's language and behavior, prepared for the Department of Homeland Security, January, 2012.

Karol Madera Threatens FCC Agent With Sexual Violence

In an apparent move to extort action from an FCC administrator through the threat of force, coercion, and sexual violence, VE7KFM has once again targeted Laura Smith of the FCC. Madera says, and we quote, "While Laura's still playing with her pussy, I'm going to shove something angular up her twat, if she doesn't soon get a grip on the situation."

Listen here

The extortion, public humiliation, and sexually violent threat against Laura Smith is a long-standing pattern of behavior in Karol Madera's obscene and violent repertoire. This is simply the latest episode in Madera's history of terroristic threats, stalking, and sexual harassment of women and children.

Violent Threats and Stalking Since 2005

Ironically, Madera called on amateurs to write to the FCC to complain about jamming, while Madera was in fact jamming. Madera's violent sexual threats, harassment, stalking, and coercive verbal abuse, along with his frequent incitement to murder, have been reported to Industry Canada and the Saanich Police since at least 2005. To date, Madera remains on the air, where he is frequently heard inciting known criminals and the mentally ill to murder his serial targets.

Pumpkin Carving Madman

According to a complaint to Saanich Police, Madera said he would visit a man named Frank or Fred and carve a jack-o-lantern into his fat belly. The complainant said Madera stated that he would drive to Texas and "gut the man like a pig." While engaged in this murderous rant, Madera turned up the voltage to his amplifier to the point where he blew up the tube in his amp. Madera blew the amp and was not heard from for the rest of the evening.

Listen to this hilarious audio clip as Madera lies to his friend Mike Lonneke, W0YR (author of the defeated fascist bandwidth proposal) the day after Madera blew up his amp, stating "oh, the amplifier's fine...."

Have we ever mentioned that Karol Florian Madera may be the best known pathological liar in all of British Columbia?

"Laura Sucked Me Off"

The same evening Madera told Frank or Fred, from Dallas, that he would visit him on Halloweeen to carve a jack-o-lantern into his belly, Madera stated that Laura Smith of the FCC had sucked him off, both literally and figuratively. This is a direct quote. Smith has previously stated that she has never met Madera and that she would refuse the invitation if offered. In fact, all communications from Mr. Madera to the FCC (and other federal offices) are routinely directed to the electronic dustbin before they're even delivered. Incidentally, impugning the chastity of a woman is known as 'defamation per se' and Mrs. Smith is legally entitled to a public apology and punitive damages regarding Madera's disgusting, misogynistic lies about Mrs. Smith.

Stalking and Harassing Children

Madera stands accused of stalking minors using amateur radio and the Internet. Madera was reported to the Saanich police by an officer in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) who labeled Madera a "pedophile" regarding Madera's behavior toward an 11 year old girl from Amarillo, Texas.

Stalking a Canadian Woman

A complaint was also made to RCMP regarding the alleged stalking, harassment, and intimidation of a different female. This complaint against Madera was made by a woman in Parksville, British Columbia. According to a source in Parksville, Karol Madera was present and photographed on the site where the stalking occurred and he has been positively identified by the victim in that case.

In our segment, "Stalking Van Isle Women" (below) the man in the passenger seat of the small car is Karol Madera. He was photographed while he was parked on the property of the woman who reported him to the RCMP for stalking and harassing her.

Madera's modus operandi was shockingly similar to that of the killers in the Lindsay Buziak case. According to the stalking victim in the official police report, Madera used a woman accomplice who claimed to be "scouting movie locations" while she took pictures of the victim and her business. (See our Lindsay Buziak segment below).

Madera later posted pictures of the female victim on his web page, with disgusting and false sexual commentary about her. The Saanich Police advised the woman's husband to contact RCMP about the "intimidation and criminal harassment" related to Madera's "creepy behavior" which Saanich Police Sergeant John Price described as unacceptable.

Stalking Women at the VREB

All of this is very similar to Madera's behavior toward women in the Victoria Real Estate Board (VREB) case. Discussing the VREB threats incident, a female, past President of the VREB said, "He was the most horrible man. He sent us the most disgusting, sexually oriented letters. He was sick, very sick. We had to obtain protection from the police. I later heard he tried to become a lawyer, but he was rejected as being unfit." See our LEGAL PAGE for more information.

