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Latest Observations

Karol Madera has been on Canada's radar since 1989, or longer, if you consider Madera's failed attempt at a career in Canada's military. In fact, Madera was listed in an official document sent from RAC to Industry Canada. Madera was described as broadcasting "long rants of anti-American, homophobic, violent, [and] obscene content." As far as the United States is concerned, Riley Hollingsworth and Laura Smith defined Madera as a liar, a person with no credibility, and a woman hater. FCC Special Counsel Riley Hollingsworth referred to Madera as a "fruitcake" and "several French fries short of a Happy Meal" in a well documented speech at the world famous Dayton Hamvention. Hollingsworth described Madera's activities on 14.275 MHz when he stalked that frequency, before Madera migrated to 14.313 MHz to interfere with participants who had hoped to escape Madera's death threats, slander, and malicious interference.

Last week we reported on the fake maritime distress hoax which Karol Madera (VE7KFM) attempted to foist on authorities. Madera attempted to enlist the aid of convicted drug felon, heroin addict, and child rapist, Donald Anderson (N4TAT), and Jimbo "9/11 was an inside job" Lysen (KD0LA) and a group of unidentified ne'er-do-wells who jam 14.313 MHz when they aren't jamming 3.843 MHz or 7.200 MHz. As it happens, there was no Mayday, no declared emergency, no plaintive cries for assistance. Nothing. Happily, Madera's latest attempts to falsely accuse his detractors seem to have fallen upon deaf ears.

The audio and document repository for this website is quite large and it goes back to at least 2006 and even earlier in some cases. A reader reminded us that Madera has previously engaged in several maritime distress hoaxes. In fact, in 2007 and 2008, Madera frequently transmitted an internationally recognized distress signal, whenever he wanted to usurp 14.275 MHz for his own use. These days, Madera simply plays Rory Taillon's 'Monkey Dance' or he asks his unidentified helpers to jam the frequency until it's abandoned for his personal misuse.

Madera's Actual Maritime Distress Hoax

VE7KFM Maritime Hoax 2007 and 2008

In 2007, Madera used different tactics to drive his critics from the air. He still called on al Qaeda (and any other amenable party) to murder his detractors, but he would also jam the frequency with a two-tone sinusoidal air and maritime alarm signal which has been internationally recognized since the 1950's.


Canadian Rules

Note: "The radiotelephone alarm signal consists of 2 sinusoidal tones (2200 and 1300 Hz) transmitted alternately, with each tone lasting 250 milliseconds, and sent for a period of at least 30 seconds but not exceeding 1 minute. To differentiate between coast stations and ship transmissions, the coast station alarm signal shall end in a continuous tone of 1300 Hz, lasting 10 seconds."

FCC Rules

47 CFR 80.317(b) "The international radiotelephone alarm signal consists of two substantially sinusoidal audio frequency tones transmitted alternately. One tone must have a frequency of 2200 Hertz and the other a frequency of 1300 Hertz, the duration of each tone being 250 milliseconds. When generated by automatic means, the radiotelephone alarm signal must be transmitted continuously for a period of at least 30 seconds, but not exceeding one minute; when generated by other means, the signal must be transmitted as continuously as practicable over a period of approximately one minute. The purpose of this special signal is to attract the attention of the person on watch or to actuate automatic devices giving the alarm."

ITU Rec 219.1

"It is desirable and practicable to establish an internationally agreed alarm signal for use on the calling and distress frequency..." (see Art. 39 of the Radio Regulations). 1.1 "the alarm signal shall consist of two substantially sinusoidal audio-frequency tones, transmitted alternately. One tone shall have a frequency of 2200 Hz and the other a frequency of 1300 Hz. The duration of each tone shall be 250 ms."