Stalking FCC Agent Laura Smith

Laura Smith of the Federal Communications Commission could also testify to Madera's harassment, as well as his disgusting sexually oriented behavior toward his female victims, since she is also a victim of Karol Madera's disturbing sexually-oriented harassment and stalking. A staggering number of emails were sent to Smith by Madera, after he was explicitly advised to cease and desist, and a year later, he can still be heard inciting others to write letters on his behalf...

The facts are crystal clear; Karol Florian Madera (VE7KFM) has a long history of disturbing behavior related to the harassment, intimidation, and stalking of females, young and old. This is not to negate Madera's stalking and harassment of men. The partial list above merely indicates that Karol Madera has been described (and reported to Police) as an 'equal opportunity sexual predator.'

Court Dismisses Baxter's $50M Counterclaim

Read the Document

Apparently, Glenn Baxter's pro se pleadings were so poorly constructed that the court was unable to intuit any set of facts entitling Baxter to any of the relief he sought.

Karol Madera (VE7KFM) Reported...



Sexual Interference With an 11 Year Old Girl...

A security officer for the Department of Homeland Security in Amarillo, Texas has has lodged formal complaints against Karol Florian Madera with the Saanich Police Department (SPD) and Industry Canada (IC). These reports were made in connection with Madera's disgusting, unsolicited, sexual remarks about an 11 year old girl.

Not only did Madera make sexual inquiries about a minor child, which were duly witnessed by several individuals willing to testify against Madera, to make matters worse, he also berated the Homeland Security Officer who lodged the complaint against him. This incident is reminiscent of Madera's remarks about Laura Smith and Riley Hollingsworth of the FCC.

The Homeland Security officer spoke with Constable Kathleen Brandsma of SPD and Jim Laursen of IC. The Saanich Constable in charge of the investigation was extremely helpful, while Laursen demonstrated his customary concern and bureaucratic efficiency.

Madera Questions Size of 11 Year Old Girl's Breasts

The police report states that Madera asked about the 11 year old girls breasts repeatedly, and that the disgusting behavior continued, even after Madera was informed of her age. Madera stated (recorded here) "I don't care if she's old or young, I just want to know if she has big tits."

Madera -- "Just a Common Jammer"

According to listeners on 14.272, 14.275, and 14.313, Madera has been jamming semi-nightly for years. According to listeners stationed at the Tillicum Mall, just a few doors down from Madera's seedy residence, Madera uses an obscene 19 minute audiotape to jam the airwaves. When not using the 19 minute jamming tape, they report that he is using a text-to-speech device which approximates the human voice. Operators have been repeatedly heard referring to Madera as "a common jammer."

Since the recent stalking and harassment report(s) were made, Madera has been talking less and jamming more, according to reports received. The most frequent comments heard about Karol Madera refer to him as a "pedophile" and a "jammer."

Mike Lonneke (W0YR) Accused of Jamming

Listeners who report that Mike Lonneke (W0YR) has been heard on 14272 kHz, exchanging pleasantries with notorious jammer and pedophile, Karol Madera, VE7KFM and using a false Chinese call sign.

Lonneke is a co-author of the so-called "fascist bandwidth proposal" which was rejected by the amateur radio community and subsequently shot down by the FCC in a formal ruling. See NU9N.com to read about other operator's experiences with Mike Lonneke (W0YR).

Whitney Tritch (N3ZV) In the News

An amateur operator filing bankruptcy due to a slew of medical problems suffered by himself and his wife, has been attacked in writing by Whitney Tritch and others, at the direction of Karol Madera.

The cell phone number left by Tritch 540-219-7988 seems to be a working number. Tritch sent a FAX from EOIR TECHNOLOGIES at 540-710-1592 where Tritch may be employed. We have also been informed that EOIR Technologies has been contacted. Inquiries were made as to whether or not Tritch's use of EOIR's technological facilities has been endorsed by that company. According to reports received, a lawsuit against EOIR may ensue unless proposed remedies are not enacted.

Documents are here, here, and here, and here.

See the following for more evidence of a continuing pattern of fraud and lies, perpetrated by Whitney Veon Tritch.

Ironically (and humorously) Tritch attacked the man's honesty and integrity. This, although Tritch himself was banned from QRZ.com for breaking into a protected computer system under false pretenses, stealing the Identity of an ill and elderly man in order to post defamation. Bearing in mind that Tritch served (very briefly) in the Army Reserve as a 'intercom technician' read these completely bogus claims, made by Tritch -- in writing no less!

More Commentary Via Email


I'm reading all about K1man and the rest. Great info! Don't know if you've heard or not, but Donald, (N4TAT) has gone off the deep end on cb channel 38LSB. He calls himself the "Back-Stabbing Prozac Kid" and will babble for hours on topics such as, "there is no heaven or he||", and how he's gonna stab you all in the back. When someone calls him out by name and location, he immediately goes quiet. He states Karol is a lunatic."


"Why has NOTHING been done to stop this lunatic VE7KFM? I am in Albuquerque, NM, THOUSANDS of miles away, and he creates such a disturbance on 20 meters. Daily it seems.This evening, 4/12/11 02:30Z he was jamming, putting carrier, BROADCASTING multiple overlapping recordings, etc. He's a foul mouthed racist, and needs to be incarcerated! Why does this man have a radio?? Are the authorities eunuchs? My God? What does it take to shut this idiot up? He overdrives his equipment, hopefully it will blow up in his face."


"Keep up the good work! He (VE7KFM) is majorly irritating."


Serious Mental Health Issues

Ironically, Karol Madera calls complainants against him "psychopaths, faggots, stalkers, jammers" etc. Apparently, this is known as "projection" in the mental health trade.

Projection is a primitive defense mechanism wherein the subject projects his own faults onto others (like a movie projector throwing an image onto a white screen). Because his own reprehensible actions are impossible for him to process, the subject "projects them" onto others in order to reduce his anxiety about his own socially unacceptable actions.

Jamming with Obscene and Racist Recordings

Madera has been called a world class jammer. He routinely broadcasts obscene and racist tape recordings while others attempt to communicate over amateur radio.

Madera's old friend, Douglas Gerry of Columbus, TX (NR5T) has decided to vacate 14.313 and avoid the 'Canadian Fruitcake' altogether, according to David J. Tolassi, W4BHV. The Fruitcake moniker was bestowed upon Madera by former FCC Special Counsel, Riley Hollingsworth, Esq. Others refer to Madera as 'that malicious, elderly, hunch-backed, dwarf' which is also an accurate description of Karol Madera, according to those who have encountered the dimunitve pest.

Fired...For Consorting with an al Qaida Supporter (?)

Speaking of Madera's friend David J. Tolassi, W4BHV -- he has reported that he was fired from Burlington's DYNAPOWER CORPORATION. Well placed sources indicate that a conversation with the company's President and a separate conversation with the Security Manager, revealed that Tolassi may have been considered a 'security risk' due to his close relationship with a man known to support al Qaida's attacks against the United States.

Mr. Baxter Goes to Washington

On the Wrong Day...

Madera's co-host Glenn Baxter traveled to Washington D.C. recently, seeking information about his fitness for licensure case on the issue of character, now before the FCC. Baxter's pre-conference Hearing on March 3 had been rescheduled for September 7. Apparently, Mr. Baxter didn't get the memo.

Buziak Murder -- No Arrest -- Yet

On the third anniversary of Lindsay Buziak's murder, a memorial walk was held. Karol Madera was not in attendance. This is not surprising considering Madera's disgusting and cruel remarks about the murdered young woman.

Karol Madera

Madera, referring to Lindsay Buziak, said, "I don't know if she had big tits or not; I was so busy stabbing her, I can't remember..."

Madera made these tasteless and shocking remarks, despite the fact that he had worked closely with her father, Jeff Buziak, before Madera was ejected from the Victoria Real Estate Board for making threats...

After Madera uttered those hateful and thoughtless remarks about Lindsay, one person listening called him a psychopath. It was an accurate observation.

Psychopaths can be thought of as 'emotionally disabled' in that they appear to experience a very limited range of emotion. They know the difference between what society considers "right" and "wrong," but they do not experience, and cannot empathize with the feelings of suffering, remorse, elation and love that are normally part of the human experience. They lack the essential ingredients necessary for creating harmony in human relations.

Psychopath -- Lacks Normal Emotions

Madera made these comments about Lindsay Buziak,despite the fact that her father Jeff was once a character witness for him in court. So much for Madera's insincere condolence call to his "old friend" about the death of his daughter.

Jeff Buziak led the mourners in the walk in remembrance of his beautiful daughter Lindsay. At this juncture, Jeff wants to see an arrest made.