Were Madera ever a Captain in anyone's Navy, he'd know that falsely transmitting an international distress signal on the 20 meter band is a very large mistake with potential criminal implications. The U.S. and Canadian Coast Guards were alerted to Madera's transmission of false and fraudulent distress signals, and he ceased this practice fairly quickly following notification by authorities that he was in danger of being keel-hauled and flogged, or the modern equivalent. Due to his status as a "protected class of citizen" in Canada, he is not susceptible to arrest or removal from the airwaves as you'd expect in the case of a man who incites murder, sexually lures pre-teen children, stages criminal hoaxes, and threatens to sexually assault women. You can read more about why Karol Madera has not been removed and/or arrested here and here.

Madera's Interference to Emergency Weather Traffic

Speaking of actual emergencies -- rather than made up "urgencies" -- we can't forget that Madera and his useful idiot, David "Dayton Fertilizer Bomb" Tolassi, interfered with actual, declared, emergency traffic, on March 2 and 3rd, 2012. Many of you will remember the deadly Tornado Swarm that killed at least 40 people and caused $1.5 billion in property damage. Madera, calling himself "God" interfered with real-time emergency weather traffic related to the tornado swarm. It's ironic that in constructing his latest, fake, distress hoax, Madera has failed to recall his own history of malicious interference to actual emergency traffic. Remarkably, Madera's memory seems to be shorter than his own miniscule manhood, if that's possible?

Madera's Inaugural Domestic Terrorist Training Net

Karol Madera formally opened his new 'Domestic Terrorist Training Net' by thanking the FCC's David Dombrowski and Mike Moffitt for a clear frequency, before handing the reins to George Zardecki (N9VTB) and Mike 'Lipski' Adams (AE4FB). Listen to excerpts here: Thanks Dombrowski!

To kick off the new Domestic Terrorist Training Net, Karol Madera announced he is declaring war on America. As an initial offering to his growing swarm of mentally ill shortwave listeners, Madera gave detailed instructions on how to manufacture a dirty bomb. Madera said the dirty bomb should be detonated in New York City and launched from an upper floor or via a helium balloon in order to achieve height and thereby inflict the greatest number of casualties on the civilian populace.

Karol Madera calls himself 'al Qaeda Northern Command' and he frequently incites murder. Madera's dim-witted friends, 'Donald-the-convicted-felon-and-child-rapist-Anderson' and Mike 'Lipski' Adams (who threatened to set himself on fire if his demands were not met by the FCC) are his most recent useful idiots.

Madera's Fake Shooting Hoax

Mike Adams (AE4FB) is a frequent complainant to the FCC as well as a noted racist, drunk, and a pathological liar and drug dealer. Last year, Adams threatened to commit suicide at the entrance to the FCC in Gettysburg and to have Laura Smith and Mike Moffitt fired from their jobs if his critics were not taken off the air. Adams is a principle participant in several hoaxes concocted by Karol Madera. One of the hoaxes was designed to embroil VA3AWP in problems with Canadian authorities. This is not to be confused with the several hoaxes designed to get a Pennsylvania amateur in trouble with the FCC, or the most recent hoax about a schooner with "a matter of urgency" which was designed to get several different amateurs in trouble with the FCC.

In the case of the hoax against the Canadian licensee, Mike 'Lipski' Adams reported that Madera had been shot at the urging of the victim of that hoax. This hoax was reported by the victim, to the RCMP and CSIS, who coordinated their investigation with the Saanich Police. Madera sent email to a U.S. recipient, slightly altering the lie and saying that someone had attempted to assassinate him with a high powered rifle and that he was hiding out on the advice of his police. Saanich police consulted with RCMP and CSIS, concluding that Madera is extremely mentally ill and concluding further that he had created the hoax out of whole cloth, as he had created several other hoaxes, and of course, that he was lying, as usual.

Like 99% of what Madera says/writes, the 'shooting' was an absolute fabrication, like the fake anthrax hoax, like the MFer recording hoax,like the maritime emergency hoax, like the antenna in the neighbor's tree hoax, etc., etc., etc. These 'events' were arranged by Madera to attempt to destroy the credibility of complainants against him and to counter complaints against him in the minds of dimwits who failed to follow along. In the case of the shooting hoax, Mike 'Lipski' Adams confirmed Madera's lie and Adams advertised it widely, throughout the amateur radio community. Adams' willingness to confirm Madera's ridiculous hoaxes merely enforce what we already know. Adams, like Madera, is an unrepentant and habitual, pathological liar. Ironically, in the email to U.S. correspondent, Lawrence Wright, Madera blames Adams for embellishment, writing: "Mike could NOT have called the hospital since he didn't know where I was. He's a BULLSHITTER as you probably know. I think he just likes to fuck around, instead of going for the throat of his enemies [and mine]...."