Many of Lindsay's friends participate in a FACEBOOK PAGE where they discuss her murder, with the goal of bringing the murderer to justice.

Leona G writes: Karol Madera personally contacted Jeff early on to clear his name. They used to work together apparently. He is one sick f--- though.

Leona... you have no idea how many people agree with you.

Madera's History Speaks for Itself

Madera was thrown out -- and legally locked out -- of the Victoria Real Estate Board (VREB) for making threats. (Read about it here in Madera's own words). After his ejection from the Victoria Real Estate Board, Madera continued to harass members of the board. After his failure against them in court, he switched tactics and tried a career in law. As usual, his efforts ended dismally.

Ejected and Rejected

Karol F. Madera says he has more degrees than a Mexican has initials, which seems to be another way of saying, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again." Apparently FAILURE is his middle name.

When Madera lost his ridiculous retaliatory law suit against the VREB and the judge forced him to pay the board members expenses, costs, and penalties, Madera made the excuse that Judge Bracken "was bought off or sucked off in chambers." Madera always blames others for his own shortcomings. This, by the way, is the hallmark of a malignant narcissist.

Madera specifically targeted Rob Fraser; Donna Curtis; Larry Brooks; I.A. Boorman; K.L. Brown; R. J. Klizs; J.F. Cabeldu; G.B. Field; B. McIvor, and; Robert J. Melanson, of the VREB, calling several of them "secret practioners of an alternate lifestyle who conspired against him."

Paranoid, violent, delusional, conspiracy oriented, sexually deviant... all of these have been accurately used to describe Karol Madera.

Buggering Obama

Attacking President Obama while discussing Obama in a vignette involving homosexual anal sex and/or calling African American's in general "little darky" or "voodoo-reasoning-jigaboo" or "Uncle Tom" is a regular occurrence where Madera is concerned. The recordings are on this page. Keep reading.

Madera constantly accuses male complainants, including former FCC Enforcement Official, Riley Hollingsworth, of "sucking each other off in the bath house" along with other similar disgusting remarks.

Madera is positively obsessed with themes involving feces, racism, homosexuality, and homosexual anal sex. He bundles them together in a sickening slime that he regularly broadcasts from Saanich, B.C.

Karol Madera - Feces, Faggotry, and Fellatio

Madera discusses his violent homosexual fantasies and paraphilias over ham radio. He has even directed violent sexual comments to youngsters. This has been widely discussed as a form of child sexual abuse. Specifically, Madera, discussing a comment he made to a 12 year old boy, said, "I'm talking about Cal now. When he was 12, I told him al Qaeda was likely going to shove something unmentionable up his rectum. No, actually I didn't. I said I hope al Qaeda cuts his bag off, before he fucks his first queer."

Based on the VREB case, a degreed mental health professional stated, "Madera has obviously suffered from paranoid delusions about predatory homosexual conspirators since at least 1989. On the other hand, perhaps he simply enjoys thinking about and talking about men having sex with each other..." If only it were that simple.

Discussing the VREB threats incident, a female, past President of the VREB said, "He was the most horrible man. He sent us the most disgusting, sexually oriented letters. He was sick, very sick. We had to obtain protection from the police. I later heard he tried to become a lawyer, but he was rejected as being unfit."

Racist Material at the Legal Clinic

Coincidence? Jennie Jack, President of the LSA at UBC Law in 1991, said... During our year there was a minor controversy around racism that flared up as a result of racist material showing up in the mail boxes of the legal clinic. Dean Burns acted very quickly by issuing a statement to the student body and the public that that kind of attitude and behavior would not be tolerated at the law school.

At Madera's Law Society admission hearing -- which quickly turned into a fitness for admission hearing -- numerous affidavits were entered into evidence against him. It's important to note, Karol Madera was not allowed to practice law in B.C. or anywhere else.

"The Largest Faggot Law School In Canada"

Twenty years after his failed attempt to begin a law career, Madera reported, "I attended the largest faggot law school in Canada." If true, there's no question about it; Madera was a highly qualified applicant.

Madera lies habitually. He lies when it would be easier to tell the truth. Witness the hundreds of false statements, false testimonials, misattributed pictures, misattributed quotations, false accusations, false statements to officials, and the fasified documents on his disordered webpage.

Madera is a Fraud and a Liar

Madera defrauded the Canadian Forces by misrepresenting himself and his rank (by several ranks actually). Later, he attracted the interest of the RCMP and the U.S. State Department, when he threatened the U.S. Ambassador to Canada.

Stalking Van Isle Women

Madera promised to criminally harass and intimidate a Canadian woman [under the definitions of Canadian law, according to Saanich police] if her husband continued to make complaints about him with Industry Canada .

In August, 2009, Madera drove to Parksville, BC with a partner, who said she was there to "scout movie locations." Madera's stalking partner took pictures of the wife of a complainant against Madera, which then ended up on Madera's website. Madera then threatened to "tell ribald tales about the man's wife's activities as a Victoria chamber maid, unless her husband withdrew his complaints."

The husband of the woman stalked by Madera then reported the following to Saanich police and the RCMP: "...A certain individual living on Tillicum road in Saanich [Karol Madera] appears to be stalking my wife and has obtained photographs of her working on our property and has proceeded to display them with crude offensive and vulgar commentary on a website that he hosts online on the world wide web."

Karol Madera - Stalker

The Saanich Police advised the woman's husband to contact RCMP about intimidation, stalking, and criminal harassment, related to Madera's threats and stalking behavior.

Brain Damage or Lack of Brain Matter?

Karol Madera's former friend Hank Van Dalen has stated that he believes Madera's despicable behavior may due to a traumatic brain injury. Madera published a half-assed excuse about the preceding recording, stating the recording is actually fabricated and made from software that "recreates a person's voice!"

Have you ever heard it mentioned that Karol Madera is a pathological liar? These days, despite years of friendship, Madera calls Hank a cultist, serial divorcee, and an unmedicated bipolar. So much for loyalty to old friends. See a pattern yet?

Stalking Women on the Web

Madera's webpage features the sexual harassment and stalking of many different women. Three of the women work at the FCC. Madera calls them "cunts" and "3 douchebags" who "will get fucked."

Madera describes another woman, the wife of a complainant against him, discussing her preference for "oral" saying she "likes it doggie style."

Madera has a history of harassing REMAX real estate agents in particular. At least one of the female VREB complainants he harassed was and is a REMAX agent/broker, as was Lindsay Buziak.

About yet another woman, Madera writes that she needs to "get out of her apartment - and get Fucked - more often."

About a 12 year old girl, Madera wrote that her father is hypersensitive about "his teen-aged daughter ...who may have big tits." Madera called him "unhealthily hyper-sensitive about his teen-aged big-titted step-daughter." Once again, the girl was 12 when Madera began making disgusting, sexually oriented remarks about her, in writing, and over the air.

"A Misogynistic Pig"

About Laura Smith of the FCC, Madera said, "She needs to get her fingers out of her pussy otherwise I'm going to put the boots to the bitch" and "She is a dumb cunt." This, after Laura Smith went out of her way to ascertain the truth about people jamming Madera's obscene tirades on 20 meters. When the FCC found that it had nothing to do with the men Madera routinely accused, Madera viciously turned on Smith, published her emails, sexually harassed her, called her foul names, and today he routinely slanders her as he continues to malign one victim after another.

Karol Madera has counseled violence, including incitement of murder, and displayed an abiding hatred for women as well as his fellow man. No reasonable person who's heard Madera ranting could possibly confuse him with a sane person.

He demonstrated callous disregard for Lindsay Buziak, and over the years, he has made numerous "jokes" about mass murder. Is it any surprise that so many people wonder where Madera was and what he was doing on the night Lindsay Buziak was murdered?

As a dog returns to its vomit...

So a fool returns to his folly

Following a 3 week hiatus in Toronto, Karol Madera (VE7KFM) is back on the air. Karol Madera is well known for jamming the airwaves with obscene tape recordings; propounding lies about his fellow amateur radio operators and; making slanderous, homophobic, anti-semitic and/or racist remarks about U.S. residents and law enforcement agents and agencies.

More Anti-Semitism From Canada

At approximately 1:00 PM EST on January 25, 2011, Madera made anti-semitic comments about a Jewish radio operator, saying, "He has a characteristic Jewish NY accent... I thought I saw a yarmulke squeezed a little too tight, possibly around his balls... I'm not prejudiced about Jews; I think everyone should have one. Art Greenberg, K1GBX... was there and I played the 19 minute motherfucker tape. And after I played it 3 or 4 times... here we are."