Madera's MF-er Recording Hoax

Next, we come to the Mother-F***er recording hoax. Madera played a tape recording of a different amateur, over and over, trying to implicate a Pennsylvania amateur in that transmission. Laura Smith at the FCC confirmed that the PA amateur had nothing to do with the recording, and that Madera was lying again, as usual, and that he was trying to implicate the PA amateur, deceptively trying to get him into trouble [again]. Laura Smith then asked the ARRL Official Observers to make a note of the fact that the Canadian licensee was falsely trying to implicate the Pennsylvania amateur. "Brian Crow was not involved in that conversation -- although the Canadian licensee is currently trying to ascribe the comments of N1FM to Brian. Again let me reiterate, Brian Crow (K3VR) was NOT involved in that conversation back in 2006, so the attribution to Brian that you heard was nothing more than a weak attempt to get Brian in trouble with the FCC. It did not work."

Madera/Daugherty Conspiracy to Murder Children

Two time FCC warning letter recipient, useful idiot, and criminal harassment devotee, Todd Daugherty (N9OGL) was AWOL from the new Domestic Terrorist Training Net. Of course, Daugherty's Irish, so he may not have been invited. Daugherty was previously arrested and convicted of threatening to blow up Consolidated Communications in Illinois. When he became threatening toward his female (naturally) probation officer, Daugherty had to be restrained, which is why his probation was revoked.

Failing probation, Daugherty was forced to spend time in his room, on house arrest, at his Mom's house. Just prior to Daugherty's arrest, he threatened to shoot two children in the head. This threat was cc'd to the FCC and eventually to the police, the FBI, and to everyone in the FCC Special Counsel's chain of command, including Mike Moffitt, the FCC's Northeast Regional Director.

See Daugherty's threat to murder children by shooting them in the head as they played soccer.

Daugherty's alternate plan was to blow up his 'enemies' homes and their children with them. What was Daugherty's problem with the licensees? They had cooperated with the FCC and the FBI during the terror investigation. How did Daugherty know this? The FCC released confidential law enforcement information related to the case in a FOIA request released to Daugherty after he was issued a warning by the FCC. Please note that the message about murdering children was sent from the would-be-child-murderer to Karol Madera, author and originator of the new 'Domestic Terrorist Training Net.'

Madera/Tritch Conspiracy to Defraud a Bankruptcy Trustee

Frequent FCC complainant, callsign thief, and 'combat submariner' Whitney Veon Tritch (N3ZV) did not check in to the New Domestic Terrorist Training Net. Tritch has been a staunch supporter of Karol Madera for years. In an "amazing but true" chapter of the FCC in Gettysburg, Tritch was locked out of the Gettysburg facility after telling the FCC Special Counsel he was once shot in the head while on duty in a submarine in a place he wasn't supposed to be. Tritch was actually an intercom installer in the Army Reserve, based in central Pennsylvania, and as such, he never served on a submarine. However, like Madera and Adams & company, Whitney Tritch has never allowed the truth to stand in the way of of a good lie... or even a bad lie. Witness this unintentionally comical pathological lie Whitney Tritch sent to another amateur operator.

Defending Karol Madera is bad enough, being a military fraud and a pathological liar is bad enough, stealing a sick old man's callsign on QRZ.com to post defamation is bad enough, but attempting to fraudulently affect a man's bankruptcy on orders from Karol Madera is downright crazy. Tritch wrote to the Michigan bankruptcy trustee with a series of blatant lies, which were reversed with a simple motion written by a non-lawyer. The bankruptcy was granted. Madera and Tritch lost. Again.