Antisemitism based in Parent's Service to Nazis

According to Robert Flor, a Canadian who knew Karol Madera well when he lived in Ontario, "Madera's anti-semitic remarks have fueled speculation about Madera's upbringing and parentage." Specifically, Flor said, "Some members of the Polish-Canadian community knew that Madera's father, Maciej Madera -- husband to Zofiya Madera of Roncevalles Village, Toronto -- worked for the Nazi regime while living in Poland."

Beyond that, Flor said, "Many residents of Roncesvalles Village believe Maciej Madera was a Nazi collaborator who gave aid and comfort to the Nazis before emigrating to Canada." This group of Polish-Canadians, according to Flor, believe "Karol Madera's enmity toward the United States may be, at least in part, because his father was refused citizenship in the States following the war."

Sexual Molestation Key to On-Air Perversion

Flor described other infamous acts, also ascribed to Karol Madera's father, Maciej Madera. According to Flor, "Karol Madera told more than one individual that Maciej Madera had 'sexually interfered' with him." According to Flor, "The elder Madera was known as a mean drunkard who molested and severely beat his son." If Flor's account is accurate -- and we have no reason to doubt that it is -- this may explain Karol Madera's aberrant behavior.

Brain Damage, Pain-Killers Part of Equation

In addition to Robert Flor's account above, Hendrik Van Dalen, another long term acquaintaince of Madera's, said "Madera may have a form of brain damage related to a closed head injury" -- which, combined with long-term use of pain-killers, may have severely affected Madera's ability to think and reason.

Following Madera's all-too-familiar anti-semitic commentary, Madera began jamming 14.268 mHz with a dated and obscene recording, which featured the words "motherfucker" and "stupid Polack" over and over again. Madera played the same recording a second time at 1:42 PM, a third time at 2:07 PM, and a fourth time at 2:32 PM EST.

Threats Against IC Official Prevent Action

At one point, Madera paused his jamming activity to explain why Jim Laursen at Industry Canada has not taken Madera to task for his obscene, slanderous, threatening, jamming, on-air activities. Madera reports, "I said Jim, close your eyes, think about your retirement... think about your pension plan. It's going to evaporate, because I'm going to sue the ass off you, so be nice, be reasonable, do it my way. And he did (laughter) and he has... and that's how I handle my servants in my Canada..."

Misogyny Continues

Madera also engaged in his typically disgusting and misogynistic harassment of Laura Smith of the FCC, replete with his inimitable, grotesque, sexual innuendo and related abuse.


Aware of Slanderous, Jamming Canadian

The FCC is fully aware of Madera's demented and hateful rants. This communication was distributed to all ARRL Official Observers at Ms. Smith's request.

ARRL Official Observer Coordinator Chuck Skolaut writes: "Laura Smith at the FCC has asked me to relay the following information regarding 14275 and what you may be hearing. She wanted all OO's to be aware of what is happening." Note: Portions redacted to protect victim's right to privacy.

Laura smith writes: "There is quite an interesting situation developing at 14.275 and the surrounding frequencies. For some reason, a Canadian operator has elected to play a recording of a conversation that took place back in 2006 between him and another licensee...

Brian was not involved in that conversation -- although the Canadian licensee is currently trying to ascribe comments to Brian. Again let me reiterate, Brian was NOT involved in that conversation back in 2006."



Glenn A. Baxter, K1MAN Receives Court Date

See the letter from Chief Administrative Law Judge, Richard L. Sippel, which indicates March 3, 2011 in Washington, D.C. as the date for Baxter's Hearing.

Glenn A. Baxter, K1MAN Receives HDO

A Hearing Designation Order has been issued in the case against Glenn A. Baxter, K1MAN. Baxter will have the burden of proof as his license renewal is discussed in a hearing before an administrative law judge.

The FCC Order indicates Baxter has apparently willfully and repeatedly engaged in unlawful Commission-related activities, including causing interference to ongoing communications of other amateur stations, transmitting communications in which he had a pecuniary interest, failing to file requested information pursuant to an Enforcement Bureau (Bureau) directive, engaging in broadcasting without communicating with any particular station and failing to exercise control of his station. The FCC said it believes that Baxter's apparent continuing course of misconduct, since the issuance of the Forfeiture, raises a substantial and material question of fact as to whether he possesses the requisite character qualifications to be and remain a Commission licensee.