Speaking of habitual losers, the FCC Office of the Inspector General was forced to perform an audit of the security features at the Gettysburg Office because of perceived and real threats from the likes of Kalrol Madera, Tritch, Daugherty, Adams, and others. If you think your taxes are too high, you can thank the preceding morons for the slowed mail, increased wait times, restricted admissions, and beefed up security measures at federal facilities everywhere.

Madera's Protege Receives 55 Years for Shooting at Police Officer

Madera's young protege Brandon Duke was also absent, because Duke, following Madera's commands, shot at a police officer, earning himself 55 years in a Colorado prison for attempted murder.

Joe Italiano (N0WOP) may have been present at the inauguration of the new Domestic Terrorist Training Net, but nobody heard him use his own callsign. This is not unusual because Joe has been keeping his head down ever since he was warned by the FCC for, you guessed it, yet another hoax against a Pennsylvania amateur. Italiano was playing an altered recording of the amateur trying to get that amateur in trouble with the FCC. That hoax was actually caught by Laura Smith at the FCC. Good job Laura!

Madera's Child Sex Slavery Hoax

Riley Hollingsworth, through diligent investigation, also caught a hoax directed at a group of amateurs who had complained about Karol Madera. An extremely mentally ill amateur operator by the name of Mark Morgan (KB9RQZ) was manipulated into making complaints regarding child sex slavery to a half-dozen children's protective agencies around the United States. Hollingsworth spent several days on the telephone and writing email, undoing the damage Morgan attempted to do. Morgan was eventually hospitalized for a lengthy stay in an inpatient psychiatric facility as a result of this hoax, but not before he attempted to have several children removed from their homes. Good job Riley!

Heroin Addict and Donny 'Jailbird' Anderson (N4TAT) has received his 4th FCC warning; the last one from FCC Agent Vishal Patel.

Listen to Donny's sad tale of being warned by Mr. Patel of the Georgia Field Office.

Law Society and Real Estate Board ejectee, Karol Florian Madera (VE7KFM), has written a letter of support to FCC engineer Vishal Patel in Georgia, on behalf of convicted drug felon, self-admitted child rapist, and three-time four-time FCC warning letter recipient, Donald Anderson (N4TAT). Humorously, Madera told Patel he isn't Anderson's friend and he can't cc Anderson, but Madera conveniently forgot to tell Patel that he spends hours, every day, stalking and slandering others, with Anderson, on 14.313 MHz. Below, Madera reads the letter to the man he calls "rag-head Patel" and "curry Patel" telling him he can consider the letter either a treat or a threat.

Listen here

Patel Resume

In previous conversations, Madera has called FCC engineer David Dombrowski his brother, his cousin, and his friend, telling fellow Poles -- Mike 'Lipski' Adams, Whitney Veon Tritch, James Popelarski, George Zardecki, Anton Zarski -- and others, that he and David Dombrowski and Dombrowski's brother Frank, are going to clean up 20 meters to make way for the return of the Polish Calling Frequency on 14.313 MHz.

Listen as Madera tells George Zardecki (N9VTB) about how Mike 'Lipski' Adams (AE4FB) persuaded Dombrowski into taking action.

Madera has repeatedly laughed about how he has manipulated the "faggots at the faggot communication commission." Madera also called Laura Smith a stupid cunt, while praising David Dombrowski for being much more amenable to "gentle persuasion." Madera calls the FCC faggots even as he misleads them and makes a mockery of their enforcement bureau.

Madera's Fake Anthrax Hoax

Madera's first serious terror hoax was in 2007 and was an attempt to have two parties arrested for sending him white powder marked anthrax. The FCC and FBI cooperated and it was quickly determined that Madera had arranged the hoax himself in order to falsely implicate two amateurs who had made several terrorism complaints about him. In less than 24 hours, the FBI knew that Madera was the main person of interest in the anthrax hoax. Riley Hollingsworth wrote to the FBI Agent in charge of the fake anthrax investigation as follows: "Agent [redacted], I'll be glad to call you regarding this at your convenience, and to send a summary of the many, many problems we have had regarding Madera. Brian has been a great asset in a number of our cases."

In 2015, a $20,000 reward was posted by Karol Madera (VE7KFM) leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who mailed him white powder from Fort Lauderdale in 2007. It doesn't matter that Karol Madera doesn't have $20,000 much less $20. Less than 24 hours later, David Tolassi (W4BHV) supplied the following information to retired Detective, Tom Whatley. According to Tolassi, he was in Fort Lauderdale in 2007 making a porn film with convicted felon Brandon Duke and Dr. Joe Goldberg, the former Pirate, EA1AET. Tolassi said they were literally surrounded by white powder, which was supplied by an associate from Venezuela. Brandon Duke is already in prison, but if David and Joe are arrested and convicted, Tom wants his share of the $20,000. We found it interesting that Karol waited 8 years before posting his reward.

Listen here

Recently, the noted racist, pathological liar, anti-semite, and child/woman abuser, Karol Madera (VE7KFM) and his sometime friend, the infamous drug felon, heroin addict, and self-admitted child-rapist, Donald Anderson (N4TAT) claimed there was a dismasted schooner in the Caribbean, or the Mid-Atlantic, or somewhere off the coast of Finland. Donald said he heard a Finnish station ask U.S. stations to stand by. He claims he heard this while parked at campsite #3, while mobile, in the Fred Gannon, Rocky Bayou, state park in Destin, FL. Amazingly, several U.S. stations with large antennas, including 5 and 6 element monoband antennas, could not hear the Finnish station, or the schooner, which was purportedly dealing with a matter of urgency - not to be confused with a matter of emergency - which was reported by two people with less credibility than.... actually we can't think of anyone with less credibility. Speaking of incredible, we were able to locate the crew and passengers of that ship and we'll have an in-depth interview with them, coming up next week!

Karol Florian Madera explains why he was known as "Button Dick" before he was kicked out of the Canadian Boy Scouts. Madera also discusses Donald Anderson's gender uncertainty and the homosexual pass Anderson directed at Madera on the eve of his 60th birthday....

Mail Bag

"We need to thank the FCC and especially David Dombrowski and Mike Moffitt for making 14.313 safe for child rapists, racists, drug felons, and all the other scumbags that have shown up since Dombrowski stepped on his crank last March. With "service" like this, can you imagine what the internet will look like when the FCC takes over? If they follow in Dombrowski and Moffitt's footsteps, then drug-dealing, child porn, racism, sexism, threats, slander, sexual abuse, incitement to murder, and child rape will all enjoy the same robust government protection afforded to VE7KFM and N4TAT & scumbags. Way to go FCC!"

"This [dismasted schooner] story has gone from a limp mast, to a broken mast, to a mast that has ripped a hole in the hull, to a ship meandering in the Atlantic, to a direct SOS call. It is embellished each time I hear it. I was listening that day. It was Karol... AND ESPECIALLY DONNIE... who were continuously QRM'ing.... I never dreamed that these idiots would make some kind of case out of this. I can sign an affidavit to the facts... if need be."

"Check it out. Adams and Madera made Dombrowski their errand bitch with the sstv hoax last March. Now that fucking psycho Adams wants to apologize for going after Laura Smith and Mike Moffitt's jobs with his congress critters. Did ya'll see the love poem Pill-Billy Adams wrote to Laura Smith? Is the FCC really this stupid??"

We saw it. Fans of bad poetry written by psychotic drug addicts can read it here.

"Can you supply a list of the nicknames for Karol Madera?"

Sure thing.

Just the Facts

[1] Karol Madera is a chronically unemployed (since 1990) ham radio operator and a full time pathological liar. He is not a lawyer and has never been a lawyer. He is not a successful graduate of RMC in Kingston, Ontario. He is not a retired Naval Captain. He has never been a member of the Canadian Navy. He is not a pilot. His claims are false, fraudulent, and completely bogus.