Brain Damage and/or Drug Abuse

A former close friend of Karol Madera has speculated that self-induced brain damage may be the source of Madera's abberant behavior, in addition to years of alcohol and pain-killer abuse. This recording has been attributed to Hank Van Dalen, the man who erected Madera's "home brew" (MFJ) antenna.

Your Favorite "Unmentionable" recordings

Most downloaded audio files in 2010

In order of popularity -- Caution - Contains Obscenity, Indecency, Homophobia, Misogyny, Stalking, Threats, Fraud, and Lies.

(Buggering Obama); (Madera detests closeted faggots); (Laura's a dumb cunt); (Stalking Laura); (Threatening Laura); (Threatening Laura again); (Threatening to publish Laura's email) (Tereza Zardecki's small breasts); (Madera has inspected other men - he's decidedly "short" on manhood); (Madera discusses how he defrauded the military, theft by deception, etc.); (Madera's blatant homophobia); (Madera's repressed -?- homosexuality); (Madera the unabashed racist); (FCC employee calls Madera a brain damaged fruitcake); (Madera advocates roadside bombs for all Americans); (FCC employee outs fraud and lies from Canada); (Madera says Supreme Court Justice Keith Bracken was bought off or sucked off in chambers); (Madera says alleged attempted murderer Brandon Duke should have closed the range); (Madera extolls the virtues of suicide bombers to his friend Brandon Duke of Longmont, Colorado, now on trial for attempted 1st degree murder); and last but not least...(Todd Daugherty's obscene meltdown).

Karol Madera:

Stalker and Harasser of Women and Children

Decades ago, Karol Florian Madera was specifically recognized as a stalker and harasser of women. In fact, one of the women in the local REMAX/Camosun office who prevailed against Madera in the 1989 Victoria Real Estate Board case remembers Madera as "a liar, and a manipulative and threatening personality who used disgusting, sexually oriented messages as a means of intimidating his female victims."

We have since learned that Karol Madera was recently reported as a suspect in the still unsolved murder of REMAX/Camosun real estate agent Lindsay Buziak, who was stabbed to death, not far from Madera's seedy residence in Saanich, BC.

One theory, held by private investigators, features a man with a serious grudge against REMAX/Camosun and/or the Victoria Real Estate Board.

Due to this longstanding grudge, the man may have hired a pair of contract killers to kill any female agent associated with the Board/REMAX.

Designed to be a revenge killing to "send them a message," the contract killers then targeted Lindsay Buziak, a defenseless young woman and member of REMAX/Camosun and the Board. According to private investigators embracing this theory, Lindsay was brutally murdered as a result of that presumed contract.

Creepy Stalker

Madera stalking/harassing another female REMAX real estate agent.

A report of Madera stalking yet another Vancouver Island woman on the Saanich PD website.

Madera often used the comment section of Todd Daugherty's now defunct blog to counsel Daugherty to shoot witnesses in the case against Madera and his deranged cohorts.

Here's Madera's friend, David J. Tolassi, in 2008, discussing their plan to hire a hitman to take care of another witness.

Here's Madera telling Dan Jeswald the only thing that will fix him is a 9mm bullet to the head.

Madera asks his friend George to ship him a sniper rifle.

Madera says he's glad 9/11 happened, calling Americans "fraudulent pieces of shit."

Madera says the VT massacre was "a good start".

Madera calls on al Qaida. Later, Madera claimed he "was just trying to get the attention of the NSA."

Madera says he'll provide aid and comfort to al Qaida.

Madera says perhaps he should give out instructions on how to assassinate an FCC official.

Madera warns Bnai Brith, "I've got weapons in the house, don't come by after sunset."

Madera tells a 12 year old boy he hopes al Qaida cuts his bag off before he fucks his first queer.

Madera says he would have contributed to the Fort Hood murderer's defense fund and given him other targets to take out.

Madera advocates murder of RCMP officers.

Madera outlines his plan to incite the mentally ill to violence.

Madera tells a man to shove a razor studded crucifix up his rectum.

You can review a few of the incendiary recordings related to Karol Madera, in our extensive audio files.

The story of VE7KFM and friends continues here....

Karol Madera can be reached for comment at: Karol Florian Madera, 3040 Tillicum Rd. Saanich, BC, V9A, 2B3. Phone: (250) 383-4242. or via email.