[2] Karol Madera is nothing more than a sad and delusional old man, suffering from a mental illness for which he refuses to seek treatment. Madera was reported by a Senior Supervisor at the Department of Homeland Security for stalking and sexually abusing pre-teen children. The DHS Officer stated, "He acts like a child molester and a pedophile on the air." That's an understatement. Karol Madera has a long history of sexual harassment of both women and children.

[3] Madera is typically on-the-air more than 12 hours a day, each and every day. He concocts lies and schemes, including extremely elaborate hoaxes, in order to defame and embroil his targets in legal difficulties. He also affiliates himself with Islamic extremists and he frequently incites murder. His accomplices are typically mentally ill, addicted, criminals, who have frequently broken the law in furtherance of his demented plans. The American and Canadian governments (with the exception of some FCC employees) are well aware of his schemes, hoaxes, and terroristic threats.

[4] The Military Police in the Kingston, Ontario Regiment have stated in official reports to the Saanich Police Department, and others, that Madera did not graduate from RMC and that Madera never served in the Canadian military. Here is the phone and FAX number for verification of this fact: (613) 541-5010 extension 5648 or via Fax (613) 541-4482.

[5] Transport Canada reports Karol Madera is not and has never been a licensed pilot, commercial or otherwise. Here is their contact info: 800 Burrard St., Suite 620, Vancouver, B.C., V6Z 2J8, Tel: (604) 666-5571 or via Fax: (604) 666-4839.

[6] The Victoria Real Estate Board indicates Madera is neither a realtor nor a broker because he was ordered by the attorney's for the Real Estate Board to leave and not return, after police were called due to threats made by Madera. Madera sued over the incident and he lost those suit(s), paying damages and attorney's fees. Here is the VREB contact info for verification: (250) 385-7766 Fax: (250) 385-8773.

[7] Pearlman Lindholm is the law firm which presided over Madera's removal from the Real Estate Board and his subsequent legal defeat(s) following Madera's incompetent suits against the board. Counsel appearing against Madera were Monte Prior and Michael Scherr. Contact them here or at 201-19 Dallas Road Victoria, B.C. V8V 5A6; Telephone (250) 388-4433; Fax (250) 388-5856.

[8] The Supreme Court of Canada rejected Madera's 'i-wanna-be-a-lawyer' lawsuit which was due to Madera's rejection as a candidate for the Law Society. Here's the link to the Official Canadian Court Decision discussing the Law Society's rejection of Madera as a candidate after numerous affidavits were presented stating that he was unfit for admission. Madera is not now, nor has he ever been a lawyer. In addition, here are a few more failed cases brought by non-lawyer, Karol Madera, in small claims court. Not to mention his drunken cousins, Vaclav and Ladislav.

[9] Although he claims to live in Victoria, BC, Madera actually lives in seedy Saanich on a 4 lane highway in a junk-strewn 100+ year old shack that has lost $14,000 in assessed value in just the past year. A look at this 'luxurious' dwelling is available here.

[10] The contacts listed above are posted so that you may avail yourself of the truth about Karol Madera. If you find yourself supporting Karol Madera after your own independent research, and after perusing our previous issues and recordings, you're probably a mentally ill drug addict and a criminal, or, you've survived a partial lobotomy.

NOTE - One currently serving member of the CDN Forces wrote about Madera's obvious lies: "It takes 15 yrs to achieve the rank of Captain in our Navy... and that is with an absolutely perfect, spotless record... so perfect in fact, that I have never heard of it happening. I have thoroughly investigated Madera's claims. He was never in the Canadian Navy, period."

Clearly, the FCC and ARRL are powerless to stop Karol Madera.

However, YOU can stop Karol Madera by using the following links and telephone numbers:

Click to email Industry Canada, B'nai Brith, and the Saanich, BC Police

Industry Canada (888) 780-3333 - Saanich Police (250) 475-4321

B'nai Brith Hate Hotline at (800) 892-2624

US Embassy

Visit VictimLink BC and call 1-800-563-0808 Report hate crimes

Report child exploitation and child luring

Karol Madera (the accused) can be reached at (250) 383-4242 or in person, at 3040 Tillicum Road, Saanich, BC, V9A 2B3

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